Information About the Kucukcekmece Area in Istanbul



Information About the Kucukcekmece Area in Istanbul

Information about Kucukcekmece in Istanbul

The Kucukcekmece area is one of the densely populated areas, it includes the most important commercial and industrial centers in the two-continents city of Istanbul, also, Kucukcekmece Istanbul is one of the emerging areas investment-wise because of what it provides of vital places like universities, for example, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul Ariel University, and Sabahattin Zaim University, it also contains a lake and many parks, schools, and hospitals, and the area also includes a large number of new housing projects.

Where in Istanbul is the Kucukcekmece area located?

The Kucukcekmece area is located on the European side of Istanbul in the southern part of the city, it is surrounded by the prestigious and distinguished Basaksehir area, the famous Bagcilar, Bahcelievler, and Bakirkoy. Also, Kucukcekmece is separated from Avcilar by a big lake that falls into the Marmara Sea, it is one of Istanbul's most important and vital areas regarding development and investment.

Advantages of living in Kucukcekmece Istanbul

The area includes several shopping centers such as Armoni Park and Arena Park and several other centers in Sefakoy and other areas, which are of great importance to residents as they provide them with what they need, there are several cultural centers and universities and it is one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul due to its location on the European beach of the Marmara Sea, and due to its charming view over the Kucukcekmece Lake.

Tourist places in the Kucukcekmece area

The Area includes several places that attract people in different seasons of various fields according to their age groups, for example, lovers of adventure and history exploring can go to the Yarimburgaz cave, those who love amusement parks can go to the Grand Aqua Marine with family and children, the area also has the Sefakoy cultural center, in addition to the most beautiful museum for classic car enthusiasts, where the Mehmet Arsay Classic Car Museum is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Istanbul, and there is the Floria Ataturk Palace which has become a museum that receives visitors every day.

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Kucukcekmece Lake

Kucukcekmece Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Istanbul City, it is a lake fifteen kilometers away from the center of Istanbul, it is ten kilometers in length and no more than six kilometers in width, it offers water skiing and jet-skiing and it is the home to a number of rowing clubs, also, the lake is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul to watch the sunset, however, after the pure lake water was contaminated by the rapid industrial progress, the government started its intensive efforts to clean the lake began.

Kucukcekmece coast and beach

This beach is located in the European part of Istanbul and it is a free public beach where everyone can enter and camp in it, between the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece there is a coast full of sand and gravel, and thousands of people enjoy the scenery of this coast especially watching birds and sunsets, as well as the water sports in it.

Kucukcekmece Lake

Transportation in Kucukcekmece

The Metrobus in Kucukcekmece area is one of the most important transportation in the area, and in addition to its internal transportation services between the outskirts of the area, it also links the suburbs of the city in general, and the municipality owns more than four hundred buses just for the Metrobus, these buses drive in a street designated particularly for them to facilitate transportation of people and reduce the congestion, also the Gebze Halkali Metro line is one of the most vital lines in Istanbul, as it has shortened the distance between Kucukcekmece and Gebzeh from three hours to an hour and forty minutes, there are also several other means of transportations that covers all areas of Istanbul.

Advantages of investing in Kucukcekmece area of Istanbul

The investment in the Kucukcekmece area is one of the most important successful investments in the two-continents city, because the area is witnessing an acceleration in the industrial, urban, and cultural renaissance and the vital facilities in general, this makes the investment in Kucukcekmece area in  Istanbul City is an important strategic choice, as the area is located in the European part of Istanbul in the middle of the city's most important vital pillars.

Investment in Kucukcekmece Istanbul

Advantages of buying an apartment in Kucukcekmece area of Istanbul

The Kucukcekmece area is considered one of the most important areas that attract those who are looking to buy apartments in Istanbul as many of them overlook the lake, and also due to what the area provides of lifestyle that combines between the natural and industrial one, and what the area has of modern amenities and its high-class services, and the specifications of apartments in Kucukcekmece area meet people's expectations, and those who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European section, will find the area as one of the best real estate options in Istanbul, where the area is characterized by its modernity and it follows the modern international standards, the area offers residential complexes with luxurious services.

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