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At Imtilak Real Estate Company, we offer you apartments for sale in Yildirim, Bursa, one of the vibrant areas in the heart of the city, near the famous Uludag Mountain, with reasonable prices, and distinguished services before and after the sale, contact us for more details.

What distinguishes the Yildirim, Bursa district?

The Yildirim district is one of the largest districts in Bursa in terms of area and population, and it is one of the important tourist centers in Bursa with its stunning historical and natural monuments and monuments. It has a large and developed transportation network of metro lines, tramway lines, and public buses that connect it to the rest of the districts in Bursa.

Yildirim is one of the developed real estate areas, as it has recently witnessed the establishment of the largest residential and real estate projects, and agriculturally due to the large spread of agricultural lands and pastures in it, and industrially in light of the presence of a large number of laboratories and factories in various industrial sectors.

Yildirim, Bursa

What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Yildirim, Bursa?

Buying an apartment in Yildirim, Bursa, and residing in this state allows investors to establish various types of real estate, tourism, industrial and agricultural investments, especially since the region has investment ingredients on various levels that allow the success of any investment in it.

The Yildirim district is one of the central districts in Bursa, where many state institutions meet, and a huge group of educational, shopping, and health centers meets all the needs of the population.

Average prices of apartments in Yildirim, Bursa

The prices of apartments in Yildirim, Bursa increased on a monthly basis by 4.6% during the month of September of this year, according to some Turkish websites specialized in the Turkish real estate market, while the average price per square meter of housing in this area of ​​Bursa reached 6,602 Turkish liras in the overall total.

However, as for the residential apartments within the urban developed residential complexes, the prices of the apartments in them start from $129,000  for an apartment of the 3+1 type, and the prices vary according to the location, style, area, and finishes of the apartment.

Offers for apartments for sale in Yildirim, Bursa

For those wishing to own real estate in Bursa, we offer, at Imtilak Real Estate Company, the latest offers of apartments for sale in the Yildirim area within integrated residential complexes, with wonderful natural views of the green areas, reasonable prices, and multiple options, as the apartments offered for sale in this area are characterized by their attractive architectural designs and high-quality finishes, It has many contemporary technical characteristics.

Apartments for sale in Bursa, Yildirim district

Imtilak Real Estate services for those who wish to own property in Yildirim, Bursa

Own the best and most recent real estate in the Yildirim, Bursa region near the famous Uludağ Mountain through Imtilak Real Estate Company. It provides free services to investors wishing to buy real estate in this region, as we take the client on field tours to the location of the apartment, and provide a comprehensive study of all property specifications with real estate advice, We manage all issues related to obtaining the title deed, as well as submitting papers for citizenship, and follow up on the management of the property in the after-sale phase.

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