Advantages of Living in Residential Complexes in Istanbul

Choosing to live in Istanbul residential complexes within an integrated service environment, with excellent facilities makes it an ideal choice for accommodation and investment

Advantages of Living in Residential Complexes in Istanbul
2019-05-15 Last update 2021-04-26

Advantages of Living in Residential Complexes in Istanbul

Choosing to live in Istanbul residential complexes within an integrated service environment, with excellent facilities makes it an ideal choice for accommodation and investment, and only those who tried living there know how wonderful this residential style is.

Today, Istanbul is home to this style of residence, which has become a major attraction for real estate investors, and for those who want to buy a new apartment and luxury features.

مجمعات سكنية في اسطنبول

Residential complexes; a secure social structure and high luxury

The complex consists of a number of residential buildings, surrounded by a wall and a security system supported by technology and security personnel dedicated to protecting the complex and its inhabitants. The complex has one department that oversees and manages it. It often includes a range of common services such as swimming pools, gardens, restaurants, reception halls, stadiums, and clubs. Sports, playgrounds, and games for children ... and other miscellaneous facilities, which vary depending on the degree of the complex and its specifications.

Residential complexes, then, are a new style of modern and developed housing styles, which depend on a particular service and social structure. Under this structure, the elements of security, tranquility, and stability are integrated through the services provided to the entire complex's residents.

Many real estate professionals believe that the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul are residential complexes, where a large proportion of real estate investments are currently heading.

Advantages of Living in Residential Complexes in Istanbul

The idea of living in apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul has different advantages from the apartments in normal buildings including:

1- Security and protection: The residential complex features a very high safety, which is reassuring to the residents. Groups of security guards work to oversee the complex, monitors the cameras, and guards at the gate of the complex preventing the entry of non-residents of the building, or those who visit them, after making sure that the guest belongs to them, which prevents the entry of strangers and abusers. This means that thieves or strangers are unlikely to enter.

Security and protection

Alarms add more safety opportunities within the residential complex, as well as fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.

2 - Modernity and development in buildings:

The concept of residential complexes is relatively modern usually done with great potential. It uses modern building techniques and tools to suit the competition of the real estate market. The laws of modern buildings in the resistance to earthquakes and natural disasters also bind it, as these projects are not authorized to work unless they comply with these procedures.

مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي

3- Additional important services and facilities:

The concept of residential complexes is based on creating an Integrated leisure and service environment within the nearest point of your residence, which breaks the boredom, and diversifies amenities in your place of residence.

Residential complex in Istanbul

The residential complex usually has green gardens, in addition to water fountains, and perhaps artificial waterfalls; to create an atmosphere of joy and psychological comfort just steps away from your apartment, even some gardens may be equipped with places for barbecue, in addition to the winter and summer pools, and the various sports fields, from football, basket and tennis... As well as a gymnasium equipped with sports games, a sauna, not to mention the halls equipped to receive visitors, and upper terraces provided by some complexes so as not to deprive the owners of apartments on the lower floors to enjoy the views of apartments of high floors.

Children have the fun part as well, and they can find their own games in safe playgrounds.

Services and facilities

We should also mention the safe and wide parking spaces, as well as a place of worship or mosque within the complex.

Shops, restaurants, and cafes are often available serving the needs of the residents.

These services vary from one residential complex to the next, according to the degree.

4- Facilitated transportation: The transportation network within Istanbul is dynamic, complex and sophisticated, but the city's width is about 5,461 square kilometers make transportation sometimes confusing. Therefore, in many of these complexes, it is customary to provide means of transport that link the residential complex to the main points of public transportation, saving time and effort for the people traveling on public transport.

5- Ideal geographical location: The locations of Istanbul residential complexes are carefully chosen to be a motive in the marketing of apartments or villas, by providing attractive views, which play an important role in attracting those who look for their new house.

Geographical location

A location within important projects is usually chosen, or it is expected to develop rapidly and within carefully planned plans. The apartments of the residential complexes have beautiful and attractive views on the tourist sites or landscape surrounding the complex or overlooking the green spaces surrounding the buildings within the complex itself.

6- The management of the complexes shall bear the burden of maintenance and development in the facilities and services. The emergency faults shall not worry the residents of the complex, where the maintenance staff shall carry out repairs and follow up problems and malfunctions.

7 - Providing hot water service for homes, in addition to the service of periodic cleanliness of the facilities and buildings of the complex, and many other services, these services are charged by "monthly dues".

The aforementioned points give a general picture of the residential complexes, their features, and the incentives of living there.

Residential complexes, multiple options, and available facilities

Istanbul has a large number of luxury residential complexes; this style of real estate has become very desirable, which has influenced the reality of the great urban revolution in this magnificent city.

Residential complexes are located on the outskirts more than in the city center, such as the area of Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Eyup, Halkali and Beylikduzu, and the famous district in the European side of the city, Kadikoy and Baghdad Avenue in the Asian side, and other expansive and modern areas of the city.

The best residential complex in Istanbul

Residential complexes are characterized by a wide range of options, through varying sizes of apartments and views, with the possibility of cash or installment payments.

Imtilak Real Estate Company offers interested people to own their new property in the best residential complex in Istanbul; the opportunity to know more about real estate projects in reliable and government-guaranteed projects, and to communicate with the best real estate consultants and specialists in the Turkish real estate market.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

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