Permanent Residence Permit in Turkey

Permanent residence permit in Turkey and the types of residence in Turkey

Permanent Residence Permit in Turkey
2018-11-29 Last update 2020-05-27

Permanent Residence Permit in Turkey

Turkey has been a center of attraction in the region on several levels, tourism, investment, medical and scientific, and the human element is undoubtedly the focus of all the previous events. Therefore, organizing and facilitating its movement to Turkey is of great importance. This leads us to talk about permanent residence permit in Turkey and the types of residence in Turkey.

Types of residence permit in Turkey

  • Tourist stay in Turkey (short-term residence permit in Turkey).
  • Residence in Turkey by buying a property (real estate residence permit in Turkey).
  • Work permit in Turkey.
  • Student stay permit in Turkey.
  • Human stay in Turkey.
  • Family stay in Turkey (family residence permit in Turkey).
If the resident of Turkey has completed a period of 8 consecutive years on a regular basis, he is entitled to apply for permanent residence in Turkey (long-term residence permit in Turkey).

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

The permanent residence conditions in Turkey must be taken into consideration before applying for it according to the following regulations:
  • The permanent residence permit is granted on Turkish territory with the consent of the Ministry of the Interior to a foreign resident residing on Turkish territory continuously for eight years without interruption.
  • Eight years are counted without interruption as stated in Article 38 of the law, where half the duration of the student residence permit is calculated and the duration of the other residence permits is calculated in full.
  • Has not received social assistance during the last three years.
  • The resident must have sufficient income to secure his living and his family's livelihood on a regular basis.
  • The resident must have valid health insurance.
  • Should not pose a threat to public order and public security.

Details of permanent residence permit in Turkey

  • Permanent residence shall not be granted to refugees, to secondary protection or to a humanitarian residence, nor to those granted temporary protection.
  • Foreigners who have a long-term residence permit may enjoy most of the rights granted to a Turkish citizen, except for some basic rights such as: (candidacy, election, public office, importation of cars).
  • The permanent resident is exempted from the obligation to do the military service.
  • The permanent resident holder shall retain his acquired insurance rights.
  • Permanent residence permits are issued in Turkey indefinitely (without limits).

Documents required to apply for permanent residence in Turkey

  1. Application form for the residence permit.
  2. The Original and original copy of passport or travel document.
  3. Submitting the previous residence permit document.
  4. Two passport-sized photographs.
  5. A document showing that the applicant had not received any social assistance from institutions and non-governmental organizations during the past three years.
  6. Statement showing that the financial resources are adequate and durable during the period of residence in Turkey.
  7. Non-sentenced document.
  8. Medical insurance (Sigorta).
  9. Application of the permanent residence.
  10. Home address.
The aforementioned documents are submitted in one file to the Turkish Ministry of the Interior - Directorate General of the Immigration Department.

Be careful! For reasons of rejection or revocation of long-term residence permit in Turkey

Permanent residence in Turkey can be refused or canceled in the following cases:
  • If the foreigner poses a serious threat to public order and security.
  • If he or she resides outside Turkey for more than one year without interruption, except for the conditions of health, education and compulsory public service in his country.
In these cases, according to the system of residence in Turkey, the long-term residence permit can be canceled by the Immigration Department of the Turkish provinces.

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Source: Directorate General of the Turkish Immigration Department
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