Important Advantages before Buying a Property in Istanbul

Are you looking for property in Istanbul with the best features and the most appropriate prices?

Important Advantages before Buying a Property in Istanbul

Are you looking for property in Istanbul with the best features and the most appropriate prices?

Have you been crowded with search sites and funded ads, and it has become more confusing for you?

In this article, we summarize the most important tips that will benefit you - no doubt - Take advantage of them in your search for a property in Istanbul or even other Turkish cities, or perhaps anywhere.

Where to Find a Property in Istanbul

Websites are rich in tens of advertisers for hundreds, or perhaps thousands of apartments and commercial real estate models in Istanbul offered by many real estate marketing companies, but it is not prudent to hand over your ad to any advertiser offered to you, for many reasons, including:

A - The enlargement of the city: Where the breadth of the area and the extension of its inhabited areas characterize the city of Istanbul, do not rush to admire a certain property once you see the interior images before checking its location that may not suit you!

Property in Istanbul

B - Fear of fraud or the greed of dealers and marketers of real estate: Every place has its own advantages, and perhaps the disadvantages that may real estate marketer to mention to you, in order to market the property away from fair sales methods.

So, how and where to start the property search in Istanbul?

Answer: By applying the following steps:
1- First of all, know your financial capabilities and determine your possibilities! How much is allocated to your investment or to buy your new property!

2- Determining the goal of buying the property (Residence or investment!) plays a role in know your options and contributes to narrow the circle of search to serve your goal.

3- Choose a reliable real estate consultant, with experience in the real estate market in Turkey, and a rated well among the people! Whether through the experience of some acquaintances or through positive evaluations on social networking sites and spare no effort to prove this, at that time, you are in dire need of an honest counselor.

4- Imtilak Real Estate «Real Estate Consultant in Turkey» provides the largest content for marketing guaranteed properties in Turkey, In addition to a large number of opportunities to own property in Istanbul and other Turkish cities, through its social media platforms, and its website. This gives an opportunity to learn more about real estate in Istanbul, Trabzon, Bursa and other cities of Turkey, through its introductory videos and comprehensive information about everything that matters about ownership of the real estate in Turkey. They also provide after-sales services, applying for Turkish citizenship for those who own a property worth 250 thousand US dollars, as well as free real estate tours. It starts from the moment you arrive at the airport, until after you own the property; hire a lawyer to follow up on legal matters, and many other services that make ownership and investment in Turkey easy.

5- Choose carefully! Do not rush to buy before making sure you have the right option.

6- Try to identify the area where the property is located, even in general, and do not rush to buy before making sure that the chosen area suits your purpose, and it is rich with the services you need, such as schools and universities in Istanbul, hospitals and other important facilities.

7- A duly registered title deed is the document that is necessary to guarantee your rights.

What are the top tips when looking for a property in Istanbul?

- We recommend the property that ready for delivery; to ensure that the property is not delayed to be delivered so that you can preview the property before buying it.

- Real estate and projects under construction may offer the opportunity to own a property in Istanbul at a lower price than ready-made property, but in this case, be sure that the property is under the guarantee of the Turkish government.

- The new properties, within the residential complexes, provide a safe and integrated service environment, and a different lifestyle, giving the residence extraordinary pleasure.

- Government guarantee constitutes an additional guarantee document on the real estate to be bought when the Turkish government is a partner in the project, which ensures that the delivery will not be delayed, and to receive the property to the specified specifications.

- Make sure that your purchase of the property is with a title deed ready and proven assets, under the supervision of a trusted consulting company.

Consult an attorney or a trusted consulting firm. Thus, Imtilak Real Estate, a leader in the Turkish real estate market, with a staff of more than 200 employees, consultants and experts in real estate in Turkey, provides hotlines for real estate consultancy, completely free of charge in addition to its after-sales service desk to ensure quality performance and customer satisfaction after purchase.

After-sales services may be more important than pre-sales services, which Imtilak Real Estate provides with professionalism.

Turkish cities

What is the best place to own a property in Istanbul?

The investment compass has recently moved to the most modern areas of Istanbul, and parts of which are undergoing an urban revolution, such as Basaksehir and Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Zeytinburnu, Maslak and Istanbul Valley, Basin Express, Bakirkoy, and other important areas.  

Recent statistics have shown the activity of real estate ownership in these areas, which we have previously published in more than one news article.

It is good to offer two models of our properties within these areas:

Route Istanbul Project

  • It is so nice to dream but it is nicer if this dream comes true and you live it.
  • Our new Complex is located in Atakoy / Bakirkoyon the European side of Istanbul.
  • Your life in Atakoy will be inspired by your dreams a life full of prestige, central location, investment value and more.
  • The Complex is next to the most thoroughfare highway of the city, E5 Highway.
  • Just 10 minutes away from TEM Highway and 5 minutes away from the coastal road.
  • The entire city is within your arms reach with metro and Metrobus stations within walking distance…
  • All materials and systems to be used shall be according to Turkish Standards and specifications or respective CE, etc. standards.
  • Surrounded by Universities, schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Number of rooms

Minimum space

Number of bathrooms


The Minimum price in dollars












Gulpark Complex

  • Gulpark Complex is located in the heart of Istanbul, where everything is within your reach.
  • Located in Bayrampaşa district one of the oldest residential areas in Istanbul and combines modern and beautiful architecture.
  • Construction Company is one of the most successful construction companies in Turkey.
  • Close to the lively and tourist areas of Istanbul.
  • Close to the transportation node and the E5 highway connecting you to all areas of Istanbul.
  • 5 minutes from the metro, and next to it is a bus stop for Istanbul new airport.
  • Located next to the largest garage in Istanbul, and from there depart all buses to all Turkish provinces.
  • High-quality construction with exquisite interior and exterior finishes.
  • The complex has a range of shops, invested by famous companies in Turkey.
  • Surrounded by many schools, universities, and hospitals.

 Real Estate Consultant in Turkey

  • Separate multiple services, for men and women.
  • Outdoor and children swimming pools.
  • Playgrounds for children.
  • Garage and outdoor parking.
  • Fitness center.
  • Modern elevators.
  • Central heating.
  • Master Bathroom.
  • Anti-earthquake.
  • 24-hour security protection.


Number of rooms 

Minimum space

Number of bathrooms


The Minimum price in dollars











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