How to Register Your Property in Turkey?

The best guide to help you understand the major procedures on how to register your property in Turkey, and how to avoid mistakes when buying property for the first time.

How to Register Your Property in Turkey?
2017-11-11 Last update 2021-10-25

How to Register Your Property in Turkey?

Steps on Registering Your Property in Turkey- Phase One

There are few things that should not be ignored before and during the course of buying property. It is known that the real estate sector in Turkey is very popular in recent times, and we have in this case to provide notes on the procedures of land registry, especially for those who want to buy a property for the first time in Turkey.

There are two stages of action to be carried, first in the pre-processing phase of the Land Registry Service, and the second is the procedure that will be carried out in the Land Registry Department.

What should be done before going to the Land Registry Department is to obtain a copy of the real estate register of the property, visiting the municipality with this copy, inquire about the real estate debts and obtain reconstruction information. Is there a match between the information between the register and the records that are in the municipality, A copy of the identity card must be accompanied with the original, as well as two personal photographs.

Registering Property in Turkey- Phase Two

As for the procedures that must be carried out in the Department of Land Registry, accompanying the original copy of the land registry contract by the seller, and a copy of the document of the real estate booking in case the property was purchased through a bank loan.

This stage is called the initial submission phase. This stage is approved if the papers are complete. A text message is sent to the mobile phone and a date and time will be given for the next date.

The documents shall be signed by the seller and the buyer at the date and time of the appointment in the contract room of the Land Registry Department. The Director of the Land Registry Department shall sign the document in order to complete the sale.

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