The best tourist places in Kocaeli

Your guide to the most important tourist places in Kocaeli. Learn about its most important historical landmarks and its most famous recreational places from gardens, parks, and museums

The best tourist places in Kocaeli
2022-07-26 Last update 2022-08-15

The best tourist places in Kocaeli

What is the touristic value of Kocaeli?

Kocaeli parallels Istanbul with its aesthetic features and gentle nature, as the two cities have a similar climate due to the great similarity between their terrain, as Kocaeli overlooks the Black Sea in the north, and in the south the Marmara Sea, in addition to its western borders on the Asian side of Istanbul, and adjacent to the east of the green state of Sakarya.

Moreover, Kocaeli is considered an indispensable tourist corridor, and a link between Bursa, Sakarya, and Istanbul. The cities of Kocaeli and its districts also harbor many attractive tourist attractions that we are talking about in the following points, which made it on the list of prominent tourist cities.

The most important and famous 9 tourist places in Kocaeli

Among the most famous tourist places in the cities of Kocaeli are:

tourist places in Kocaeli

1. Kocaeli Museum of Archeology and Ethnography

It is a national museum in Kocaeli, which displays archaeological artifacts and ethnographic objects (describing human races and cultures), as well as many decorations, historical paintings, and artifacts.

The museum is located in the former Izmit railway station, in the Kozlu district of Izmit, in a palace that dates back to 1774, during the Ottoman era, and the palace is distinguished by its direct view of the Marmara Sea.

Kocaeli Museum of Archeology and Ethnography

2. Kocaeli Forest

The Kocaeli Forest is one of the most beautiful natural places, located northeast of Kocaeli State, and is a wonderful place that helps to relax and recreate, including a zoo, and places equipped to receive hikers.

3. Izmit Clock Tower

Izmit Clock Tower is located in the Kemal Paşa neighborhood, close to the Hamauni Palace. It is a historical tower within the city of Izmit, rising to a height of 24 meters. The tower offers a beautiful view of the Gulf of Izmit in the Marmara Sea.

The construction of the tower dates back to 1901, and it was built among a group of clock towers that were built in many Turkish cities to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II's accession to the throne of the Ottoman Empire.

4. Maşukiye Village

It’s one of the most beautiful green mountain areas with charming natural views, steep waterfalls, and gushing springs, on the way up to the tourist mountain Kartepe, where the snowy slopes.

Maşukiye has turned into a tourist attraction due to its charming mountain features and enjoyable recreational facilities, in addition to restaurants and cafes built over rivers, which are characterized by their views of rivers, waterfalls, and green forests.

Maşukiye Village

5. Kartepe Mountain

For lovers of snow skiing on the wonderful snowy slopes, Mount Kartepe is one of the closest snow resorts to Istanbul, which has gained fame for its high-level facilities and service.

The slopes of Mount Kartepe are a major tourist attraction among the tourist places in Kocaeli, due to its distinctive nature and special atmosphere.

6. Faruk Yalçın Zoo

An elegant zoo with distinctive services, containing many types and species of unique animals, while providing an appropriate environment for each of them. The zoo also provides a map to facilitate navigation within it. The zoo includes a range of restaurants, cafes, and fun children's games.

7. Siege Ship Museum

It is the “yir hesar” museum of the expeditionary ships of the Turkish army. It displays a collection of ships that have been in use for about 40 years and includes a collection of historical naval objects.

8. Kefken Area

It is an area with pink rocks and an attractive landscape, off the northern coast of Kocaeli on the shore of the Black Sea.

9. Seka Park

It is located directly beside the Marmara Sea shore, extends over an area of ​​580 acres, with nearly 6,000 trees, and is one of the city's distinctive entertainment venues. The park is famous for its restaurants and cafes overlooking the Marmara Sea and is equipped with children's games and activities.

Seka Park

Tourism investment opportunities in Kocaeli

Kocaeli is classified as an important tourist center opposite the borders of Istanbul, and a preferred destination for tourism enthusiasts of all kinds. Those who prefer to enjoy and relax among the beautiful nature will find their purpose among its forests and in its many parks or its snowy resorts even outside the winter days.

In a stunning landscape, forests of chestnuts, oaks, hazelnuts and pines appear, as they cover the area with a charming and attractive green cover, and you have the opportunity to practice the hobbies of horse riding, driving mountain cars and many more.

In the crowds of all these temptations for natural tourism lovers in Kocaeli and recreation with a wonderful climate, fans of history and visiting monuments have what meets their passion, where they can visit the shrine of Commander Hannibal (the famous leader of Carthage), visit the Museum of the House of Archaeologist Osman Hamdi Beke and the Museum of Ethnography.

After explaining all of these above-mentioned features, and recalling the close location of Kocaeli to Istanbul, all of this constitutes a sufficient incentive to think about exploiting tourism investment opportunities in this important city.

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The value added by tourism to real estate in Kocaeli

The real estate reality in Kocaeli, its richness of tourism, and its important surroundings had the greatest impact on the increase in demand for real estate ownership opportunities within the projects of this state, and in its cities with many advantages, especially in Izmit and Gebze.

In general, the real estate in Kocaeli has become more active in recent years, and in parallel with that, real estate prices have recorded encouraging increases for real estate investors aspiring to own and profit at the same time, but on the condition of studying the opportunity of ownership and choosing the right property.

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