Top 8 cities for families in Turkey

Do you want to live in Turkey with your families? Find out about the best cities in Turkey for families in 2024 in terms of quality of living and all necessary services. The best information is offered to you by Imtilak Real Estate.

Top 8 cities for families in Turkey

Why are some Turkish cities better than others for families?

No doubt, Turkey has plenty of foreigners, especially Arabs. Some of them came to invest in real estate, while some came to study in Turkish universities, and some came to Turkey to enjoy watching the tourist attractions that are spread all over the Turkish states.

According to the goal that the foreigner brought to Turkey, housing and residency in one of the Turkish states are preferred, as the choice of the Turkish city varies between one person and another, and this depends on what seems appropriate for him and his family, in addition to that, the nature of the city and lifestyle play an important role in choosing the appropriate state for families to live in Turkey.

In answering the question in this paragraph, every Turkish city has multiple advantages that make it distinctive for a family residence in the eyes of foreign investors. Whoever wishes to invest, Istanbul and Ankara provide all the means for successful investment in all areas, particularly real estate investments.

For those who are interested in tourism and enjoying the charming nature, the states of Antalya and Trabzon are very ideal states for tourism in Turkey, and they provide a variety of diverse tourist attractions, which satisfy all tastes of tourists.

For those who wish to live in a peaceful and quiet place away from the noise, and work in commercial and industrial investments, there are Bursa and Izmit states that make the ideal choices.

For those wishing to learn, Turkish universities open their doors to receive students in all Turkish states without exception.

What are the best cities in Turkey for families in 2024?

Now, we will talk about the best cities in Turkey for families in 2024 in detail, as we have collected information for you about the top 8 Turkish states that are ideal for comfortable living for investors and their families in Turkey, with a mention of the reasons that prompt foreigners to choose each city:

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the best cities in Turkey for families, due to the many ingredients that suit all foreigners in Turkey, regardless of their different goals. It has the following characteristics:

  • It provides a strong infrastructure that all investments in all its forms require, from metro lines, Metrobus, and highways, in addition to a huge network of transportation lines and municipal buses.
  • The largest real estate projects are in Istanbul, as well as the largest construction companies that build the best and most advanced residential complexes.
  • Diversity of tourist attractions in a way that attracts all tourism enthusiasts of all kinds, its distribution in different areas of the city, and its ease of access.
  • The large number of public and private hospitals spread throughout Istanbul, and the tremendous development of its medical facilities, as there are about 220 hospitals in European and Asian Istanbul, including 142 private hospitals, 17 university hospitals, and 62 government hospitals, in addition to a very large group of health centers advanced in its medical technology.
  • International levels of educational cadres in public and private universities, which offer recognized graduation degrees in all countries of the world, where there are about 57 universities in the state, 13 of which are public universities, and 44 private universities, with the possibility of teaching in English in many university disciplines, not to mention the existence of Arab and international schools that are licensed by the Ministry of Education in Turkey, and provide their educational services in the Arabic language.
  • The great extension of Istanbul over two continents, and the huge geographical area that it occupies on the Turkish map, is estimated at 5,461 km.
  • Istanbul is the beating heart of the Turkish economy, thanks to its concentration of high-rise offices and commercial towers, and other worlds of money and commerce, in addition to a wide range of marketing malls and major shops, which contain a huge number of the most famous local and foreign brands.
  • The religious status of Istanbul, which includes various religious sects, where Sunni Muslims constitute the majority among these religious groups, and a large group of mosques, churches, and temples are concentrated in it.
  • The geographical climate, which in its details is very similar to the climate in the Arab countries.
  • The customs and traditions are very similar to the Arab customs and traditions.

