Apartment prices in Taksim, Istanbul: updated information

Would you like to buy an apartment in Taksim and invest in it? Learn about the apartment prices in Taksim, Turkey in 2021. Updated information from Imtilak Real Estate company.

Apartment prices in Taksim, Istanbul: updated information
2021-03-26 Last update 2022-01-12

Apartment prices in Taksim, Istanbul: updated information

The advantages of the Taksim area in the center of Istanbul

Taksim in Istanbul is one of its most famous areas, as it contains historical places, with modern touches that give an atmosphere of beauty to the monuments, in addition to the commercial markets, which made the movement in Taksim Square and Istiklal Street branching from it more like an unstoppable river flowing between a tourist and a resident. Taksim area is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, so there is a continuous development of it, and a continuous renewal of roads and transportation in general, and there is a metro that serves thousands of people every day, in addition to the presence of schools and universities, and it contains the most luxurious hotels and the largest service centers.

Advantages of investment in Taksim, Istanbul

Since the Taksim area is the economic backbone of Istanbul, with hotels, restaurants, tourism, and activity. Investment in Taksim gives guaranteed profit returns, as the area includes various major life and entertainment activities, and the area contains the most luxurious hotels, the most luxurious restaurants, and the most famous markets, and the infrastructure in it is developed to suit The place is famous, and a resident of the region can move around Istanbul comfortably due to the intensity of various services. The area also contains modernity, and historical places in Taksim, which made it the focus of attention of investors.

What factors affect the prices of apartments in Taksim?

The factors that affect the prices of apartments in Taksim differ and they’re related to the specifications of the apartments and their proximity to important vital centers, as there are projects that contain, in addition to the apartments, several offices, and shops, which contributes to the continuous rise in prices, and there are projects that are distinguished by their location near the most important historical monuments in the city, which makes the real estate investment option in Taksim one of the best-studied options.

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Average prices for apartments in Taksim, Turkey

Apartments prices vary in Taksim due to the different apartment spaces, location, views, finishings, and different tastes, and average apartment prices in the European Taksim is around $400,000.

The most important Imtilak real estate projects in Taksim: Taksim 360

Imtilak Real Estate is strongly present in all the fields that it studies and sees as making successful investments, including Project Taksim 360, the award-winning best urban renewal project in Europe. It was built in Beyoglu neighborhood on the foundations of ancient historical buildings while preserving the building’s historical, architectural, and cultural value. In the first partnership of its kind between the public and private sectors. The project is a part of nine historic blocks that have been restored and brought out in the most modern style, comprising a total of 918 housing units and a shopping street serving modern and social life. The project's distinctive area also gives it another added advantage for its vitality, activity, and promotion, which has attracted foreign embassies, wealthy people, and tourists to it, not to mention its location near the city's most important historical landmark.


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