Imtilak Real Estate Client obtains Turkish citizenship with his family

The right way to obtain Turkish citizenship is by purchasing a property

We, in Imtilak Real Estate, congratulate our dear client Mr. Kamal al-Hamdani from Iraq, on obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership in Turkey with the assistance of Imtilak Real Estate.

Many foreign investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship, and they should consider the following tips when searching for suitable apartments for sale to obtain Turkish citizenship:

  1. Choose your real estate agent carefully.
  2. Choose the location that best suits your purpose of real estate ownership.
  3. Choose the right time to buy your property.
  4. Pay attention to the documents related to the purchase contract of your new home.
  5. We recommend choosing projects that provide a smart home system.


Services provided by Imtilak Real Estate Company for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship

For everyone who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, we, in Imtilak Real Estate offer you some high-class real estate services that start from the airport until you obtain citizenship.

  • You will find our representative waiting for you at the airport with a private car, on the date that best suits you to get you to Istanbul.
  • We will host you in one of our wonderful furnished apartments for a period of 5 days free of charge until we finish the tours on all real estate projects suitable for you.
  • We will accompany you at all stages of your real estate ownership journey in Turkey step by step, then in following up the documents of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Rest assured that we in Imtilak Real Estate, will spare no effort to provide all necessary services to the fullest.

The testimony of Dr. Kamal Al-Hamdani through a YouTube video on our channel is a new badge-of-honor in serving the agents of Imtilak Real Estate we are proud of. We wish him a good life in Turkey, the country of good and beauty.

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Turkish Citizenship


Turkish Citizenship

Clients who obtained Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property through Imtilak Real Estate

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