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Apartments for sale in Kocaeli in installments in 2024

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Are there apartments in installments in Kocaeli? What are their features?

Apartments for sale in Kocaeli are available in installments, as buying apartments in installments is a great option for those wishing to own real estate without going through the phase of saving money to buy apartments. Especially since Kocaeli is characterized by the success of its real estate investment. The method of payment in installments is an appropriate option for those who wish to enter the real estate and real estate investment world in Kocaeli and do not have the money of instant payment, or for those who have constraints in saving money to buy property there. Whoever in this situation could make use of this productive option, and the subject of installments is perfectly safe and legal, given the existence of many official documents and collateral fixtures.

Prices for apartments in Kocaeli in installments | Do they differ from the immediate payment prices?

The prices of apartments in Kocaeli in installments do not differ from the immediate payment prices for the purchase of apartments in Imtilak Real Estate, as the average prices are $40,000 and the installment is by paying 50% of the price of the apartment as a first payment, and the rest in installments over 12 or 18 months. Payments are characterized by interest-free from Imtilak Real Estate, unlike banks that collect an administrative fee from those wishing to obtain a mortgage under the name "file charge," up to 5000 percent of the value of the loan, a significant figure when taking into account the remaining expenses.

Imtilak offers within apartments for sale in Kocaeli in installments

Imtilak Real Estate provides options for buying apartments in Kocaeli in installments, as the immediate payment rates do not differ from the installment rates. Imtilak Real Estate offers several projects and apartments in several places in Kocaeli, with distinctive prices and specifications, such as the Orkida housing project, Zari reserve project, the Anatolian project, and the Green Hill project. The average price is lower than expected compared to the beauty and novelty of the apartments, and Imtilak Real Estate offers installment payment options.

Imtilak Real Estate services in the field of real estate in the field of selling in installments?

Imtilak Real Estate offers an opportunity to own an apartment in Kocaeli through payment in installments, in several places, and its services are characterized by the level of prices between cash payment and installments. It also offers pre-sale, post-sale and on-tour options and transactions. Imtilak Real Estate offers an abundance of options for apartment ownership, space, number of rooms, etc., as well as everything related to real estate advice from real estate experts at Imtilak.


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Update date: 2024-01-10

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