Sakarya apart ments for sale 2023

Special offers by Imtilak Real Estate, apartment for sale in Sakarya Turkey suitable for housing and investment at the best prices. Our services are completely free starting from the airport until receiving the property, contact us now.

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Hayat Korcik 709 - IMT
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Hayat Korcik 709 - IMT

Apartments for sale in Sakarya, suitable for Turkish citizenship, with spacious family areas, within...

Starting at

150,000 $

Lotus Sakarya 708 - IMT

Apartments for sale in Sakarya in installments, suitable for family life, in the Adapazari area, ric...

Starting at

130,000 $

Arena Project 694 - IMT

Apartments for sale in Sakarya within the Adapazari area in a modern residential complex, surrounded...

Starting at

180,000 $

Askerose Project 697 - IMT
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Askerose Project 697 - IMT

Apartments for sale in Sakarya within the Serdivan area, with modern standards, modern infrastructur...

Starting at

110,000 $

Always Sakarya 702 - IMT

Luxury apartments for sale in Sakarya, with a prime location within the Adapazari area, the new iden...

Starting at

110,000 $

Sakarya Residences 703 - IMT

Apartments for sale in Adapazari, Sakarya, at attractive prices and family spaces, with various divi...

Starting at

110,000 $

Yazlik Sakarya 704 - IMT

Luxury apartments for sale Sakarya, adjacent to Istanbul, within the modern Serdvan area with its pr...

Starting at

145,000 $

Sakarya Hisar 705 - IMT
citizenship Conforms to conditions of Turkish citizenship
Sakarya Hisar 705 - IMT

Luxury apartments for sale in Sakarya, close to the city of Istanbul, within walking distance of the...

Starting at

125,000 $

Advantages of Buying sakarya apart ment , Turkey

The city of Sakarya is considered to be one of the most important cities regarding the Turkish real estate market, as it has a number of factors that make it an attractive location for the investors, and it is one of the favorite destinations for many of the people who are looking to buy apartments or real estate in Turkey.

Those who want to buy sakarya real estate may have this question in their minds, What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Sakarya? The answer to this question lies within the following factors: 

  • It includes many unique tourist attractions and gorgeous places.
  • It lies on the Black Sea coast and has very beautiful natural areas.
  • It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations.
  • Close proximity to Istanbul and Sabiha International Airport.
  • The recent urban development that took place in the city.
  • Moderate natural climate all seasons of the year, where the city in the summer thrives in exceptional landscapes, and in winter it has the hot springs that increase the desire in apartment for sale in Sakarya Turkey.

Sakarya apart ments for sale
Advantages of buying an apartment in Sakarya

Apartment for sale in Sakarya Turkey - Imtilak Real Estate Offers

Due to the beauty of its distinctive and stunning sea views, the magnificence of its charming nature, and the many views Sakarya city has, Imtilak Real Estate Company offers apartment for sale in Sakarya Turkey for those who aspire to buy real estate in Turkey. The most important of these offers are:

Apartments for Sale in Sakarya, Sapanca

Sapanca area of Sakarya is characterized by its pure air and a quiet location, which is suitable for recreation. No matter where you look, you will find beauty and magnificence all around you. Whoever wants apartments for sale in Sakarya Sapanca can enjoy a set of factors that turn the apartment into a great haven:

  • The quiet rural environment in the area near the famous Lake of Sapanca in the wonderful state of Sakarya.
  • it is located in a strategic location suitable for comfortable living away from the noise and close to Istanbul city.
  • The area is full of tourist attractions and has a pleasant and very beautiful summer atmosphere.
  • Close to an important road in Sapanca Area that leads directly to Istanbul.

All of these factors have led many foreign investors -especially Arabs- to own property in Sapanca, either for having a comfortable house or to have a safe and long-term investment.

sakarya real estate

Apartments for sale in Sakarya, Sapanca

Apartments for Sale in Sakarya, Serdivan

Serdivan area is one of themost wonderful areas of Sakarya and one of its most beautiful tourist attractions. It includes many advantages that attract those who wish to reside in its charming places, and the most important of these advantages are:

  1. Its charming location amongst the nature in an attractive green environment.
  2. Its located on a distinguished place that bears a cultural and historical character as it links western Turkey with Europe through the historic Silk Road, which dates back to the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras.
  3. The enchanting view of Serdivan on Sapanca lake of the pure and clear water, which attracts local and foreign tourists.
  4. Variety of spaces and specifications in the apartments available for sale in Serdivan.
  5. It has many historical monuments such as bridges, arches, and stone-paved roads.

