Information about the Fatih area in Istanbul, living, and investing in it



Information about the Fatih area in Istanbul, living, and investing in it

Information about the Fatih area in Istanbul

The Fatih area is considered the beating heart of Istanbul, this area is located in the city center of Istanbul and has a geographical and strategic location, it is bordered by the Golden Horn to the north, overlooks the Marmara Sea to the south, and its western borders are defined by the Constantinople Walls, which are still standing to this day. 

The  Fatih area of Istanbul has a long history with many civilizations and cultures and it has unparalleled historical and cultural backgrounds between other regions, also, it is considered the tourist and commercial center of Istanbul, due to its large number of tourist places as well as its large number of commercial projects. 

For those who do not know how to get to the Fatih area in Istanbul; the Istanbul traffic network is heavily connected to this area. Making it easy to reach it.

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Features of living in Istanbul's Fatih area

 Residence in the Fatih area is, without doubt, one of the best residence options among areas of Istanbul, especially that it enjoys advantages can only be available in this area, as it is an excellent tourist area, wherever you look; you find a large group of prominent tourist places of great importance, and it receives an unprecedented demand from the tourists.

Its distinctive geographical location is one of the advantages of living in the Fatih area, where it is considered the center of Istanbul, it has all means of transportation such as buses, Metro, and Metrobus lines, which provides quick and easy transportation means for getting from this area to all other areas of the city with ease.

The fact that there are many health and educational centers and universities is a great advantage of the Fatih area, in addition to the presence of a large number of commercial centers and malls that provide you with all your needs.

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 The most beautiful tourist areas in the Fatih Area

The Fatih area is one of the attraction points for tourists from all over the world, it includes a wide range of archaeological sites that have historical value as well as a large number of tourist attractions such as:

  1. The Fatih Mosque

The Fatih Mosque is one of the many mosques that were built in the Ottoman Empire era. It was named after the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih who conquered Constantinople in 1453. It is a great example of the Turkish Islamic architecture in Istanbul and represents an important stage in the development of the old Turkish architecture.

The Fatih Mosque holds religious and social characteristics at the same time, it combines the legacy of the past with the brilliance of the present, it is a masterful architectural landmark to be seen that was built between the 1463 and 1470 by order of the Sultan Mehmed Fatih (Mehmed II the Conqueror).

The Fatih Mosque consists of two identical minarets and its minbar has hand-drawn baroque design decorations, it also has a large courtyard surrounded by many columns and arches and in the center, there is a place dedicated to ablution. In its southern section lies the shrine of the Sultan Mehmed Fatih surrounded by a decorative glass fence, the shrine is also surrounded by walls inscribed with verses from the Quran and with a hadith attributed to the Messenger Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: "Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will he be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!".

The Fatih Mosque

  1. Fatih area, Sultanahmet

The name of the Sultanahmet area came after the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I who built the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in it. Administratively, the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul belongs to the Fatih Municipality, meaning that it is located in the heart of the old Istanbul and it is considered one of the important tourist areas.

The Fatih Sultanahmet area is one of the very important tourist areas in Istanbul and administrative it belongs to the Fateh Municipality, it has many prominent places that attract visitors, many of these have evidence of the civilizations that had flourished there in the past. In addition, the important location of Sultanahmet and the beautiful climate it enjoys, increase the magnificence and beauty of this area.

And if you wonder, how far is the Fatih area from Sultanahmet? Reaching there is very easy, as there are a wide means of transportations that take you to the Sultanahmet area quite easily.


  1. Shopping in the Fatih area of Istanbul

The Fatih area includes many shopping places that provide residents of this area with all their needs, also, a large number of popular markets are held in its neighborhoods, which meet all daily needs at cheap prices, there are also commercial malls that contain various types of local and international brands.

  1. The Fatih market on Wednesday

The Wednesday market is located next to the Fatih Mosque, it includes a large group of mobile sellers who offer their goods at reasonable prices, this market extends over a number of main and branch streets, this market opens from morning till evening only on Wednesdays.

Fatih market on Wednesday

  1. Eminonu area of Istanbul

The Eminonu area of Istanbul is one of the most magnificent places of tourism in the European side of Istanbul city, it is considered one of the most important major stations that take you to the Asian side of Istanbul City.

Administratively, Eminonu area belongs to the Fatih Municipality, and it has a charming view of the Bosphorus, it contains many historical monuments.

Eminonu area of Istanbul

  1. The closed market in Istanbul

The closed market or as it is called the Covered Market is one of the oldest popular markets in Istanbul, historically; This market was constructed during the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul as a stock exchange center by the order of the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in the year 1461 AD, he stipulated that all stores must be under one roof.

The market is located along an area of 30 hectares, it has more than 80 streets and about 4400 shops, this market is characterized by the abundance of handicrafts scattered in different parts of the market.

The closed market in Istanbul

  1. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is one of the largest historical palaces the country has ever known, it was used as a residence place by sultans of the Ottoman Empire, the palace includes some of the most important Islamic holy relics such as the Mantle (cloak) of the Prophet Muhammad and his sword.

In fact, this palace was not very luxurious and opulent, nevertheless, it receives a huge number of tourists every day, it worth noting that the Topkapi Palace was classified as one of the monuments that belonged to the historical areas in Istanbul by UNESCO, then it became World Heritage site in 1985.

Advantages of investing in the Fatih area

 The investment in the Fatih area has witnessed great prosperity in recent years, due to the advantages the area has which attract investors towards it such as high-quality fields of investments, advanced organization, and the huge profits that can be gained, and thanks to its special location, the investment opportunities vary from giant commercial centers to buying and selling real estate in their various forms, therefore, taking in consideration these advantages, investing in the Fatih area is considered a profitable project.

Advantages of buying an apartment in the Fatih area

It can be said that buy an apartment in the Fatih area has a positive impact, as it differs from all other areas in Istanbul city, the real estate market of this area is very dynamic and has a great demand from the investors, and the fact that it is located in the center of Istanbul makes it very distinguished from other areas, it also has many educational, health, and marketing centers, which provide services to its residents, all of this makes buying an apartment in the Fatih area a great project.

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