Tips on the Power of Attorney Real Estate in Turkey

The Power of Attorney Real Estate in Turkey is an important concept when it comes to buying and selling properties, learn more about it in this article.

Tips on the Power of Attorney Real Estate in Turkey
2017-06-28 Last update 2021-10-21

Tips on the Power of Attorney Real Estate in Turkey

Introduction to the Power of Attorney Real Estate in Turkey

A huge number of investors in the real estate sector resort to the way agencies provide during the sale or purchase of a property in Turkey, by giving a procuration to guide the Turkey real estate in order to follow the necessary procedures, as the investor in most cases cannot follow the usual procedures, It is known that the procuration shortens many steps for investors wishing for ownership.

Key Importance in Granting the Power of Attorney Real Estate in Turkey

There are many things to be aware of while giving the procuration, since the procuration has great responsibilities to give the person entrusted with many powers, and it is advised in this context that the person whom will be given the procuration is to be known, and advises that the procuration be given to a lawyer or a real estate consultant is known and known in Field of work.

In addition, reference should be made to the matters that will be covered by the procuration in a clear and explicit manner so as not to enter into different areas and to limit the powers that will be granted to the assigned party. The text of the procuration’s text must be clearly written in order to avoid confusion of data and details.

The procuration must be organized in the presence of the judicial writer and must be certified by the legal writer as well. In addition, the information must be recorded in the procuration according to an official identity or passport.

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