Atasehir district in Istanbul: promising investment opportunities

Atasehir, Istanbul is a distinct region on the Asian side and a promising investment, where the international finance center is located. Atasehir blooms with luxury hotels, apartments, and distinctive residential complexes.

Atasehir district in Istanbul: promising investment opportunities
2016-02-24 Last update 2022-06-08

Atasehir district in Istanbul: promising investment opportunities

Information on the Ataşehir district of Istanbul

The Turkish Appraisers Association conducted a real estate study on the Ataşehir area located on the Asian side of Istanbul, which has recently turned into an important center for attracting investors thanks to the Istanbul International Financial Center. This study proved that the importance of the region continues to increase because of the new investment opportunities, which will become more available after the completion of the financial center project, which has begun work on its establishment in the region.

Vital projects in the Ataşehir district

Mr. Doruk Karşı, Secretary General of the Turkish Appraisers Association, stated that the Ataşehir region is witnessing a major transformation due to the vital projects established in it, such as the Istanbul International Financial Center project, the Istanbul Metropol project for housing, offices and shopping malls, and the Atapark Park project to be built on an area of ​​110 acres in the region.

He stated that the establishment of a financial finance center in the region will contribute to increase its commercial importance, and the region will turn into a commercial center on the Asian side of Istanbul. He also added that Ataşehir will turn into the most important office area on the Asian side of Istanbul thanks to the many offices that will be established during 2016.

Office real estate in Ataşehir

He added that the region, whose economic value has increased thanks to the International Financial Center project, is witnessing a remarkable increase in the field of office real estate investment, and that the high-end office projects (first class) established in the region will turn it into a center of attraction for institutional companies, and that many of these companies are looking for a place It has projects in the region. He also stated that in recent years, the region has witnessed the entry of many construction companies into important investment projects, and in the coming years, the region will witness an important development within the urban transformation project.

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Real estate investment in Ataşehir

Mr. Karşı added that the region is also witnessing many investments in the field of residential real estate, the residential real estate projects in the region are continuing, and that the demand for housing units will continue to be vital for long periods. He also stated that the region has gained great importance in the field of hotel investments as well, and today there are many international brands that provide hotel services in the region.

Shopping in Ataşehir

He also added that in Ataşehir there are currently many shopping malls, such as Bulvar 216, Palladium, Optimum, Novada, Carrefour, and other shopping centers that have increased the value of the region.

The Metropol Istanbul project, which began construction in the region in 2012, is considered one of Turkey's largest mega projects, as it consists of three high towers and more than 1,500 independent units of residential units, offices, entertainment, education and shopping malls. All of these projects contributed to increasing the value of the economic zone and turning it into an important center for attracting investors.

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