Turkey's best cities for families

2. Ankara

Ankara, which is the political center in the country, is classified as a second choice after Istanbul for families to live in Turkey. The reason for being one of the best Turkish cities is due to the availability of several reasons that guarantee a comfortable life for foreigners, the most prominent of which are:

  • Easy access to government institutions centers in Ankara, where most ministries and official government headquarters are located, in addition to many embassies and consulates.
  • A great political value is occupied by the state of Ankara, with the presence of many facilities of a political nature, such as the Presidential Palace in Çankaya and the new Presidential Palace in Yenimahalle.
  • Ankara occupies an important geographical location in the center of the country, which gives it a strategic dimension in Turkish geography, as it constitutes the meeting point between the roads heading to the various geographical regions in Turkey.
  • In terms of commercial centers, the Turkish capital includes a wide range of markets and shopping malls, which include various types of local and international products.
  • In terms of education, Ankara state precedes other Turkish states, where you find many public and private universities recognized in most universities in the world, and it occupies an advanced rating among international universities, and offers education in Arabic and English in addition to the Turkish language.
  • The reasonable prices of real estate in Ankara, and the availability of many elements of investment in it because of its strong infrastructure, and this has contributed to the creation of many investment opportunities in Ankara in many areas and various sectors.
  • The great turnout that Ankara witnessed from tourists due to the diversity of its tourist attractions, with the need to point out the strong ground for the establishment of many tourism projects in it.
  • The strength and development of industrial investment and the multiplicity of its facilities and areas of investment, with the presence of many industrial cities, encourage the entry of investors to carry out investment deals in the industrial sector.
  • Ankara is the second economic center of the country after Istanbul.
  • Ankara's relative calm compared to Istanbul.

3. Trabzon

The gem of the Black Sea, the city of Trabzon, which has captured with the beauty of its charming nature, the hearts of tourists. It is the third option for families to live in Turkey, especially lovers of tourism, and lovers of hiking among the various natural attractions, from hills, lakes, plains, and rivers.

As for the reasons why to live in Trabzon, they are as follows:

  • Trabzon is one of the most famous ancient Turkish cities, which is characterized by its quiet rural nature, which represents a suitable haven to spend wonderful times.
  • Trabzon is classified as one of the developed Turkish states in terms of urban and real estate development, and is characterized by its cheap and competitive prices for other Turkish states.
  • For lovers of calm and living within a rustic and still atmosphere, there are residential complexes that provide this, with wonderful views of nature and the Black Sea, as these compounds are characterized by elegant modern finishes.
  • The great development in the infrastructure networks in Trabzon, especially after the influx of numbers of tourists and those wishing to own property.
  • Trabzon is the ideal state for the establishment of tourism projects, such as restaurants, cafes, and chalets, because of the ideal tourist environment available in it.
  • The existence of large areas of land suitable for construction or agriculture contributes to the establishment of agricultural or real estate projects alike.

Best cities for families in Turkey

4. Antalya

If Trabzon has a charming view of the Black Sea, the city of Antalya has a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, and is proud of being the capital of Turkish tourism, and hosting thousands of foreign tourists annually.

Antalya is the fourth option for family housing in Turkey, as it provides a high-end lifestyle, due to its many factors, the most important of which are:

  • Antalya is a tourist center at the local and international levels, and its coasts are among the cleanest and best of the Mediterranean.
  • The prevailing climate in Antalya provides suitable housing for families, with mild weather in winter, and shining sun over 300 days a year.
  • Antalya is distinguished by its abundance of tourist places, such as waterfalls, lakes, and charming beaches.
  • Shopping in the city of beauty Antalya is a wonderful experience! As the city contains many old and modern shopping centers, such as modern malls and historical old markets that are full of movement and vitality.
  • Antalya real estate is characterized by its architectural modernity and being among the most famous tourist areas in the city. It is very popular with investors wishing to establish real estate investments and earn good profits in Turkey.

5. Sakarya

Sakarya is one of the most important Turkish states in which many families want to live. As it provides residents with the opportunity to enjoy a range of the following advantages:

  • For those interested in agricultural and industrial investments, the spread of the plains and fertile lands in Sakarya makes it a very strong agricultural city, and a variety of agricultural products are cultivated, and the economy in Sakarya depends mainly on agriculture and industry. According to statistics, 65% of the population work in agriculture, 15% work in industry, and the rest are distributed among other fields.
  • The geographical proximity to the city of Istanbul, and its view of the coasts of the Black Sea, make it a very powerful tourist city.
  • The cultural diversity present in Sakarya makes it very rich culturally and historically.
  • Sakarya is one of the major cities in Turkey, Sapanca is one of the districts in Sakarya, in addition to Adapazari which is the central district of Sakarya.

