The most important investment tips in Turkey



The most important investment tips in Turkey

Thanks to the years-long experience accumulated in the Turkish real estate market, and by virtue of the experience gained from the ground through good customer dealings, the real estate experts at the real estate company offer the most important advice to investors in Turkey, follow the details with us.

The most important investment tips in Turkey for new and old investors

After practical experiences have proven that investments in the real estate sectors are the best option for foreign investors in Turkey, we at Imtilak Real Estate invite all investors, both old and new, to get acquainted with the investment guide in Turkey, and to enter into such These types of real estate investments, or working to develop their projects, and promote them to reach the largest possible profit.

But before starting into any project or looking for ways to develop and modernize investment projects, you must follow some tips for investing in Turkey, which will lead you to the right path, and bring you abundant profits:

Investment in Turkey

1. Invest in profitable areas in Turkey

Real estate is one of the most profitable investment tools in recent years, and it is the safest and easiest way to achieve profits and develop wealth, especially since the rise in real estate prices in Turkey during the past few months constitutes a golden opportunity for real estate investment.

In this context, some real estate reports in Turkey indicate an increase in real estate prices by almost 40%, during only August of the year 2020, and great demand by businessmen for real estate investments in various Turkish states.

Usually, real estate experts in Imtilak Real Estate recommend investing in Turkey through the real estate sectors, as real estate is one of the investment plans that generate a large return on profits, and the best decision for successful investments in Turkey.

When checking the statistics in the Turkish real estate market you’ll find that a large percentage of foreigners prefer to invest in real estate of all kinds, whether buying apartments, commercial offices, villas, and other types of real estate, and this confirms a large extent those opinions that were issued by real estate consultants in Imtilak Real Estate Company.

tips to invest in Turkey

2. Work legally: establish a company in Turkey

Establishing a company in Turkey and working through legal methods allows foreign investors to benefit from the facilities provided by the Turkish government, which in turn enacted many laws that are in the interest of investors, and allowed foreign businessmen to establish all kinds of companies on Turkish territory.

Establishing a company in Turkey is one of the important tips that investors can work in Turkey, as it does not take long in the incorporation process, but it needs people with experience in Turkish laws, in order to avoid committing violations and paying financial fines.

Based on the accumulated experience of many years in Imtilak Real Estate, we advise all valued clients who wish to open a company in Turkey through legal means to supervise its establishment by lawyers who have sufficient experience in government transactions and are able to speak Arabic so that they can conduct all the required procedures in a legal manner.

In addition to lawyers, an accountant must be employed to manage the financial matters in the company. The presence of the accountant is a prerequisite for establishing companies in Turkey, and the legal accountant is the person approved by state institutions to represent the company before them, as his job is to receive invoices, expenses, and purchases of the company, and register them with the Turkish state’s departments.

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investment guide in Turkey

3. Choose the right place to start your investment

Choosing the right place is the starting point for your investment project. The place plays a major role in determining the success or failure of the project. Therefore, Imtilak Real Estate Group, the leading company in the real estate market in Turkey, works to guide investors to choose the best places that guarantee the success of the investment project.

Therefore, choosing the right place for investment is based on several criteria that must be taken into consideration by the client, the most important of which are:

  • Choosing a vital state that witnesses a huge turnout from investors and tourists, and includes a large commercial and tourist movement to be the headquarters of the company, such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara.
  • Proximity to service centers and government institutions.
  • Choosing an easily accessible location, and the presence of a diverse network of public transportation near the project location.
  • Choosing the location of the project near the shopping malls that attract tourists, and within a building that contains car parking.
  • Choosing the right decoration for the work requirements.
  • Providing good ventilation and lighting for employees in the workplace.

4. Benefit from government support provided to investors

This stage in Turkey is considered one of the golden stages for investment and project creation in various fields and sectors, due to the great facilities provided by the Turkish state to foreign investors, so those wishing to invest in Turkey should seize this opportunity and work to establish their investment project before it is too late.

We can review the most important government facilities provided to foreign investors through the following points:

  • The Law on Reciprocity was amended in 2012 which allowed many foreign nationalities to own and invest in real estate in Turkey.
  • Amending the executive regulations of Turkish citizenship laws in late 2018, and according to these amendments, the value of the property that guarantees its owner obtaining Turkish citizenship has been reduced from $1 million to $250,000.
  • The minimum bank deposit, which is one of the fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, has been reduced from $3 million to $500,000.
  • The minimum requirement to obtain Turkish citizenship by employing Turkish citizens has been reduced from 100 employees to at least 50 employees.
  • Exemption from value-added tax in Turkey, which concerns foreign investors not residing in Turkey. It is known that value-added tax in Turkey varies between 1% to 18% of real estate sales, and thanks to this exemption, foreign investors can benefit from a tax exemption in Turkey and save a large amount of money when investing in real estate in Turkey.
  • Getting the real estate appraisal document, which contributed to easing cases of real estate fraud significantly, as this document is now issued by specific institutions by the Turkish government.

5. Be a part of the businessmen’s community in Turkey

Try to be part of the businessmen's community and forums in Turkey, so that you are at the heart of developments related to investments, and learn about the challenges posed in the Turkish markets.

When meeting with businessmen in Turkey through the forums organized by certain parties, create many opportunities to establish investment projects, learn about various commercial activities, open up new horizons for your goals, and develop innovative mechanisms and solutions to the problems before your projects.

6. Make sure to attend conferences and trade fairs

Make sure to attend conferences and trade fairs provides you with opportunities to find customers in a large proportion, and guarantee you the establishment of a wide network of relationships that are useful in promoting your projects.


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