The Cheapest Districts to Buy a Property in Istanbul

There is a constant need for a real estate in Istanbul, where the building sites are growing steadily...

The Cheapest Districts to Buy a Property in Istanbul
2016-07-30 Last update 2020-06-29

The Cheapest Districts to Buy a Property in Istanbul

Buy property in turkey Istanbul - Cheapest Districts

There is a constant need for a real estate in Istanbul, where the building sites are growing steadily, especially as the investment in Istanbul is at the forefront of the Turkish cities for those who want to buy a property, either for residence or for investment in the biggest cities that are the most profitable. Turkey real estate

The first thing comes to mind for those who want to invest in Turkey, or want to meet their housing needs is buying a property, but when looking at the high Istanbul property prices, many wonders whether it is possible to buy a property there with a specific criteria and features without pressing the Savings required to buy the property? Can you buy a luxury property at a reasonable price in Istanbul?

Despite the high prices, many of those wishing to own a property do not abandon their savings for buying residential units. Investors can invest their savings by buying real estate in many important districts, which are one of the cheapest and most profitable districts in Istanbul:

Kurtköy: KurtKoi is one of the most populated districts of Istanbul, with a wealth of luxury properties and affordable prices at the same time. This district, which has long been under the microscope of investors, has started to receive many luxury and high-end real estate projects. They purchase luxury properties from this district at reasonable prices. Luxury properties can be found in the luxury residential complexes in this district at reasonable prices starting at 185,000 Turkish liras for real estate 1 + 1 and 310 thousand liras for real estate 3 + 1 as the prices vary according to the area, location, and quality.

Houses for sale in turkey

Pindik: which is home to many apartments for sale in Istanbul near the sea and the high quality real estate projects starting at enticing prices, especially with attracting buyers who want to buy properties to invest in Istanbul, offering a luxurious life through its projects and high quality residential complexes, Property prices in the district starts at 195 thousand liras 1 + 1 and 340 thousand liras 3 + 1, prices vary by location, area, and quality.

Beylikdüzü: Beylikdüzü district is one of the best places to offer villas for sale in Istanbul in terms of the suitable prices. There are many luxury real estate projects with high residential towers in the region, where properties can be purchased with good value and at the right price. The districts properties’ prices start at 192 thousand in real estate 1 + 1 and 205 thousand liras for real estate 2 + 1 and 370 thousand liras for real estate 3 + 1, the prices vary according to location, space, and quality.

Başakşehir: One of the most important districts in Istanbul and the most attractive to local and foreign investors. In the recent years, the district has become an important center for attracting the oldest and largest construction companies in Turkey. These companies have started many luxury real estate Turkey projects. It is possible to purchase good quality properties with high standards in the district at reasonable prices. Property prices in the region start from 385,000 T.L for 2 + 1 properties. Prices vary according to location, area, and quality.

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