6. Bursa

Due to the urban beauty of its cities, neighborhoods, and landmarks, the aesthetic charm of its green nature and forests, and the cultural heritage of its historical monuments, Bursa is ranked sixth among the Turkish cities that attract the attention of foreign investors.

Bursa combines civilizations that have passed through history, it occupies an important strategic position between the political capital Ankara and the economic capital Istanbul.

The commercial centers in Bursa vary between the old markets that preserve the fragrance of the past and successive civilizations, the modern markets, and the contemporary architectural style, which makes shopping in Bursa a pleasure independent of enjoying the beauty of nature and spending beautiful times there.

Bursa is characterized by a large number of tourist places in it. Tourism in Bursa is thriving, due to the presence of many prominent natural places in it, such as waterfalls, lakes, forests, and high mountains.

There is a significant rise in real estate investments in Bursa, particularly with a sea of multiple investment options such as agricultural investment, industrial investment, tourism investment, and real estate investment.

Bursa is classified as one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and is characterized by its mild climate, beautiful atmosphere, charming views, and its famous mountain, and life in it is characterized by ease, providing areas of work, and various types of housing.

7. Kocaeli

Kocaeli is one of the most important Turkish states that has many attractive elements to live among its beautiful neighborhoods, as it has great economic power among the Turkish states, and it is one of the most developed cities after Istanbul in terms of industry.

The city has many factories and industrial institutions, a large part of which is located in the regions of Gebze, Izmit and the Gulf. It also includes the largest paper and rubber factory in Turkey, where metal goods, auto parts, mechanical machines and chemicals contribute, with factories operating in many sectors in this city. In supporting the Turkish economy, thus creating job opportunities in many fields.

In addition, there is a seaport in the city of Kocaeli for giant ships that are suitable for import and export business.

The ease of transportation, its flexibility, and the diversity of its means of sea and land transportation lines, are among the most advantages that Kocaeli can have, in addition to its proximity to important cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Sakarya, which makes this city attractive in the eyes of investors and businessmen.

The remarkable and continuous development of Kocaeli in terms of tourism constitutes an important advantage added to the other advantages. It is distinguished by the natural beauty of the Marmara region, wonderful beaches and lush forests, as well as historical artifacts that attract the attention of travelers.

Kartepe Ski Center is a favorite destination for thousands of local and foreign tourists in winter, while Masukiye is one of the most preferred recreation areas for Istanbul residents, especially in summer.

Turkey's cities

8. Izmit

The Izmit region of Kocaeli is one of the best cities in Turkey for families. It is distinguished by its abundance of tourist places, and it provides many health, educational, and shopping centers in it.

Izmit is one of the most suitable areas for family housing, due to its calmness on the one hand, and its proximity to the most important and largest Turkish states such as Istanbul, Sakarya, and Bursa on the other hand. In addition, this area is characterized by its combination of industrial components represented by the abundance of factories and the natural tourism elements represented by green and beautiful landscapes.

The Izmit region is characterized by a variety of tourist attractions, which are a magnet for many local and foreign tourists alike.

Real estate investment in Izmit at the infrastructure level has been a motivator for the real estate market in Izmit, as the operation of the Sultan Osmangazi Bridge, and highway projects under construction have led to an increase in real estate prices in this region.

How does Imtilak Real Estate help families choose the best apartment in the best city and region?

Our services in Imtilak Real Estate begin with receiving the client at the airport via a private car, hosting him in one of the high-end hotels in Turkey, and ending when he receives the apartment key and obtains the Turkish passport.

First, Imtilak Real Estate studies the client's desires, the possibilities, and the preferences he considers among the Turkish states.

Imtilak Real Estate conducts a comprehensive study of all the areas that the client considers within his plans for family housing in Turkey, and after studying the options offered, the team takes you on a field tour to get to know the real estate on the ground and monitors a complete study about the property and all related specifications, the region and the positive advantages it has, and negative points objectively, if any.

The real estate experts in Imtilak Real Estate do efforts and harness all their capabilities in order to choose the apartment that he dreams of owning in the area in which he wishes to live.


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