All these reasons besides the availability of services in the area have increased the demand for Real estate ownership in Sakarya city in general, and the Serdivan area in particular.

sakarya apart for Sale in Sakarya by Installments

In recent years, real estate companies have launched many offers regarding the purchase of the residential apartments, where they granted local investors the possibility of buying an apartment in installments in Sakarya

and these offers have included the foreign investors as well, making it a good solution for those wishing to buy apartment in installments in Sakarya and giving them the opportunity to own Sakarya property for sale.

The various payment methods and the availability of convenient and comfortable installment options that suit all budgets and social stratification; had a great impact in making the prices of apartments in Sakarya affordable for everyone, especially in Sakarya.

Cheap Apartments for sale in Sakarya

The real estate companies pay great attention to the prices of residential apartments, so they offer a variety of prices to satisfy all needs and desires of people, and to suit all classes and the different income levels. When searching for apartment for sale in Sakarya at cheap prices you will find many apartment options available for you, some of which are suitable for people with low income.

apartment for sale in sakarya turkey
Natural view in Sakarya

Apartment Prices in Sakarya

Regarding the prices of apartments in Sakarya, it is known that issuing the foreign ownership law in Turkey back in 2012 was a prominent reason for the rapid increase in real estate prices, and based on that decision, most Arab nationalities have the right to own real estate.

The Turkish government and the private sectors had the main role in encouraging the real estate investment, in addition to providing special offers and new facilities for owning the apartments in Turkey in general, and in Sakarya city in particular, which reflected positively on the prices of apartments in a way that meets the investors' needs.  

Usually, many customers want to get prices that specify the real estate prices in Sakarya. and because of that, it is necessary to know an important thing. The house price depends on several factors related to the property itself and the city, and the question is: what factors determine the apartment prices in Sakarya?

The answer to this question lies in the following points:

  • The area type: the prices of apartments are relatively higher in the areas that have a tourist characteristic.
  • The apartment location: Talking about this point brings us to a set of questions such as does the apartment have an overlook over a waterfront? Is it close to the city center or transportation? Is it located near tourist attractions? And therefore, the answer to these questions is directly related to the prices of apartments in Sakarya.
  • Apartment specifications: the specifications of the apartment are related to several major things such as the actual apartment area, number of rooms in the apartment, number of bathrooms and restrooms, number of available balconies, the construction year, the floor number in the building, is it ready for residence or is there a delivery date, the quality and type of the building's exterior, and the luxury of internal and external finishes.

The Investment in Sakarya

Both Turkish tourism and investment sectors have witnessed a significant increase in recent years, due to the massive rise in the number of tourists and investors in Turkey, especially from the Arab world.

In parallel to the continuous growth in the Turkish real estate sector, the development has also started to appear in Turkish cities, and the real estate projects all over Turkey have been increasing as well.

To encourage the investment sector all over Turkey, the Turkish government has made amendments regarding the ownership laws in Turkey in addition to some other decisions, including granting real estate residence permit to the foreign investors, followed by the decision of granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for investment and bank deposits, and these decisions have been supported by some laws that granted tax decrease and exemptions for the foreign investments.

Therefore, Sakarya is considered an attractive and desirable city for many people who want to buy sakarya real estate, because It contains many natural tourist attractions with charming beauty. Where the dense greenery of the forest intertwines with the beautiful blue lake.

There are some very popular areas among tourists in Sakarya city such as the coastal area of Karasu, which is one of the favorite places for tourists who wish to spend their holidays on the Black Sea coast, the city is also witnessing a remarkable demand among foreign investors who visit the area to Invest in Sakarya.

Imtilak Real Estate Services

Imtilak Real Estate provides services to the investors and those who want to own in Turkey, these services start from the moment you arrive at the airport and end by you receiving the Turkish property. It also works on a mechanism through which the investors can be informed about the Turkish real estate sector, evaluate what the investors want to achieve through their investments, and establish an appropriate strategy based on that...

Imtilak company assigns a team professional in the real estate investment field, a team that is always searching and looking for the required property, provides the necessary information about the real estate to be invested, and establishes a safe investment strategy taking into account the investor's wishes. It takes full responsibility for the progress of the investment and fulfilling all legal conditions, to contract with the competent authorities in Turkey.

The slogan of Imtilak Real Estate company is consultant of the real estate in Turkey, according to which, the company keeps the clients informed with the latest legislation issued by the Turkish government regarding the investment, and inform them of the latest developments in the regulations in the most important investment cities in Turkey.

Imtilak has developed a plan through which it provides integrated services for those looking to invest, the plan includes:

  • Defining a safe investment strategy.
  • Field tours along with providing the necessary consultations regarding the desired investment.
  • Analyzing the suitability of investing in the required real estate to the investor’s wishes.
  • Establishing a schedule for the project’s financial and administrative work.
  • Examining the possible and potential risks that may arise.

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