Commercial Properties in Turkey

Ideas for those wishing to start a new business in Turkey with information about the ownership and investment of all types of commercial real estate in Turkey such as offices, shops, stores, hotels, buildings.

Commercial Properties in Turkey

Ideas for those wishing to start a new business in Turkey with information about the ownership and investment of all types of a commercial real estate in Turkey such as offices, shops, stores, hotels, buildings.


Commercial Properties in Turkey

1. Commercial Offices in Turkey

After Turkey became a gateway to the East and west, thus, it also attracted smart investment and economic business from the East and the West, if you're looking for a great place to start your business, Istanbul, Antalya or Yalova will be your best choice along with all the central Turkish cities when looking for offices for sale in Turkey.

We recommend that when looking for offices in Turkey to take into account some of the elements of quality when selecting a commercial property:

  • The office should be close to the city's main roads, especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul.
  • The office or shop should be near transportation, metro lines and mass transport near the city center.
  • The office should be comfortable and luxurious for those who want to work in an ideal environment free of pressure and raise the level of work performance.
  • We recommend that the commercial office area be equipped with a luxurious hotel that provides accommodation for guests and customers, with luxurious rooms for special meetings and excellent economic services, especially if the nature of the business is global.
  • The office place should have indoor and outdoor parking and valet service.
  • The office should have windows that can be opened in all rooms to improve ventilation.
  • ATM centers should preferably be near the office.
  • The commercial office building is supposed to have a fiber optic infrastructure.
  • Modern elevators must be available in commercial complexes and should be periodically maintained.
  • Central heating services, central air conditioning is of major importance in commercial offices.
  • Providing a security system for day-to-day guarding.
  • Getting Recommendations from a reliable and experienced real estate consultant in the Turkish market, for example, Imtilak Real Estate, a leading real estate investment and consultancy company, which offers investors and buyers in Turkey reliable services, advice and real estate guaranteed by the Turkish government.

2. Commercial Shops in Turkey

In Turkey, you can find the best option to buy an office, shop or any commercial property, to start your business, or to invest in real estate and lease it to other business people, or even through resale, bringing you profitable returns.

If you decide to look for a store for sale in Turkey, consider the following tips:

  • The shop should be close to the main roads in the city, especially in big cities such as Istanbul.
  • The shop should be near the city center, next to mass transport, and metro lines.
  • We recommend that the commercial area be a central market area, full of pedestrians.
  • Adjacent to parking for the shop or office.
  • It is preferable to have ATM centers near the shop or office.
  • Heating and ventilation services are of high importance in shops and commercial offices.
  • Providing a security system to guard during the day using modern technologies such as surveillance cameras.
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3. Commercial Stores in Turkey

Foreign capital inflows into Turkey have become a significant sign of increasing trade confidence in the promising Turkish economy. Government facilities and exemptions for the real estate sector, in particular, have encouraged the commercial sector and the influx of investors seeking shops and stores for sale in Turkey.

If you are looking for stores for sale in Turkey in 2017 or 2018, it is good to have the store close to or accessible to the city's main roads, especially in the major cities such as Istanbul, where traffic congestion is more difficult to transport and logistics.

The store or shop should be near industrial or commercial areas to increase investment opportunities.

For security reasons, we recommend that you ensure that ventilation, risk management, and fire suppression services are provided. It is very important to ensure safety in stores and shops and providing security during the day with surveillance cameras and it is considered one of the basics in order to start your business in your new store.

4. Hotels in Turkey

Turkey is geographically close to the Arab world. It is characterized by its Islamic character, which is spread throughout most of its cities and regions. The Turkish citizens are distinguished by their morals, not to mention the beautiful nature of the country, such as the green Trabzon Mountains, the pure blue Bosphorus, Bursa Falls and many other tourist attractions. With its charming atmosphere and mild climate in summer and winter, making an investment in the tourism sector a consistently profitable option by looking for hotels for sale in Turkey.

Turkey is also one of the preferred options for expatriates and foreigners looking to move to Turkey throughout the year with their families, so hotels in Turkey are widely available in different styles, types, and categories, and are visited by millions of foreigners and Turks each year.

Occupancy rates in Turkey's hotels in 2017 and 2018 are 85% year-round, so investing in the tourism sector by buying a hotel in Turkey is an ideal investment for those looking for lasting profitability in the tourism sector in Turkey.

The average room rate in the tourist seasons ranges between € 130-150 per day. With such high occupancy rates, it is hard to find a better investment than buying a property in Turkey.

The 3 star, 4-star and 5-star hotels and resorts are the favorite destinations for most Arab tourists who travel to Istanbul and other Turkish cities. You can find a very exceptional hotel and its business is thriving and ready to handle once the purchase is completed.

When you search for a hotel for sale, it is recommended that you choose the modern building and that the rooms and suites are modern, close to the historical sights, or the sandy beaches and the local facilities of the city, but if the hotel has a great history of attracting thousands of tourists and guests over the years, Your deal will certainly be successful.

If you have the option of buying a ready-made hotel, be sure to have a permanent permit from the municipality, and it is allowed to renew and transfer it to a more modern stage and development year after year.

If your choice is to buy a ready hotel, be sure to have a permanent permit from the municipality, and it is allowed to renew and transfer it to a more modern stage and development year after year.

5. Buildings in Turkey 

Turkey is one of the most important countries attracting real estate investment and a preferred destination for international tourism, so many investors want to buy buildings in Turkey for various purposes such as tourism, accommodation, and investment.

The decision to buy a building in Turkey for the purpose of investment, a right decision where:

Turkey is strategically located between Europe and the Middle East, where you can find a variety of golden deals in the highlands with sea views.

Apartments prices in Turkey have increased significantly in recent years, thus, the purchase of buildings and residential buildings is becoming an important investment, thus, buying buildings for investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable options, the rate of increase in apartment prices during the last ten years within big cities such as Istanbul has reached approximately 100 percent, Not to mention wonderful investment opportunities in important cities such as Bursa and Trabzon.

The big turnout of investors to launch their businesses in Turkey makes the investment in the purchase of commercial complexes and buildings a profitable option for leasing and selling shops, offices and stores.

When buying buildings in Turkey for investment, it is not recommended to focus on the popular areas with expensive prices in the city, but it is advisable to go to the investment areas and areas under development, as well as to search for the best areas of Istanbul in terms of offices and companies.

The sale of real estate to foreigners will be at the forefront of the development tools of the Turkish real estate market in 2018, by facilitating the purchase of real estate and the reduction of routine procedures, in addition to granting the possibility of easy installment for foreign investors, as well as the advantages granted by the Turkish state for those interested in investing in real estate, Such as exempting them from some taxes in part and in full and granting them exceptional Turkish residence and citizenship if they own property of a certain value. Many of these commercial properties have distinctive sites, beautiful charming views and competitive prices on the level of luxury properties worldwide.

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