What are the factors that affect apartment prices in Istanbul?

Prices of apartments in Istanbul are still below the real value, which makes experts and specialists expect them to increase in the future, especially apartments in projects that are still under construction

What are the factors that affect apartment prices in Istanbul?
2018-11-20 Last update 2023-01-11

What are the factors that affect apartment prices in Istanbul?

Despite Turkey's great investment advantages, the price of apartments in Turkey is still below its real value, making experts and specialists expect it to increase in the future, especially apartments in projects that are still under construction, and expected to be delivered in the next few years ...

Contributing Factors to Affect Apartments Prices in Istanbul

1. Location

First and foremost, the location is Proximity and distance to Istanbul European Center, historical areas, sea views and areas supported by mega projects, all of which play a key role in determining the value of the apartment to be evaluated.
Apartment prices in Asian Istanbul have also entered into the fierce competition, as most of the Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by a charming green nature, improved service, and relatively quiet compared to the European side.

2. Apartment Proximity to Public Transportions

Despite the steady growth of the public transport and mass transit network in Istanbul, apartment prices continue to rise and fall as they approach or be far from public transport stations of all kinds: Metro, Metrobus, and Tramway...

3. Proximity to Vibrant Projects in the City

Apartments’ prices in Istanbul are greatly affected by its location for major infrastructure projects, such as the new Istanbul airport, the Bosphorus Bridge, and the Istanbul Canal project.

4. Apartment Proximity to the Entertainment Facilities in Istanbul

The apartment distance and proximity to malls, shopping malls, and entertainment
Plays a prominent role in determining the value of the apartment, considering the importance of these centers in a city of tourist nature, such as Istanbul, One of the most popular is Mall of Istanbul which is a flagship of Europe's premier mall.
All of the above factors help to determine the price of the apartment, which is constantly subject to update by specialists according to emergency developments, whatever the non-specialist observer thought that they are detailed and not important, Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with reliable real estate experts before buying or selling property ... In any case, apartments’ prices in Istanbul in dollars is not less than 60 thousand dollars for a good apartment with a small area!
We are pleased in Imtilak Real Estate, to accompany you along with a special team of investment experts and consultants in the real estate tours to see our various projects and wide and help you to pick the right apartment at the right price.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Apartments Prices in Some Distinctive Real Estate Projects in Istanbul

1. Demir Project- High Quality and Sophisticated Prices

  • IMT-120 Project is located on the European side of Istanbul in Beylikdüzü district which is considered a calm and prestigious district of Istanbul.
  • This amazing project which will become the center of Yakuplu district will make your life easier and comfortable.
  • The location of the project provides a wonderful combination of an endless number of beaches and gardens in that area.
  • The project is only a few minutes away from (E5) highway that is considered to be one of the main roads in Istanbul.
  • High investment value due to its strategic location.
  • The project is surrounded by several shopping centers such as the huge Torium Mall, which includes a games city, as well as schools and hospitals.

Number of rooms


Number of bathrooms


The lowest price is in US dollars





96 Thousand





173 Thousand





157 Thousand

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