What are the best investment opportunities in Izmir Turkey?



What are the best investment opportunities in Izmir Turkey?

A general idea of investment in Izmir

The province of Izmir is experiencing a growing demand from investors, for being a tourist, historical and natural city, in various areas of life and investment. This comes in the light of Turkey's overall renaissance, and so the investor found themselves amidst a sea of vast investment options spanning the area of Izmir. Such as agricultural investment, industrial investment, tourism investment and real estate investment, with all the types and advantages of these types.

Tourism and investment in tourism in Izmir, Turkey

Tourism investment in Turkish Izmir is one of the best in the city, with tourist places visited by millions of tourists every year. Turkey's Izmir has the finest features of nature's enchanting lovers such as scenic beaches, its distinctive markets and its wonderful neighborhoods, such as Izmir Elevator, the Clock Tower and the castle of Kadifekale. Not to mention the city of Ephesus, built by the Greeks, has its roots in 6,000 years BC, and the Hisar mosque, dating back to the 16th century AD. Besides, the Archaeological Museum of Izmir, which displays many ancient monuments, drawings, sculptures and collections belonging to Greek, Byzantine, Seljuq and Ottoman civilizations. Bozdag kayak mountain located in the center of Bozdag village in the east of Izmir city, is one of the most natural places in Izmir city, suitable for sporting events, particularly climbing and winter skiing, and has beautiful beaches, variety and luxury resorts. Tourism investment in Izmir has increased, as it is a land of opportunity for investors through its strong economy and demographics commensurate with tourism investment. Tourism in Izmir, known locally and globally, is an important destination for tourists in Turkey, making it the home of tourism investment in all sectors.

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Agriculture and agricultural investment in Izmir

Agricultural investment in Izmir is a successful investment, as Turkey is one of the countries that supports, develops and provides various facilities for agricultural investment. Agriculture in Turkey is one of Turkey's most important economic resources for many countries in the world, whether through domestic or foreign investors. Izmir has been characterized by successful agricultural investment because of its large cultivable areas, the diversity and abundance of its crops and the fact that it is located in a strategic area that facilitates export operations. In general, agricultural investment in Izmir is a guaranteed investment due to the following factors:

  1. Human factors through the availability of labor for agriculture.
  2. Encouraging factors in the State that support agricultural investment and provision of all facilities.
  3. Attractions in which there is no distinction between foreign and domestic investors.
  4. Geographical factors in the abundance of cultivable areas.
  5. The guarantor factors for investors in shifting their profits.
  6. Water factors in the availability of water sources.
  7. Climate factors are suitable for various types of agricultural crops, in particular the ornamental plants known as Izmir.

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Industry and industrial investment in Izmir

Turkey is a member of the Group of Twenty Industrialized Countries, which accounts for two-thirds of world trade, more than ninety percent of world crude output, and has become a reliable source of high-quality consumer goods. Therefore, industrial investment has gained special attention all over the Turkish provinces. In particular, Izmir and the rest of the states have an enabling environment for industrial investment, by designing industrial zones organized for industrial investment to allow companies to operate in an investment-friendly environment, through the provision of infrastructure that includes all necessary, including social facilities.

Major areas of industrial investment in Izmir include:

  • Packaging industries.
  • Defense industries.
  • Furniture industries.
  • Shoe industries.
  • The food industry and its types.
  • Ready-made garment industries.
  • Petrochemical industry.
  • Plastic industry
  • The iron and steel industry.
  • Medical equipment industry.
  • Textile industry.
  • Car spare parts industry
  • Construction materials and supplies industry

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The most important advantages of industrial investment in Izmir are:

  1. Tax relief from the added value when purchasing land.
  2. Exemption from real estate tax for five years from the date of completion of the establishment.
  3. Reducing water, natural gas, and telecommunications costs.
  4. Exemption from taxation of the annexation or separation of plots.
  5. Exemption of construction and use of the facility from municipal taxes.
  6. Exemption of solid waste from municipal taxes if the regulated industrial area does not benefit from municipal services.

Real estate investment in Izmir Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey is generally one of the world's leading economic players, making it an important center for real estate investors. Among those Turkish cities notoriously invested in real estate in Turkey, Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean Sea, for its luxurious properties, distinctive tourist resorts, many beaches and scenic nature, made it a kiss for many foreign investors, particularly Arabs.

Apartments in Izmir

Izmir is characterized by many apartments intended for investment, as well as by the fact that it combines the options of those seeking opportunities for investment in real estate in Izmir, with apartments with a maritime, natural or indoor view. The real estate stock of apartments in the eighty-one states of Turkey amounted to approximately 1 million apartments, the largest share of which was for Istanbul, followed by Ankara and then Izmir at the state level. The city of Izmir, which is experiencing urban transformation projects, has high standards of living, and the value of the real estate has increased in each of the districts of Baljova, Orla and Menmen.

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Villas in Izmir

Izmir is characterized by its availability of luxurious villas intended for investment, owing to its tourist and luxury nature and its many beaches, resorts and spaces for such construction. It is also characterized by a combination of options for those wishing to invest in real estate in Izmir, between large, medium, with a sea view, or a natural view, but generally by high demands for such luxury buildings mired in pine forests or bordering the sea and natural beauty.

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Land in Izmir

Izmir is a state with many lands for investment and combines options for those wishing to invest land in Izmir, between large land and small or medium land. Land for investment in Izmir also has excellent options, such as proximity to main roads and beaches, as well as varying areas of land. This makes it suitable for private villas or a closed villa complex, luxury apartments, or resorts, and there are sea views of many land and excellent profits.

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Farms in Izmir

Izmir is an appropriate city for the purchase of farms or investment in Izmir farms. Demand for the purchase of farms in Izmir remains a demand of investors; that is because there is an appropriate climate, with a wonderful climate and a distinct nature, it is also characterized by the area, which is spread over the distinctive areas, where there are a lot of rental farms in Izmir Turkey. In general, buying agricultural land in Izmir, investing in cow farms in Izmir or investing in poultry farms in Izmir are successful investments in the city; Izmir is a leading city in agriculture, characterized by fertile soil, a favorable climate and abundant water sources, making farm investment with guaranteed returns.

Advantages of real estate investment in Izmir Turkey

Real estate investment in Izmir is a distinctive investment; because real estate investment is always influenced by the economy and political stability of the State, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region. Investment in Izmir real estate, investment in Izmir farms, investment in Izmir villas and investment in Izmir lands are sectors of growth and profit at the Turkish level. Investment in Izmir real estate produces guaranteed results that are far from risks. The ever-rising prices of apartments in Izmir due to the growing demand for them make them privileged factors for investment in Izmir. According to the Night Frank International Index, Turkey is among the world's largest markets for real estate price growth, and Izmir real estate is one of Turkey's most important cities.

One of the most important features of real estate investment in Izmir is the easy access to Turkish citizenship through investment in real estate and the acquisition of a Turkish passport, which provides visa-free access for most countries in the world.

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