Luxury apartments, shops, and offices for sale in Istanbul Valley project

In a glamorous charming landscape on the outskirts of the picturesque forests of Belgrad, and within a modern residential square fit for the elite, the Istanbul Valley Project lies in as an exceptional opportunity for luxury ownership for those who aspire to a very peaceful and splendid residence on the European side of the beautiful city of Istanbul.

In the following lines, we will learn more about the luxurious apartments for sale in Vadistanbul Istanbul, or Istanbul Valley, and the advantages of residence there, we also highlight the investment opportunity in offices of Vadistanbul Mall and its shops, and everything related to ownership and investment in the beautiful Seyrantepe area.

Vadistanbul Project Features

The Vadistanbul project is located on the European side of Istanbul in the Seyrantepe area, which is only minutes away from the important and vital areas of Taksim, Levent, and Maslak.

The location of Istanbul Valley Project is close to the Bosphorus which is about 5 minutes away only, it is also located on a highway linking the project to Istanbul Airport in about half an hour, giving it a high strategic and investment importance, which prompted groups of investors to buy apartments in Vadistanbul, the wonderful project.

The project shines with the beauty of its overlooks, the modernity of its construction, and its integrated services, and it rises above its peers through its proximity to the huge Vadistanbul Mall, as it belongs to the same construction company, providing the needs of the project residents of all Turkish and international brands and products, it also contains the most important recreational facilities.

Next to the project, there are buildings dedicated to commercial offices and five-star hotels for the construction company itself, which gives the area an important investment future.

In the vast Vadistanbul Mall, you will not need to shop anywhere else. If you are looking for an office for your successful business or a distinguished commercial investment, the Vadistanbul Mall is considered one of the most important investment options on the European side of Istanbul.

Add to that the project's distinctive view over the charming Belgrad forests, there is also a river next to the project flows into the Golden Horn Gulf, making our project one of the best ownership opportunities in apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side of the city.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul Valley project

The project is built on a land area of 74 thousand square meters, it consists of eight Blocks containing 762 apartments in addition to three blocks divided into offices and home offices.

The most important advantages of buying an apartment in the Istanbul Valley project:

  1. The distinguished location of the project near the city center, as it is only 10 km away from the famous area of Taksim.
  2. The project is located near a highway that links it with the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge over the Bosphorus and the Asian side of the city in a few minutes.
  3. A great opportunity to shop from the stores of Vadistanbul Mall for local and international products.
  4. Integrated facilities for high-end residence, the most important of which are:
  • Indoor and outdoor pools for adults and a pool for children.
  • Gym
  • Turkish bath and sauna.
  • Indoor and outdoor parking lots for 3700 cars.
  • Spacious parks and hiking trails for walking and sports
  • Courtyards and children's playgrounds.
  • Terraces and benches overlooking the beautiful green forest.
  • A natural river passes through the project giving the place more splendor.
  1. surveillance cameras and security around the clock.
  2. Very elegant and modern finishes.
  3. The buildings and their apartments are designed in a way that allows them all to have open views over the forest, which provides a very beautiful stay in the apartments for sale in the upscale Vadistanbul.
  4. Transportation is secured to and from the project.

Advantages of buying an office in Vadistanbul Mall

The decision to own one of the offices for sale in Vadistanbul Mall is a pioneering and distinctive investment option, due to its location near the city center and near the highways.

Besides, the Seyrantepe area has turned into an attractive investment and residential center that grabbed the attention of elite and most important investors to reside or invest in it, this alone has increased the importance of the location and raised its investment value.

Also, the Maslak and Levent areas are located on the outskirts of the project area.

Advantages of buying a shop in Vadistanbul Mall

Vadistanbul Mall is very famous among the malls of Istanbul for its elegance, vastness, and its modern construction, and because it hosts the most famous Turkish and international brands, the demand for shops for sale in Vadistanbul Mall for the purposes of investment has increased.

Vadistanbul Mall has caught the attention of people who love shopping due to its attractive location and the magnificent views of its terraces over the forest, in addition to its many diverse restaurants that offer delicious Turkish and international dishes, not to mention its other entertainment facilities, such as cinema, amusement, children's playground, and other facilities.

All of the aforementioned have contributed to increasing the number of visitors to the Vadistanbul Mall and made it a favorite shopping destination in the European side of Istanbul city, which in turn, made the idea of investing in its shops one of the most successful real estate investment ideas.

Advantages of owning and investing in Seyrantepe area

Seyrantepe area hosts many important commercial activities and it is surrounded by many prominent vital centers in Istanbul city, and because of its proximity to Levent, Taksim, and Maslak, the area had a chance to achieve an important investment position.

The major construction companies found what they were looking for in Seyrantepe area, so they established a group of the finest residential and commercial complexes there, and these projects were crowned with the Vadistanbul Project with its charming and distinctive views and diverse facilities, and in apartments for sale in the famous Vadistanbul; the investors have found a perfect luxurious ownership opportunity.

Services of Imtilak Real Estate for those wishing to own and invest

The name of Imtilak Company has emerged early in the real estate market and in providing the best other real estate services, the company has taken the excellence as a title for its work through providing exceptional services to investors, as the company introduces the Turkish real estate market to the investors and provide full information in this field through its website and publications, and provides the most distinguished real estate opportunities, such as the Vadistanbul project with its apartments, shops, and offices.

Imtilak Real Estate provides the service of free real estate tours for those who want to own real estate, in addition to follow-up of ownership files, registration in the Land Registry, and tracking the Turkish citizenship file for those who buy a real estate that conforms to this option, as well as other very important services represented in the department of the after-sales service, this has raised the name of Imtilak Company so much and increased the customers' confidence in it, this has been evident in their numerous testimonials.

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