Detailed information about the Gungoren district in Istanbul

Everything you want to know about the Gungoren district in Istanbul is brought to you by Imtilak Real Estate, in terms of infrastructure, its location, and the advantages of owning and living in it

Detailed information about the Gungoren district in Istanbul

Getting to know the area, and exploring its pros and cons, helps investors make the right decisions. Therefore, Imtilak Real Estate company always seeks to shed light on the vital cities and provinces in Turkey.

There is no doubt that Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey, and it has provinces suitable for housing and investment, which makes it an important subject for research and investigation. Therefore, in this article, we identify one of the provinces, small in size and large in general impact, located on the European side of the ancient city of Istanbul.

An overview of the Gungoren district of Istanbul

With an area of ​​7.305 km2, Gungoren consists of 11 neighborhoods, with a population of about 300,000 people (the date of this article), and it has a market that is one of the most famous commercial markets in its field for the sale of wholesale clothing, in Istanbul.

The region is a mixture of Anatolians who immigrated to Istanbul more than seventy years ago. The residents are characterized by social solidarity, as they care for the poor, the needy, and people of determination.

The location of the Gungoren district in Istanbul

The region is located in the European section of Istanbul and is considered the smallest province in it.

The region overlooks areas that are considered one of the most important neighborhoods in Istanbul, and it is not more than 10 minutes away from the Fatih district, which is the city center.

It is bordered to the east by Zeytinburnu, to the west by the Bahçelievler region, to the north by the Esenlar region, and to the south by the lively Bakirkoy region.

What are the most important features of the Gungoren district in Istanbul?

The area is characterized by its proximity to the city center and its advanced and comprehensive infrastructure for many sectors and services. Due to its commercial and residential activity, many important residential and investment complexes have recently been established in the region.

Gungoren Istanbul

Advantages of owning and living in Gungoren

Since the area is considered one of the important commercial centers and is characterized by its proximity to the important vital areas in the city, especially the city center (Fatih). Residents or investors will find all services available there, as well as important public facilities such as mosques, medical centers, schools, universities, markets, restaurants, public and private car offices, and other things that are indispensable in this era.

شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي

Infrastructure in the Gungoren district

The infrastructure in Gungoren is characterized by an extensive and well-developed network of vital centers, public facilities, and important networks of transportation and communication.

1.  Roads and Transportation

The neighborhoods of the area are connected by a wide network of roads and transportation, there are buses that serve the area and connect it to the heart of the city to ease congestion and reduce time. The district was also linked to a network of railways through which the metro (M1) passes to reach the city center (Yenikapi district) passing through its neighborhoods, forming an important link between it and the nearby areas.

2. Schools and universities

The number of schools in Gungoren (at the date of writing) is 50 schools for different ages. The infrastructure in Gungoren covers a network of schools from kindergarten through primary and preparatory stages, up to the secondary stage, with its various branches: scientific, professional, technical, social, sports, and so on.

Since the Gungoren district is close to the vital areas of Istanbul and its center; Arab and international universities and private schools are only short distances away from the region, which most of these schools reach with buses designated for students.

Schools and universities

3. Hospitals and health centers

In addition to the Gungoren General National Governmental Hospital in the region; there is the Gungoren Private Hospital, as well as many other private hospitals, and health care homes that are spread in the eleven districts of the region, or even in the nearby provinces adjacent to it, and provide high-end service and full care for patients of all specialties, equipped with the latest medical devices, and by the most skilled doctors and assistants.

Hospitals and health centers

Prices of apartments in the Gungoren district of Istanbul

As a result of the inflation in the countries of the world, which leads to a rise in the prices of building materials, transportation, and labor wages; the prices are constantly going up. The locality and housing specifications and advantages contribute to the process of determining the price of apartments.

But in general, as an average price (up to the date of writing this article), the price of an apartment of 100 square meters ranges from 850,000  TL ($45,000) to 1,400,000 TL ($74,000).

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Imtilak Real Estate company's best projects in Gungoren, Istanbul

There are many important and recent projects near the Gungoren area, perhaps the most prominent of which are the Topkapi project, the Bakirci Residences project, and the Topaz complex.

The Stone Palace project is one of the most prominent recently established projects, which provides offers in cash and in installments. The project area is close to a transportation network that provides access to all parts of the city, and this network includes many of the most important vital roads in Istanbul, such as the E5 road and the Yenikapi metro.

The project also provides the following important features:

  • Proximity to the major shopping malls in the city, such as Axis Mall Istanbul and Forum Istanbul Mall.
  • The project area is famous for its many services, such as schools, educational centers, hospitals, health centers, public parks, and service facilities.
  • The project offers hotel-style apartments of 2+1 and 3+1 styles, with spacious areas suitable for comfortable family life.
  • The project's distinction is highlighted by the distribution of its apartments, finishes, and decorations in a contemporary architectural style that combines standards of beauty and quality, and provides comfort.
  • The apartments have a smart home system that allows the residents to control their home from a distance and provides them with great convenience in managing the home electronically.
  • The project has social and recreational facilities that embody the concepts of modern life.
  • The project apartments are following the real estate ownership law that leads to obtaining Turkish citizenship.

For more information or inquiries and to check offers, do not hesitate to contact Imtilak Real Estate.

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