Your comprehensive guide to the prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul

Find out the prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul, and also read about the advantages of owning and investing in the Fatih region.

Your comprehensive guide to the prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul
2021-04-21 Last update 2022-01-13

Your comprehensive guide to the prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul

Since it has a distinct geographical and strategic location in the heart of the ancient city of Istanbul - the Golden Horn is located on the northern side of it and overlooks the Marmara Sea from the south - the famous Fatih area is described as the vital center of Istanbul, where the walls of Constantinople to this day draw the borders of the area Fatih from the west.

Advantages of owning in the Fatih district of Istanbul

Fatih area is a candidate to be one of the most important and best areas in Istanbul, because it has advantages over the rest of the other areas, as it:

  • A tourist icon, as the visitor is surrounded by a large number of tourist attractions of great importance, which tourists come from far away to visit.
  • A vital center for the city of Istanbul, this contributed to making the process of moving from and to all parts of Istanbul easily, as the main lines of buses, metro, Metrobus, and tram pass through it.
  • Provides basic service centers in various health, commercial, and educational sectors, with a group of universities; that made the inhabitant in it dispense with leaving it to others except rarely because he finds in it all the services and goods he needs.

Advantages of investing in the Fatih district of Istanbul

In view of the mentioned factors about the Fatih region, a strong investment environment has been created, attractive to investors of various types of investment, and then this environment has been strengthened with advantages that encourage anyone wishing to gain high-profit returns to enter the field of investment in this region, and we mention these advantages:

  • The high volume of arrivals has contributed to the revitalization of the commercial and investment movement in the region, in order to meet the continuing needs of the vast numbers flowing in the region.
  • Its strategic location has led to the diversification of investment fields.
  • Based on the previous two points, many giant commercial centers have spread in the Fatih area, and the property ownership and rental movement have flourished in the area, which has solidified the idea that any investment project in the Fatih area can be considered a profitable project.

Prices of apartments in Fatih Istanbul

What are the factors that affect the prices of apartments in Fatih, Istanbul?

As for the factors affecting the prices of apartments in Fatih, Istanbul, they are not very different from the factors affecting the prices of apartments in general, which are:

  1. Location
  2. The apartment to be purchased is close to stations and modern transportation lines.
  3. Proximity to large infrastructure projects, such as bridges, external transport stations, hospitals, and others.
  4. Being near or far from the apartment from malls, shopping centers, and entertainment.


مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي

In highlighting the area of Fatih from the perspective of these key points, the area of Fatih generally enjoys high standards that earn the purchase of an apartment in Istanbul, particularly in the area of Fatih, a high status in terms of all factors affecting apartment prices.

In terms of location, Fatih apartments are distinguished by their proximity to the historical areas scattered in various places in the region.

The Turkish authorities' great attention to the area of Fatih, in terms of the establishment of its vital projects, commercial centers, recreation projects, various services, and the continued development of infrastructure in the area, has also made it a fully serviced area, which clearly affects the price of apartments there.

Prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul

Average prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul

The prices of apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul vary, given the difference in the sizes of the apartments, their location, views, finishes, and specifications that are suitable for the tastes of people who want to buy.

This, and the prices of some apartments in the European Fatih region may reach $342,000. A distinctive apartment for $244,000 is also available in the Fatih district of Istanbul.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

The most important projects of Imtilak Real Estate in the Fatih area: the Yedikule project as an example

Among the distinguished projects of Imtilak Real Estate for those wishing to invest in Istanbul, the Yedikule project stands out as one of the most important projects in the Fatih area, where the project apartments are guaranteed by the government, and apartments can be purchased from this project in installments.

The project is described as one of the rare projects in Istanbul in terms of its integration between modern life and the nobility of the past, and its direct proximity to the historic Constantinople wall.

The Yedikule project is distinguished by its proximity to important transportation stations, such as Marmaray metro station, Yenikapi water ferry station, and it is located close to the famous Istanbul University, in addition to being surrounded by many hospitals, shopping centers, and everything they need and want in Istanbul.

As for the structure of the project from the inside, one of the most prominent features of it: the presence of sea views of its wonderful modern apartments, and having a spa, heated indoor pool, sauna center, fitness center, and Turkish hammam. Not to mention, the rest of the services usually found in luxury complexes, with a marina for private yachts, monitoring systems, and 24-hour protection.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul


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