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Apartments in Besiktas Istanbul 2024

What are the advantages of owning and buying an apartments in Besiktas Istanbul?

There are many advantages of owning and buying apartments in Besiktas Istanbul, The area is one of the most elegant areas, with the most important destinations for people inside and outside Turkey, with its luxurious palaces and many Ottoman mosques. In addition to historical museums, various art exhibitions, vibrant markets, seafood restaurants, and all related to Istanbul activity, particularly investment, commercial and residential activities.

What is the average price of Besiktas apartments for sale?

The area is one of the best to catch up with the development and demand of the real estate investment sector, particularly with the heavy demand of the real estate sector by investors in the area. This has made the prices of apartments in Besiktas different for factors associated with space and views.

apartments in besiktas istanbul

Offers of apartments for sale in Besiktas Istanbul by Imtilak Real Estate

Besiktas apartments for sale with sea view

Because of its distinctive location in the capital of tourist beauty and the world economy, the Besiktas area contains apartments with sea views in Istanbul. Its apartments are characterized by constant price increases compared to other Istanbul estates, enhancing opportunities for successful investment. Many people want to buy an apartment overlooking the sea in Besiktas because of the features it contains, the service centers, vital and tourist facilities, and the personal well-being and financial development that this brings to them.

Apartments for sale in Besiktas in installments

Apartments for sale in Besiktas can be purchased in installments, and all offers to buy apartments in distinct locations in Besiktas, whether for family accommodation or for rental and investment, and for monthly financial returns, can be obtained through comfortable retail options offered by the landlord, and you communicate with us for more details.

Why own an apartment in Besiktas through Imtilak Real Estate?

Owning an apartment in Besiktas through "Imtilak Real Estate" means dealing with teams that have their licenses and places at the highest commercial tower in Istanbul, and have their contracts, partnerships, and extensive experience, and there are many Imtilak real estate services for everyone who wants to buy a property for sale in besiktas.

Imtilak Real Estate provides its integrated services for the purchase of apartments in Besiktas, and its services include, in addition to installment services, pre-sales, after-sales, and during-sales services, by receiving clients from the airport to the hotel, providing specialized real estate consultancy, and taking them on tours around Istanbul.

We also have a team specialized in following up the procedures of the title deed, receiving the property and verifying its conformity with the contract, issuing a residence permit, opening a bank account, and preparing real estate and its annexes for use, in addition to managing real estate affairs, such as leasing and reselling them and following up on their taxes, fees, and invoices. We have a special team to follow up the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.


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Update date: 2024-01-10

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