Detailed information about the Arakli district in Trabzon

Everything you want to learn about the Arakli area in Trabzon is offered to you by Imtilak Real Estate, its location, the nature of its weather, and the advantages of owning and living in it.

Detailed information about the Arakli district in Trabzon
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Detailed information about the Arakli district in Trabzon

An overview of the Arakli district of Trabzon

The Arakli district belongs to the state of Trabzon, the gem of the Black Sea, and there is a belief that the name Arakli is derived from the castle in the center (Arakalı) in Turkish, but according to Wikipedia, the oldest recorded form of the current name of the region was found in the name of "Herakleia", in a document dating back to the fifteenth century For the Empire of Trabzon, it is believed that because the Eastern Roman Emperor Heraclius stayed with his army in 626 in Arakli, it was called Heraklia, meaning "the place of Hercules".

The location of Arakli district in Trabzon

Arakli is an area close to the city of Trabzon, as it is only 20 km away from the city center. It also takes its place in the middle of the Black Sea and green nature reserves that extend over long distances, which gives it stunning views that give comfort to the soul in this beautiful remote piece from the hustle and bustle of major cities, and the beautiful landmarks in the area, such as Araklı Waterfalls in Turanli, Asma Su, and others.

What is the most important features of the Araklı district in Trabzon?

The Arakli region is described as a first-class tourist area because of the moderation of the weather in Araklı, Trabzon, and interest in the area is constantly increasing significantly, with visitors coming from both within Trabzon and from neighbouring provinces. The area is considered a suitable resort for family gatherings, right next to the river. There are also several historical castles in the area, such as Canayer Buzluca Castle, which was built as a Roman military station, and Kalecik Castle located on a rock overlooking the sea in Arakli,

This means that the area is suitable for archaeological tourism and for recreational tourism at the same time, which contributed to the prosperity of the tourism sector in Araklı as new facilities were built in Araklı Heights to meet basic needs, such as accommodation, and practicing various activities; this has given new jobs to the population of Arakli, as highland tourism has become a vital and new economic source for the region's population.

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Arakli Trabzon

Advantages of owning and living in Araklı, Trabzon

When talking about the advantages of living in Arakli, Trabzon, we should mention information about Turkey regarding the advantages of living in Trabzon, as it is not possible to separate the two regions in terms of living in them, with the added advantage of the fact that Arakli is more integrated with the countryside than the city of Trabzon. Generally, there are many advantages that make Trabzon and Arakli a preferred destination for living and housing. Trabzon is a tourist city with distinction, and it has all the vital services and facilities, such as universities, resorts, hospitals and an international airport.

Infrastructure in Araklı, Trabzon district

1. Roads and transportation

The Turkish government has expanded the infrastructure networks in the regions of Trabzon, including the Arakli region, with the aim of accommodating a greater number of travelers, and built thousands of kilometers of modern land roads that are similar to the roads in developed European countries, and among those roads we find the D010 line that connects all regions in Trabzon including Araklı, Trabzon region, in addition to the fact that there are many public and private transportations that connect Arakli with the rest of the other regions of Trabzon.

2. Schools and universities

Like the rest of the municipalities of Araklı, Trabzon hosts many educational centers, such as: the College of Marine Sciences, in addition to the presence of two branches of KTU College, which include an engineering college, and applied sciences, as well as schools of various stages.

3. Hospitals and health centers

As for the hospitals and health centers in Arakli, like the rest of the municipalities in Turkey in general and Trabzon in particular, there are public hospitals, private hospitals, private clinics and family doctor centers, and among those medical centers we mention; Perm State Hospital, as well as many private specialized medical centers.

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Prices of apartments in Arakli, Trabzon

The prices of apartments in Arakli Trabzon are quite reasonable when compared to Istanbul, Ankara and large Turkish cities, where we can find apartment prices in Arakli projects of 2+1 apartments with an area of ​​114 m² at $77,000, and a 3+1 apartment with an area of ​​147 m² for $91,000, prices can be considered very special for the good spaces of these apartments.

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The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate company in Arakli, Trabzon

Among the projects of Imtilak Real Estate in the Arakli area; we mention the Elite project:

The project consists of two phases: the first includes 8 villas, and 3 buildings including 32 apartments of 2+1 types (with an area of ​​120 m²), and 3+1 duplexes (with an area of ​​145 m²).

While the second phase consists of 3 buildings including 35 apartments, including 8 apartments of 2+1 type (120 m²), 20 apartments of 3+1 type (140 m²), and 7 duplex apartments (with an area of ​​240 m²).

The project's specifications include:

  • The apartments haveattractive views of the sea and the charming landscape of the green hills of Trabzon.
  • The project is located in the Arakli district of Trabzon, which is known for its natural beauty, and directly on the seashore.
  • It’s located close to markets, close to hospitals, health institutions and schools, it is within walking distance of the tourist port area, which is full of cafes and restaurants.
  • A residential complex with good services, including surveillance systems with cameras and guarding around the clock, ensuring the security of your families, and the complex also includes car parking and spacious green spaces.
  • Apartments have attractive views of the sea and the charming landscape of the green hills of Trabzon.
  • The project offers various apartment models with large areas, ranging from regular apartments and duplexes, in addition to private and independent villas.

Imtilak Real Estate company also offers the City Orchard project, we mention the following information:

  • The project is located in Kalecik district in Arakli district on the Black Sea coast of Trabzon, which is considered one of the most beautiful and quiet areas with charming nature and clean air.
  • The project has a direct location on the coastal road that connects it to Trabzon and its surroundings to Rize and many famous tourist areas.
  • The project is close to schools, universities, markets, shopping malls and other services that the residents of the project may need.
  • The project offers apartments of 2+1 and 3+1 types, and the apartments are characterized by their spacious areas and distinctive sea views.
  • In addition to the project's models of 5-bedroom villas, they have complete independence.
  • With an architectural design based on buildings with horizontal extension, distributed within spacious green spaces, the project offers homes that meet the standards of a healthy home, in addition to the smart home system, and the advantages of quality and beauty apparent in the details of the apartments.
  • The apartments do not include ready-made kitchens, and the kitchens can be designed according to the customer's request.
  • The project has many facilities and services that meet the requirements of modern life and family accommodation.
The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate company in Arakli, Trabzon

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