Real estate investment returns in Turkey compared to other investments

Real numbers representing real estate investment returns in Turkey presented to you by the first real estate advisor in Turkey, Imtilak Real Estate Company, with a comparison with the returns of other types of investment

Real estate investment returns in Turkey compared to other investments
2022-02-18 Last update 2022-07-22

Real estate investment returns in Turkey compared to other investments

When asked about the returns of real estate investment in Turkey, its amount, percentage, etc..., you may find answers that cause more confusion, between marketing sources far from logic, that dazzle you with unusual numbers, to sell you the illusion before they sell you the property.

Or among other sources and answers that tell you about immature experiences, trying to keep you away from this market.

In pursuit of accuracy and credibility, we, Imtilak Real Estate, find it is necessary to clarify some points objectively and unambiguously, based on our leading position in the Turkish real estate sector, and our experience spanning more than 10 years, and through a professional team that is the largest and most qualified in the field of Turkish real estate.

Is real estate investment in Turkey recommended?

Statistics issued by the Turkish Statistical Institutions show the amount of demand for the real estate market of all kinds until recent years have witnessed huge numbers in real estate sales, which indicates the dynamic market reality, especially in hot real estate areas near mega projects, transportation, business centers, etc.

If we check these statistics, we will notice the importance of this investment sector in Turkey, especially in the major cities whose prices have recorded rapid increases during the past two years.

Someone might think: This is nothing but a real estate boom or bubble!

Here the clear answer to this point comes to you from a holistic view of the real estate market in Turkey, buying, selling, and renting, to notice directly how weak the supply is in the face of increasing demand, and the urgent need for more real estate product that meets the growing need.

Is real estate investment in Turkey profitable?

To begin with, before answering this question; we should declare that not all real estate is on the same scale, and a property in a remote area cannot be treated as a property in a hot spot in the real estate market.

Hence, you must know that the right choice of property intelligently is the final judgment in answering this question.

Therefore, the quality of your choice of property may allow you to profit more than you expect, quoting from experiences we have experienced in which the rates of price increase within a very short period amounted to approximately 30% of the price of the property itself, and this is undoubtedly related to the investor’s intelligence and his successful choice.

Despite the global Coronavirus crisis, the real estate sector was the least affected economic sector in Turkey, to the extent that the wave of closures contributed to rising real estate prices due to the delay in the implementation of many projects, which led to an increase in demand with a decrease in implementation.

Where the rental prices of apartments in Istanbul and many other cities recorded increases, sometimes reaching more than 70%, in parallel with the Coronavirus crisis and the decline in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira. The vitality of the Turkish real estate market is also shown by the new home price index in Turkey for December 2021, which has increased by 115.10% since the beginning of its study in 2010. Not to mention the dozens of other statistics and studies that real estate ownership carries in its news and blog from its official sources in a neutral manner.

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Real estate investment in Turkey

Average returns on real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment returns in Turkey differ radically according to a set of facts, including, for example:

  • First: The location and importance of the property: its proximity to the city center - the attractions in its surroundings - the distance to the seashore - its views - in a residential complex or in an ordinary building.
  • Second: The type of property: residential (villa, apartment...) - or commercial (office, shop, hotel...).
  • Third: The age of property: Modern real estate is more popular than its old counterparts.
  • Fourth: Additional real estate services: which are included in high-end residential complexes, until they have become a feature indicating the luxury and sophistication of the property. Such as swimming pools, sports clubs, private gardens, and various playgrounds.
  • Fifth: The quality of the property: in terms of its finishes, the quality of its implementation, and the added technologies, such as smart home technology.

Could real estate investment in Turkey lose? How?

The profit and loss equation is always subject to its causes and premise. The right choice of real estate, and the investigation of the reasons for profit, is supposed to play the role required of it as long as the study was conducted on firm and carefully studied assets.

Therefore, your study and selection of the winning property must be based on a number of foundations, including, but not limited to:

  • Collect complete data about the property to be invested (location of the property, quality of implementation, type, age, services, surroundings...), and compare the other options.
  • Invest in areas that are expected to witness intensive investment activity in the future, such as areas near major government projects to be established, or at points of expansion close to them; for the possibility of increasing profits after a period of time.
  • Do not risk investing in real estate that suffers from fundamental problems, and ensure the legality of the purchase process through experts specialized in this field.
  • Consult specialists and experts in the field of real estate, choose an honest real estate advisor and check the experiences of others with him before making a purchase.


In this regard, our professional advisory services were available to all those interested free of charge, as Imtilak Real Estate Company made its advisory services available in the most important spoken languages ​​through all its accounts, through a hard-working team, and institutional work that amounted to providing the best.

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Comparing the return on real estate investment in Turkey with the returns on other investments

This type of comparison is not without prejudice, given the fluctuations in the markets, the effects of inflation, and the exchange rate of the lira sometimes being unbalanced, and there are reasons and causes that play with the criteria and balances of investments.

It is known that the profit from real estate investment does not come within a short period. Moreover, real estate investment has an obvious advantage compared to other investments, namely, that real estate is the most loyal investment. It does not waste its capital, due to trade loss, or corruption of goods. The doubling of its profits is also dependent on the quality of the selection of the property and its good management.

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real estate investment returns in Turkey

Imtilak real estate tips for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey

For those who are planning to invest in real estate in Turkey, we offer four indispensable pillars:

  • Determine your direct purpose of real estate ownership (housing - investment - Turkish citizenship).
  • Be careful of improvisational decisions, and let your final decision be based on a complete study.
  • Save the effort, and hire a trusted real estate advisor. An experienced real estate advisor has a lot of information that may be hidden from you.
  • Investment in real estate is either medium or long term, and the fruit of real estate investment needs enough time to mature.


Above all, we advise you to contact our real estate consultant in Imtilak Real Estate, to get the best investment offers available while taking full advantage of our free services that start from the moment you arrive at the airport and end only with an investment that meets your needs.


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