A guide to buying an apartment in Antalya in 2024

Everything you need to know about buying an apartment in Antalya in terms of the best areas, how to buy a cheap apartment, and how to buy an apartment in installments in Antalya. Find out with Imtilak Real Estate company.

A guide to buying an apartment in Antalya in 2024

Is Antalya a distinguished city to buy an apartment? What are the advantages of owning it?

The coastal state of Antalya is based on the beauty of its scenic nature, golden beaches, and historical attractions to combine the qualities of excellence for living and stability or even buying a property for investment, in a primarily tourist city.

Antalya is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, and one of the first three Turkish states to sell real estate to foreigners, after Ankara and Istanbul.

Therefore, real estate experts, led by Imtilak Real Estate experts, advise owning a property in Antalya, where the buyer acquires a property in Antalya with many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Living in a city with a modern and developed infrastructure
  • Owning a property in a tourist city in the first place
  • Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate
  • Achieving high investment returns when leasing and a high-profit margin when reselling
  • Experience the coastal lifestyle by the sea
  • Benefiting from the law granting Turkish citizenship to a foreign investor who buys a property worth $400,000

The best areas to buy apartments in Antalya

Many regions in Antalya have a preference for the option of buying an apartment over other regions, due to several factors such as the quality and modernity of the region's infrastructure, the centrality of the region and its vital location, or being a promising investment region, and many other factors.

Imtilak Real Estate experts recommend specific areas among the best areas in Antalya to buy apartments, which are:

The area is located in the historical area of ​​Antalya, and the area overlooks the sea with a 10 km long beach, and it is one of the lively and upscale areas, which includes the most important life facilities and tourist areas in the state.

Konyaalti area

One of the most important tourism centers in Turkey, it includes more than 30 4-5 star hotels, and the region also contains resorts and full entertainment cities, and it is one of the best investment areas in the real estate sector in Antalya.

Belek area

  • Lara area

One of the important tourist areas, the beach of Lara region is considered one of the longest sandy beaches in Turkey, as it extends over a distance of 12 km, and the seawater in the area is pure turquoise water that attracts tourists vacationing on the beaches.

Lara area

The dynamic city center is located in the center of Antalya, 5 km from the seashore, and includes real opportunities to invest in the real estate sector or buy for stability.

Muratpaşa area

  • Serik area

Located in the eastern part of Antalya, 38 km from the city center, the Serik area is close to Belek, which is famous for its luxury hotels and famous golf courses.

Serik area

How and steps to buy an apartment in Antalya

Antalya is among the top three places in the Turkish states that sell their real estate to foreigners, and the Russian, German and British nationalities are the most purchasers in the city, and in order to make a successful property purchase for a foreigner in Antalya, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  • Get a good understanding of the nature of the real estate market in Antalya, the price difference, and the regions
  • Comparing the purchasing objective with the established financial budget
  • Choosing a reliable real estate broker
  • Closely reviewing the properties and projects that are being nominated and matching them with the purchasing objective
  • Filtering the options and choosing the most suitable property
  • Agree to buy and pay
  • Completing the procedures for transferring ownership and registering the title deed
Buy an apartment in Antalya

Buying an apartment in Antalya with a sea view

Since Antalya is a city on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and has gained its aesthetic and tourist fame from its charming beaches, the real estate market in Antalya is booming with options for apartments overlooking the sea, or real estate with a sea view.

Therefore, those wishing to own an apartment on the sea in Antalya will find wide options that are rarely found in other places, at competitive prices without detracting from the quality of the property.

Buying an apartment in installments in Antalya

Construction companies in their real estate projects offer a lot of installment offers in the state of Antalya, so buying apartments in installment in Antalya is an option for those wishing to own real estate in the city.

Here comes the role of the distinguished real estate broker who chooses the best offers and provides the largest exclusive installment offers to his clients, in partnership with construction companies, and his extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market.

Buying cheap apartments in Antalya

The real estate and apartments market in Antalya is one of the most active real estate markets in the Turkish states, whether at the local or foreign level, and the options available and offered in the apartments and real estate market in Antalya are many.

Therefore, the price scale for apartments in Antalya includes all levels, where high-priced apartments, cheap apartments, and medium apartments are available. In general, the prices of apartments in Antalya are cheaper than their counterparts in other Turkish states such as Istanbul, which tops the Turkish real estate market in terms of high prices for apartments in Turkey.

Important tips before buying an apartment in Antalya

In order to achieve the best available options, and make a successful deal in owning an apartment in Antalya, you must first choose the most reliable and experienced real estate broker, by making sure of his identity and the experiences of previous clients, in addition to the size of the real estate brokerage company, its online classification, and the spread of its offices in the states in which you work.

Real estate experts advise people wishing to own property in Antalya to study the real estate market in the city well, see areas and prices, and get acquainted with projects by traveling to Antalya to look closely.

مشروع أنطاليا الكبير- انجليزي مشروع أنطاليا الكبير- انجليزي

The step of accurately determining the purchase goal before owning is one of the most important tips that Imtilak Real Estate offers to those wishing to buy an apartment in Antalya because the purchase goal is related to determining the appropriate property and its suitability with the allocated budget.

The best real estate companies in Antalya

Imtilak Real Estate company is one of the best real estate companies operating in Antalya through its professional team working there, and its official office in the state, where the company has opened its office in Antalya in line with the requirements of the market and customers.

Imtilak Real Estate company adopts the theory of field offices spread in the states to find the best real estate opportunities and offer to its clients, as the company owns a group of offices in various Turkish states and cities, in addition to its main office in Istanbul.

Why should I choose Imtilak Real Estate company to buy an apartment in Antalya?

Because it provides its services with complete professionalism, by providing an integrated package of services that begins with providing real estate advice and provides after-sale services through leasing, resale or furnishing services, and other services.

Besides, Imtilak Real Estate company has business partnerships with many construction companies in Antalya and thus has exclusive opportunities for installment offers and special prices.

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The Best Real Estate Investment & Investment Opportunities In Antalya

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