A guide on buying a property in Trabzon in 2023

Your guide to buying a property in Trabzon in 2023, includes introducing the features of Trabzon real estate, and the best types of investment, with a step-by-step explanation of the buying procedures.

A guide on buying a property in Trabzon in 2023

Because of the charming nature of Trabzon, its strategic location on the Black Sea, and its infrastructure equipped to make Trabzon an excellent tourist city, the demand for investors to buy one or more properties in it is increasing.

What are the best types of real estate to buy in Trabzon?

For real estate investment in Trabzon, most investors tend to buy three types of real estate: apartments, villas, and land.

  1. Apartments

Buying an apartment in Trabzon is the most common investment. The real estate complexes are distributed over distinct areas in the city. The apartments’ spaces vary according to the investors’ demand and desires, and they have been established with a modern design and modern facilities that suit the aspirations of investors and meet their needs.

Buying a property in Trabzon

  1. Villas

For those who consider buying villas in Trabzon, this option is considered pivotal and successful on the person’s level, because it will be in one of the most charming and luxurious cities on the Black Sea shore, with locations overlooking the city’s green mountains, with different spaces and high-end modern specifications.

This option is preferred for those who like to spend a special summer vacation in a luxurious place, and do not wish to rent the property to anyone during their absence from the city.

Buying a property in Trabzon

  1. Lands

Buying land in Trabzon is preferred by many investors who want this type of investment, or who are thinking in the future of establishing an agricultural or real estate project in this city that thrives on both types of agricultural or real estate projects.

Buying a property in Trabzon

Advantages of buying a property in Trabzon

Investors, especially Arabs, buy real estate in Trabzon, or buy an apartment in Trabzon, and buying a property in Trabzon is very popular these days because of the city's mild climate, a distinctive strategic location, beautiful nature, and a coastline extending across the city's coastal strip and other cities. located on the shore of the Black Sea.

Due to its extensive and advanced infrastructure such as the highway network, advanced hospitals, schools, luxury shopping malls, and a modern airport that is easily accessible, and the population density that suits an important tourist city, in addition to the acceptable real estate prices when compared to the prices of other tourist attractions such as Antalya and Istanbul all to create an ideal and successful investment environment.

The best areas of Trabzon to buy a property

Throughout the city of Trabzon, there are vital areas to buy a property in, and the features of the location vary according to the nature surrounding it. There are those who prefer the property near the coast, and there are those who desire the beauty of the forests and trees surrounding the property overlooking the mountains.

The eastern coastal area of ​​Akçaabat, spread over an area of ​​358 km and about 14 km from the city, is considered one of the best vital real estate investment areas in the city. As for the largest suburb of the city, it is undoubtedly the Ortahisar district, which is distinguished by its historical monuments and ancient monuments.

There is Yomra, with an estimated area of ​​207 km2, which is considered an attractive area for investors with distinction, which combines the blueness of sea water and the greenness of pristine nature. It’s a suburb close to the city Trabzon because it is only about 15 km away.

This area is equal in importance to the Yalıncak district, which is close to the airport and the city center, and areas such as Araklı, Arsin with sloping terrain, and Maçka, which is close to the world-famous Sumela Monastery.

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How to buy a property in Trabzon in steps?

Before buying a property in Trabzon, certain steps must be taken to ensure the success of this important investment idea. After studying the city’s locations in general, examining its areas, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each area and settling on a specific area, the following steps should be followed:

  • Visiting the city to be invested in, examining its areas and studying comparisons of areas on the ground.
  • Determining the purpose of buying real estate (ownership - tourism - investment: residential, tourist, agricultural, industrial, or other), and allocating the appropriate budget for it.
  • Relying on a trusted agent to secure this process.
  • Paying attention to the session to determine the final sale price and the method of paying the price, and here the skilled mediator’s role in negotiating in this area emerges to reach the best price offer.
  • Securing all the documents required for the transfer of ownership and the necessary documents, such as the tax number, opening a Turkish bank account, and the building permit to register the property as assets in the real estate department.
  • Obtaining the title deed, which is the original document for owning the property.
  • Opening pills and furnishing the property if it is residential, and providing it with what is necessary if otherwise.

Choosing a successful agent is the most important step in this project, as it will help you ensure all steps are a complete success.

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Imtilak Real Estate tips for those wishing to buy a property in Trabzon

To get a property in Trabzon with the best specifications and the most suitable price offer, the following recommendations must be followed:

  • Selecting the right time that is free from the peak of high prices, such as the season of spring and summer.
  • Ensuring that the property owner purchases from a trusted entity with a government guarantee.
  • Verifying that the property is free from any indication of seizure or mortgage by parties not concerned with the property.
  • Examine the type of title deed and ensure its integrity.
  • The real estate appraisal guide is very important and necessary so that the owner can sell the property or apply for Turkish citizenship through it.
  • Ensuring all property specifications and features by visual observation, and its proximity to the necessary facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls.
  • Attention to the terms of the sales contract, especially the points that were agreed upon in terms of location and area, the division of the property internally and externally, the exact method of payment, the date of signature and the date of delivery.
  • It is recommended for anyone who buys a land for investment to ask a specialist about the nature of his project and take all the information needed for his project to see if this land is suitable or not.

 buying an apartment in Trabzon

Imtilak real estate services for those wishing to buy a property in Trabzon

Imtilak Real Estate company provides all advice, information and advice related to the purchase of real estate, villas or lands, and provides you with its services in relation to pre-sales, and can represent you as a reliable broker in the sales process, in addition to after-sale services, and the necessary requirements for the agreed property.

For more information, you can contact one of the company's accounts, or visit the Imtilak website.


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