Everything you want about the investor residence permit in Turkiye

To obtain an investor residence permit in Turkiye, some necessary conditions and documents must be met. Learn in detail with Imtilak Real Estate

Everything you want about the investor residence permit in Turkiye
2022-09-05 Last update 2022-09-30

Everything you want about the investor residence permit in Turkiye

What is an investor's residence permit in Turkiye?

Turkish Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection regulates matters of legal residence for foreigners in the country, and accordingly, the types of residence permits granted to foreigners in Turkiye are divided according to the purpose and objective of the foreigner's residence.

Articles 31 and 33 of the Turkish Law on Foreigners and International Protection show that the Turkish authorities grant legal residence to several categories of foreigners who wish to stay longer in Turkiye.

The residence permit granted to a foreigner investing in Turkiye falls under the Short Residence Law in accordance with Articles 28 and 29 of the Implementing Regulations of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

The validity of the short residence permit in Turkiye may reach two years (depending on its type), and it is renewable if there is a compelling reason. In general, the residence granted to the investor in Turkiye is of two types:

  • Residence by investment in real estate

According to Turkish law, it is called the granting of residence permits to foreigners who own immovable funds in Turkiye, and immovable funds are meant to be real estate, and therefore the foreign investor when he owns a property in Turkiye with a value of not less than $75,000 in major Turkish states and $50,000 in small states are entitled to legal residence in the country.

  • Residence permits for foreigners who have business relations and will establish a business in Turkiye

When a foreigner establishes a company in Turkiye and officially and legally in the country, Turkish law grants this foreigner a renewable residence permit, and the law applies to those who participate in a pre-existing investment in Turkiye, such as factories, factories, or even capital for Turkish companies.

To whom is the investor residence permit granted in Turkiye?

According to what was mentioned in the articles of the Turkish law related to the clause of short residence that is granted to many categories of foreigners, including investors, the investor's residence in Turkiye is given to two types of investors:

Investor in fixed assets (immovable funds)

This means foreigners who own real estate in Turkiye, and by virtue of their ownership of this real estate, Turkish law grants them the right of legal residence in the country.

Foreign Business Founders in Turkiye and Direct Investors

A legal residence permit in Turkiye is granted to foreigners who establish companies in Turkiye or direct investment in the country in a variety of ways.

 investor residence permit in Turkiye

Advantages of investor residence permits in Turkiye

The foreign investor holding Turkish residency gains several advantages, the most important of which are:

  • A residence permit is granted to all members of his family (wife and children under the age of 18)
  • Enrolling children in Turkish public schools
  • Obtaining health insurance and medication in Turkish government hospitals
  • Obtaining the right to travel to many countries with Turkish residency, in addition to facilitating obtaining entry visas for different countries
  • Qualification for permanent residence in Turkiye, in case of residence for 8 consecutive years
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship after applying the conditions of the law on granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors
الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

How to obtain an investor residence permit in Turkiye?

An investor residence permit in Turkiye is obtained by submitting an application to the General Directorate of Immigration before the end of the legal residence period in the country. Proof of investment within the Turkish borders is attached, such as a copy of the title deed or the tax number of the company and others according to the type of investment.

The General Directorate of Immigration in Turkiye determines the documents required for each type of investment, as the documents that follow the establishment of companies differ from the documents required if the investment is in real estate.

Conditions for obtaining investor residence in Turkiye

The legal conditions stipulated by Turkish law must be applied in order for the foreign investor to be able to obtain a legal residence permit under his investment in the country, the most important of which are:

  • The investment should not be less than the minimum stipulated in Turkish law, not less than $75,000 in the case of buying real estate in major Turkish states.
  • The investment process should be legal, sound, and licensed in the country
  • That purchases and sales are made through official bank transfers
  • Entering Turkiye legally and officially

Documents required to apply for investor residence permits in Turkiye

The investor needs documents related to the process of applying to obtain an investor residence permit in Turkiye, and it requires general and other documents related to the nature of investment in the country, and the most important documents required when applying for a residence permit for a foreign investor in Turkiye:

  • A copy of the passport valid for at least 3 months
  • 4 biometric photos
  • A copy of the entry stamp
  • A copy of the title deed in case of real estate investment
  • A "Taşn Nmara" document is obtained from the municipality in which the property is located
  • Obtaining a tax number
  • Having effective health insurance
  • Obtaining an address registered in the Turkish Population Department

 investor residence permit in Turkiye

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