Do you want to buy an apartment in Corona time? You should consider these criteria.

Do you know what criteria to follow when purchasing a property in Turkey or other countries of the world considering the Coronavirus spread? Learn more about these criteria and Corona's impact on real estate.

Do you want to buy an apartment in Corona time? You should consider these criteria.
2020-06-15 Last update 2021-04-07

Do you want to buy an apartment in Corona time? You should consider these criteria.

Corona's effect on the real estate in Turkey and the world.

The novel Coronavirus pandemic which has been spreading terror throughout the world has led to many changes in the nature of social life, and of course, these changes have had a great impact on the various fields and interests that concern the basic needs of people and other needs.

So the people started considering the health conditions when they want to buy apartment or when searching for everything they need, they want the things that provide them with the highest standards of protection from this serious disease which has killed hundreds of thousands so far.

The real estate sector in Turkey was one of these sectors which were affected by the new life standards that take into consideration the health aspect in every matter, as the spread of the epidemic was reflected in the investors' options in the real estate sector in general, and on the residential apartments sector especially, in both of its investment and living aspects.

Those who desire to buy a house or invest in Turkey are looking for certain criteria that provide them with comfort along with protection from this serious epidemic. 

The market of apartments in Turkey has witnessed a demand regarding the independent homes, homes in buildings with less number of floors, independent houses with gardens, and the villas. The construction market started focusing its attention on projects which provide conditions that make the investors feel comfortable in terms of health standards, and this was evident in an increase in the number of rooms, reduce in their area, and increase in the number of projects that provide homes with gardens and spacious terraces.

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What criteria should I follow to buy an apartment in light of the Corona crisis?

Experts in the real estate market in Turkey confirm that some essential criteria should be met in a house to be healthy, some of these criteria are:

  1. The house should not be at a height that forces its residents to use the elevator.
  2. The house should be attached to a garden, if not, then a fairly spacious balcony.
  3. The house should be in an area of forests or near natural green areas.
  4. The apartment or house should have a ventilation system that conforms to the health standards imposed by the Corona pandemic.
  5. The house should be built based on earthquake-resistance standards, under the relevant legal regulations.

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