Vadistanbul Project- Luxury Residential Complex and Shopping Mall

Vadi Istanbul Mall is one of the most important malls in Istanbul and its commercial markets and is one of the best destinations of tourism and luxury shopping, where the city is booming with crowded feet and vibrant trade activity

Vadistanbul Project- Luxury Residential Complex and Shopping Mall
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Vadistanbul Project- Luxury Residential Complex and Shopping Mall

Vadi Istanbul Mall is one of the most important malls in Istanbul and its commercial markets and is one of the best destinations of tourism and luxury shopping, where the city is booming with crowded feet and vibrant trade activity.

The city has the largest number of shopping malls among Turkish cities, where these shopping centers generally see an unprecedented turnout, especially during the tourist seasons.

In this article, we will focus on one of the most beautiful malls in Istanbul, in a special spot of the city, on the outskirts of Belgrad's beautiful forests.

Istanbul Valley Mall

Location of Vadistanbul Mall in Istanbul

The famous luxurious Vadi Istanbul Mall (Vadistanbul AVM) is located in a picturesque point near the city center.

Located in the European part of the city at a point overlooking the magnificent Belgrad forests and enjoying stunning views, in the Ayazağa area in the Sariyer area on a land of 103,000 m2. However, it’s located next to it is E80 motorway which links the European part of the city to the Asian part of it crossing the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge over the Bosphorus.

The site of the mall is 4 km away from the city center. Only 20 minutes away from Istanbul New Airport and 5 minutes from the Bosphorus.

Click on the link below to access Vadi Istanbul Mall location.

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Vadistanbul Mall- The Top International Brands

Opened in 2017, Vadi Istanbul  project is a commercial residential and recreational project, with excellent elements of shopping and luxury accommodation, in a clean environment with fresh air, and charming landscapes. It includes more than 270 stores of world-leading clothing and fashion stores, as well as a number of the city's most famous restaurants, which offer a wide range of food options, next to it is a children's playground, and many other activities under the roof of the prestigious Vadi Istanbul Mall.

On the other hand, Vadi Istanbul Mall visitors will find the best shopping options, as well as the magnificent views from the huge terraces of the mall, overlooking the edge of the Belgrad Forest and Skyland Towers, not to mention the dancing fountains at the outside door of the mall, giving an additional atmosphere of pleasure.

Vadi Istanbul Mall quickly reserved its position among the most important malls of the city.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

Luxurious Apartments in Vadistanbul Mall Project

There is no doubt that the areas overlooking the charming nature in the vicinity of vast Belgrad forests, is one of the most beautiful areas to live, especially that this project combined the characteristics of luxury and sophistication, in addition to its important commercial mall.

Homes and apartments at Vadi Istanbul Mall are designed to overlook the enchanting views of the pristine green forests, and a river flows into the Golden Horn Bay.

Moreover, residence services are integrated with the project, like the most luxurious projects in Istanbul, where there are beautiful indoor gardens, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, as well as swimming pools for children, Turkish bath and sauna, fitness center, and games for children.

The project has a huge number of parking lots, including those allocated for the mall, and some for the residents of the residential project with the total number of 3700 parking.

Istanbul Valley Mall

It also has a full and advanced security system, surveillance cameras and 24-hour security.

This interesting video shows you part of the charming residence in Vadi Istanbul complex.

The following table shows the prices of residential properties in the same project:

Number of rooms and saloons

Minimum space

Number of bathrooms


The Minimum price in dollars


























These properties are appropriate for Turkish citizenship for those wishing to get citizenship in return for owning a property in Turkey.

Imtilak Real Estate offers its clients the best real estate services, which include before and after-sales services, follow-up citizenship papers, and other services, such as furniture and furnishing and other important matters.

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How to Get to Vadistanbul Mall- Public Transportation Map

Vadi Istanbul Mall can be reached using the E80 motorway, which is one of the most important highways connecting the European and Asian side of the city. Public transport can also be used, as we can take the M2 metro line from the well-known Yenikapi area and getting off at Maslak. There you can switch to another short-distance subway, built specifically for the Vadi Istanbul Mall, or you can use the 47L bus linking the metro station to the mall site and residential project.

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