Real estate prices in Antalya, Turkey in 2022

Learn about real estate prices in Antalya Turkey in 2022, including the prices of apartments, villas, and land. Updated information provided by the first real estate consultant in Turkey; Imtilak Real Estate company.

Real estate prices in Antalya, Turkey in 2022
2022-03-08 Last update 2022-05-12

Real estate prices in Antalya, Turkey in 2022

Constant questions that real estate investors often consider: How are the real estate prices in Antalya, Turkey? Is real estate investment profitable? What about the price difference between Antalya and other cities in Turkey?

We start with a quick overview of real estate prices in Antalya, then the investment value in Turkish real estate, and the current average prices for the most important types of real estate, comparing them with the most important Turkish cities.

An overview of real estate prices in Antalya in recent years

Antalya is classified as the second most Turkish state selling apartments to foreigners after Istanbul, due to the charm of its picturesque nature between the Taurus Mountains and the beaches of Antalya, with its climatic diversity, which has turned it into a favorite destination for foreign tourists in multiple tourism seasons throughout the year.

Antalya real estate also competes with other Turkish states with the development of its infrastructure, which is reflected in its architecture, and the modern projects that Antalya and its other districts include, such as the famous Alanya.

With a comprehensive look at the prices of Antalya real estate and its development in recent years, we can notice the impact of the increased demand simultaneous with the decline in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira, which cast a shadow on the indicators of the real estate market upwards.

Real estate prices in Antalya

At the beginning of 2014, the average price per square meter throughout Antalya and within all types of residential properties (both old and new) ranged around 1,171 TL, while the average price reached its peak at the beginning of 2022 at 5,748 TL, according to the price index on the Zingat website.



Price TL




















Noting that the prices of real estate in high-end residential complexes with (brands) that are characterized by their high specifications are higher than the aforementioned average price with a clear difference.

Are real estate prices in Antalya suitable for ownership and investment?

Antalya, located on the shores of the Mediterranean, emerged with beautiful nature and climatic diversity based on its coastal terrain and mountainous heights at the ends of the Taurus Mountains. Thus, Antalya emerged as an attractive tourist location for tourism investments of all kinds, on top of which is real estate investment of all kinds, resorts, and commercial complexes, in addition to hotels, villas, and apartments equipped for investment in the tourism seasons.

Like other Turkish cities, the regions differ in terms of the importance of their location, services, tourist features, views, proximity to the city center, or its most important tourist attractions, not to mention the specifications of the property itself. It is normal that real estate prices vary based on these features.

But in general, the considered real estate investment in the tourist hotspots in Antalya won’t lose as long as the conditions for the correct investment are met.

 real estate prices in Antalya Turkey

Average property prices in Antalya in 2022

Apart from going around the average price of real estate in Antalya, we discuss here the most popular real estate types, which are all kinds of land, apartments, and new villas, and we present each of them with an example of Imtilak Real Estate projects.

  • Apartment prices in Antalya in 2022

Through a broad look at the projects of Imtilak Real Estate in Antalya, which are classified under the type of integrated residential complexes, the price per square meter starts from $735 per square meter as a minimum, in theAntalya Colors complex located in the beautiful nature of Döşemealtı.

Apartment models in this project range from 1+1 to 3+1, and the apartment prices in the project start from $61,000.

  • Villa prices in Antalya in 2022

The price per square meter in the cheapest projects of Imtilak Real Estate Company for villas in Antalya within the Digital Home Villas complex starts from $1,558 per square meter as a minimum.

The project is located in the central area of Döşemealtı in the tourist city of Antalya, within a location with a growing investment value. The project includes 106 villas of different specifications and prices.

The options for villas in this project range from 2+1 to 5+1, and the price of the cheapest villa in the project starts from $178,000.

real estate prices in Antalya

  • Land prices in Antalya in 2022

With a quick view of the offers available on sites specialized in selling this type of real estate, after extracting a number of logical offers, we noticed that the prices of empty lands in Antalya start from about 2,767 TL, which is equivalent to approximately $198 at the date of writing these lines. This price doubles many times according to the importance of the location.

real estate prices in Antalya

Comparing real estate prices in Antalya with other Turkish cities

Antalya can be classified among the growing Turkish cities with its real estate prices, so that its prices compete with the real estate prices of Ankara, the country's political capital. However, it undoubtedly does not reach the amount of Istanbul, which is classified as the most active real estate city in Turkey.

The importance of Antalya is due to the fact that it is the second tourist destination, in addition to the increasing demand from foreign tourists from Russians and Europeans to the desire to own its new properties with high specifications and an acceptable price, not to mention the investors aspiring to benefit from the rewarding investment returns in busy seasons.

Imtilak real estate services for those wishing to own a property in Antalya at the best price

The presence of Imtilak Real Estate in Antalya, and its expansion into the most important Turkish cities, have greatly consolidated its ties to the most important housing projects, giving it an indelible place in the Turkish real estate market.

Imtilak Real Estate offers its accumulated experience and distinctive through direct communication with your real estate advisor, or a visit to one of our branches located in the most prominent Turkish cities, and in Antalya; the most beautiful tourism capital, providing you with a range of advanced and free services until you obtain the suitable property at a price that suits your budgets.


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