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Bakirkoy apartments for sale Istanbul 2024

Find the best offers on bakirkoy apartments for sale, luxury area in Istanbul with beautiful views and great prices, also with installment options. Call us to find Real estate and property for sale in Bakirkoy

Information about Bakirkoy Area in Istanbul

  • Bakirkoy area is located on the European side of Istanbul and has a charming view of the beautiful and calm Sea of Marmara.

  • Among the areas of Istanbul, this area is famous for its delightful beautiful coastlines, high standards of living, and its organized streets.

  • The Bakirkoy area is About 32 km2 of space, and the population of Bakirkoy is about 223,000, according to 2018 statistics.

  • To the east of the Bakirkoy area, there is the Zeytinburnu area which is famous for its diverse markets, Küçükçekmece area is to its west and north, and from the south, the Bakirkoy area overlooks the Marmara Sea.

  • Bakirkoy area in Istanbul is also famous for its thriving markets, malls, entertainment areas, beautiful gardens, the most famous international hotels, and the luxurious and upscale restaurants, forming a beautiful tourist attraction area, which is why investment in Istanbul in general and in Bakirkoy, in particular, is considered a good investment, as the Bakirkoy area contains the famous Aqua Florya Mall, which is considered one of the finest Malls in Istanbul and next to it there is Istanbul Aquarium, İstanbul Akvaryum, one of the largest and most diverse water parks, in addition to the "Marmara Forum" Mall and the huge sports track, Veliefendi Race Course, as well as sports complexes and Olympic sports halls, for all of that, the idea of ownership in Istanbul Bakirkoy is considered a good idea.

  • Bakirkoy has several important universities including the Mediterranean International University, Alommah University for Science and Technology, Istanbul Culture University, and the famous private Istanbul Aydin University.

  • The area also contains several wonderful parks and it will have a huge park project and a new fair center, which will be established on the grounds of Ataturk International Airport.

    All of the points mintioned above attract people to buy Real estate and property for sale in Bakirkoy specially bakirkoy apart ments

Advantages of buying bakirkoy apart ment

Istanbul property has always been a point of attraction to the investors and people looking to buy real state in Istanbul, this is also the case in Bakirkoy neighborhoods which have a clear diversity, for example, the Yesilkoy area attracts the rich people to reside in it which is famous for its Marina district with its sandy beaches, and it is considered one of the best options for residency in Istanbul.

Floria area is also considered one of the luxurious areas in the city and it also attracts the tourists and people to it, thanks to its residential complexes and classy markets, the beauty of its nature and tourist places, in addition to its charming view of the coast.

Among the luxurious areas in Bakirkoy is the Atakoy area, which has a great urban interest and luxury real estate projects.


Bakirkoy Istanbul apartments for sale- Benefits and Living


  • Bakirkoy area is one of the best classy areas for a quiet and distinguished residence, and when searching for buying Bakirkoy apartments for sale or apartments prices in Bakirkoy, you will find the best and most prestigious urban standards here.
  • The area has wonderful tourist qualities next to some of the modern tourist attractions, along with some of the most beautiful views of the beaches in European Istanbul.
  • Bakirkoy area has a distinctive location that makes it enjoy a fast and active transportation next to a group of highways that connect the area with the important parts of Istanbul.
  • It is close to the vibrant commercial markets in Zeytinburnu and Bagcilar areas.
  • The area has luxurious residential complexes with Bakirkoy apartments for sale, smart-home system apartments that offer a charming view of the sea, which adds elegance and classiness to your lifestyle.
  • The residential complexes in the Bakirkoy area have some of the best essential services for a safe and reassuring modern life.
  • The investment in the classy areas in Bakirkoy Istanbul apartments for sale is considered a profitable investment option, considering this area is an attractive destination for tourism and recreation.


Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-01-06

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