A detailed guide about the Adapazari district of Sakarya

Have you heard about Adapazari in Sakarya? Learn in detail in terms of its location, weather, the most important features, and the advantages of buying an apartment and living in it.

A detailed guide about the Adapazari district of Sakarya

Imtilak Real Estate company has paid attention to real estate education in the most important and most famous Turkish regions. Here, we learn about the Adapazari area in Sakarya, Turkey, and we address the most important information about its nature, features of the residence, and the nature of life in it, with a look at the prices of its properties and much important information in this context.

An overview of the Adapazari district of Sakarya

Adapazari is a relatively new municipality, as it acquired the status of an independent municipality in 2008 when it became the center and capital of the Turkish state of Sakarya, where most of the government departments that run the state are based.

But in fact, the history of the area in which Adapazarı has located dates back to before the twelfth century BC, and this is attested by the ancient monuments spread throughout its territory that reflect the ancient history of the region, the most important of which are: The Five Bridges built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527). -565, and Apsili at the eastern end of the Justinian Bridge.

Today, Adapazari includes about 280,214 people, according to the latest statistics of the Department of Population for the year 2021, and the region extends over a large area of ​​the green lands of the state of Sakarya, and its nature is characterized by beauty and is dominated by the color of lush forests and green orchards.

Adapazari Sakarya

The location of Adapazari district in Sakarya

Sakarya consists of 16 municipalities, which can be arranged according to their importance and population density, which are:

  1. Adapazarı
  2. Serdivan
  3. Akyazı
  4. Erenler
  5. Hendek
  6. Karasu
  7. Geyve
  8. Arifiye
  9. Sapanca
  10. Pamukova
  11. Ferizli
  12. Kaynarca
  13. Kocaali
  14. Söğütlü
  15. Karapürçek
  16. Taraklı

Adapazari is located in the center of Sakarya, very close to Sapanca Lake, the favorite tourist destination for vacationers, and the closest to Istanbul, which is about an hour and a half away by car.

What are the most important features of the Adapazari region in Sakarya?

Adapazari is dominated by green nature and climatic stability, so Adapazari weather and temperatures converge with those in Istanbul, due to its close and parallel location on the equator, and its proximity to the climate of the Black Sea and the pleasant Marmara Sea, which gave it privacy among foreign and local tourists.

In terms of civilization, Adapazari is famous for several tourist attractions dating back to ancient times and the era of the Roman Empire, such as the Justinianus Bridge, in addition to the Sakarya Bridge on the Sakarya River in the north-east of Adapazarı, the Trabzanlar Bridge, and the Harmantepe Castle on a hill located in the north of the village Harmantepe, and Sakarya Museum (Ataturk's House).

For people who are attracted by the enchanting landscapes and want to connect with nature, they can find their destination at Karabiner Lake, Sakarya River, and Poyrazlar Lake.

In addition, Adapazarı has its share in Turkish cuisine, by offering unique tastes from different cultures, such as pumpkin candy, black halva, corn soup, Bosnian pastries, and beans with hazelnuts.

Sakarya city

Advantages of owning and living in Adapazari, Sakarya

When visiting the Adapazari area in Sakarya, you can clearly feel a mixture of calm, tranquility, and fresh air, in addition to the many integrated services that surround you from all sides.

With reference to this, we can note here that Adapazari is one of the richest areas in Sakarya with life services, which makes living in it an opportunity for those looking to settle near the most beautiful tourist attractions in Sakarya, and the possibility of owning real estate at very acceptable prices.

Infrastructure in Adapazari, Sakarya region

To shed light on the city's infrastructure, we can address each point separately:

1. Roads and transportation

Adapazari is connected to the surrounding cities by a network of highways, with the D100 highway touching Adapazari on its southern side, and the North Marmara Road crossing in the middle.

These two roads and the other road network provide access from Sakarya to Kocaeli and Istanbul from the west, Düzce, and Bolu in the east, to the capital Ankara, and the states of Bilecik and Eskişehir to the south.

The region also enjoys a public transport network covering its main and important areas.

2. Schools and universities

The complete educational environment in all Turkish cities, including Sakarya and its capital, Adapazari, is almost unmistakable, through the spread of public and private schools, with various scientific branches.

In addition, Sakarya is famous for its famous university that bears its name (Sakarya Üniversitesi) as well as Anadolu Üniversitesi University in Adapazari.

3. Hospitals and health centers

Adapazari contains a good number of hospitals and health centers that adequately cover its treatment needs. The most famous of these hospitals are:

  • Sakarya Toyotasa Acil Yardım Hastanesi
  • Bilge Hastanesi
  • Ozel Inci Goz Hastanesi
  • Özel Beyhekim Hastanesi

Prices of apartments in Adapazari, Sakarya

The updated price indices for real estate in Adapazari, according to the Zingat website, show that the average regional price (for an apartment of 100 square meters) is 500,006 TL, with a minimum of 375,005 TL, and a maximum price that can be determined based on the specifications of the property.

While the average price per square meter of housing in Sakarya is 5,507 TL.

Prices of apartments in Adapazari Sakarya

The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate company in Adapazari, Sakarya

Among the most prominent projects of Imtilak Real Estate in Adapazari: The Sakarya River Project and the Demir Sakarya Project, and we will discuss here some expansions of these two projects:

  • Demir Sakarya project

The Demir Sakarya project is located in the lap of charming nature, next to the wonderful Sapanca Lake, where the greenness of the dense forests is connected to the beautiful blue of the lake, and within walking distance of the natural attractions.

Only two hours separate the project from Istanbul, and the project consists of two phases:

The first phase is an area of ​​4,591 square meters, and it consists of 9 buildings with a height of 3 floors, containing one hundred and two apartments.

The second phase contains 36 apartments.

The project comes in a model of two rooms and a hall, and three rooms and a hall, with a private warehouse for each apartment, open car parking, and security protection around the clock.

The project includes many recreational facilities, such as places for children to play, and a sports club.

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