The best real estate companies in Turkey in 2022

Find out about the best real estate companies in Turkey in 2022, in terms of quality of services, customer satisfaction, and awareness of all issues of real estate investment in Turkey.

The best real estate companies in Turkey in 2022
2022-03-14 Last update 2022-05-14

The best real estate companies in Turkey in 2022

In Turkey, interest in real estate is well known for the enormous expansion of the real estate market in recent years, which has upended the market by hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of real estate marketers.

As soon as you go through social media, you will find dozens of advertisers for their services or projects with the aim of attracting more customers.

But on the other hand, you will find thousands of confused customers who possess factors of caution and apprehension. No one knows where to land, or where to start investing; the offers are tempting, and the incentives are many, but you do not know what hides behind the masks of these advertisers. Are they safe destinations and experienced enough? 

In these few lines, we help you choose the desired real estate company that you are looking for through a set of points.

What are the factors for choosing a real estate company in Turkey?

First of all, it is not right for the investor to start investing without seeking reasons for success. Before venturing with your capital, you are supposed to trust who you have taken as trustworthy in real estate consultancy.

Before starting the journey to search for real estate, start by searching for a trusted advisor and an expert at the same time, without neglecting one of these two points.

10 reasons why Imtilak Real Estate is the best real estate company in Turkey

Inspired by our long experience within the Turkish real estate sector, and our knowledge of the rationale for real estate investment and its controls, we can surround those looking for the perfect real estate company to go through the process of buying a new property in Turkey with 10 points that make Imtilak Real Estate their best choice, which we mention here:

1. Long experience in the Turkish real estate market

Imtilak Real Estate started its activity in the field of real estate investment in 2012, and until the date of writing this article, Imtilak Real Estate has been in the Turkish real estate market for nearly 11 years, and we have had thousands of successful experiences that led us to the forefront of the real estate market, and the leadership was our share, with extensive real estate experience.

If you want to invest in the Turkish real estate market, learn through Imtilak the most important tips of the Turkish real estate market for buyers and sellers. 

2. A distinguished team with the most skilled employees

Just as we are proud of the brand we have built in more than a decade, it is indeed the result of the combined efforts of our working group of elite real estate advisers and legal experts, until the landlord family has nearly 500 successful partners from the elite employees in the real estate sector.

Learn more about Turkish Citizenship Encyclopedia and how to obtain it. 

3. Briefing on all legal matters related to the real estate market

Since the experience in real estate laws is closely related to our business, it was natural for our team to include a section that includes a group of Turkish and Arab jurists, who are experienced, and then it was Gars Legal Consultations, a subsidiary of Imtilak Group.

4. A special and strong relationship with the best Turkish construction companies

Imtilak Real Estate has close relationships and associations with hundreds of projects and real estate construction companies that have proven giant successes in their field.

Then Imtilak Real Estate company turned to exclusive marketing within a large group of huge projects, which later fell under the Arkan Real Estate Company, also a subsidiary of Imtilak Group.

5. Get the best price compared to competitors

This is what we always strive for the benefit of all our clients, benefiting from our special and leading position in the real estate market.

See now the prices of real estate for sale in Turkey provided by Imtilak Real Estate Company.

6. A full briefing on all real estate investment topics

We realize the ambition of our clients, and we always balance their desires with the appropriate real estate products for them, to ensure that they take steady steps towards a profitable investment, as not all real estate is suitable for investment, and every investment has controls that control the equation of success and profit.

7. The company has an integrated portfolio that includes huge investment opportunities

We have paid special attention to the major investment portfolios that achieve their ambition of profit, by providing the best huge real estate investment opportunities, such as hospitals, hotels, laboratories, schools, and even lands that can be built or suitable for other businesses.

8. Adhering to the rules and ethics of work, including credibility and transparency

We are committed to complete transparency and credibility with all our customers, even in the smallest details, and we attach great importance to complying with our commitments to the same degree in which we seek to work with full transparency.

9. Full commitment to customers and harnessing all possibilities to make them more than happy

The interest of the client is the focus of our efforts and our team works to achieve the goal, all through an organized coordination mechanism that controls the mechanism of running your business and facilitating it from the moment of initiation to the last step.

10. Providing a group of the best after-sales services

Since we believe that perfection at the beginning of the work cannot be changed later on, our after-sales services had a great resonance with our customers who showed us through their documented testimonies their complete satisfaction and gratitude, which we made a badge of which we are always proud.

The business confirmed by numbers: Imtilak Real Estate statistics and figures

Imtilak Real Estate company has led the field of real estate work in Turkey through real estate marketing services and through brokerage work for over a decade and a half. Our achievements have been a source of pride for us, which we mention here in numbers:

  • Today, Imtilak Real Estate company has more than 500 employees working in the Turkish real estate sector.
  • Our real estate activities cover the most important Turkish states through our offices located in Istanbul, Ankara, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bursa, and Antalya.
  • Our projects within Turkish cities include more than 700 residential projects for apartments, villas, shops, and commercial offices.
  • The number of Turkish citizenship holders in exchange for owning a property with Imtilak Real Estate services has exceeded 1,700 people.
  • Besides, many of the achievements that we have achieved are thanks to the efforts of our expert team, and the trust of our customers that we are always proud of.

Whether you are thinking of investing, residency or even obtaining Turkish citizenship, in order to benefit from our exceptional services watch the following video: 

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