Investment guide of all kinds in Alanya, Turkey

Find out about the advantages and types of investing in Alanya Turkey. What is the feasibility of agricultural and tourism investment, and is it recommended to invest in real estate in Alanya?

Investment guide of all kinds in Alanya, Turkey
2021-09-27 Last update 2022-07-19

Investment guide of all kinds in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya lies on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, in the far south of Turkey, and east of the famous tourist city of Antalya, to which Alanya belongs administratively, at a distance of 138 km to the east of it.

In this article, we talk about the most important information regarding investment in Alanya, Turkey, while addressing the most important points related to real estate or tourism investment.

Is Alanya distinctive and attractive for investments?

The name of Alanya has appeared on the opening pages of advertisement pages for tourism in Turkey, due to the city's exceptional aesthetic features, which have turned it into a favorite tourist destination for those looking for a long summer vacation full of beauty and fun.

The southern shores of Turkey on the Mediterranean have extended and pleasant summer, which gave it a distinct tourist character, so that Alanya, Antalya, Mersin, Fethiye, and other coastal Turkish cities at that point have become one of the most preferred tourist destinations for Russian and European tourists alike, not to mention what the city has of incomparable aesthetic features, and sparkling forests extending over vast forest areas, hidden in its folds dozens of tourist attractions.

Following that, it was natural that the tourism demand for Alanya parallels the investment demand, as the city has become one of the preferred investment destinations within a number of successful investment sectors in this important city, and within many fields, especially tourism and real estate investment.

Investment in Alanya

Types of investments in Alanya, Turkey

There is no doubt that investment in the tourism sector and tourist real estate are among the most prominent elements of investment in this city, which is famous for the rapid growth of its tourism product, not to mention what the city is famous for in its huge production of marble that is hoarded in its mountains, which is extracted and exported from it to the rest of the world.

Tourism investment in Alanya

Between the historic Alanya Castle dating back to the time of the Seljuk state, the amazing Damlatash Cave, the fish ponds, the Ethnographic Museum near Cleopatra Beach, dozens of breathtaking attractions, and the wonderful golden sand beaches, Alanya today sits in an important location among the tourist cities in southern Turkey.

The numbers of tourists arriving in Alanya during the tourist seasons are a very important economic asset and an advocate for investment in this sector.

The types of this investment vary according to its connection with the tourism market, between investing in tourist facilities or services related to tourism, such as organizing trips, renting cars, or investing in restaurants...

Real estate investment in Alanya

Real estate investment is at the top of the list of investments that attract capital in Alanya, due to the demand for real estate, especially residential ones, that can be rented during the tourism seasons that bring good profits to the owners of these properties.

In this context, it is estimated that the number of foreign properties in the Alanya district of the province of Antalya has reached 30,000 by 2021.

While the sales of Real estate in Antalya in all its districts during the eight years (between 2013 and 2020) amounted to about: 51,845 properties that were sold to foreigners.

Why is real estate investment the best in Alanya?

In parallel with the intensity of tourist demand, more and more people will invest or own in Alanya properties, especially properties suitable for leasing to tourists, even those wishing to settle down, or foreigners aspiring to provide them with permanent accommodation for their annual holidays.

Investment returns in tourist real estate tempt investors during the rich tourism seasons in Alanya, which is part of Antalya, and accordingly, the demand for its modern apartments and villas near the city center or near the coastline, in particular, is increasing.

Investment in Antalya

Types of real estate investment in Alanya Turkey

Like any Turkish tourist city, the types of real estate investment vary among the various types of real estate, the most important of which are:

Investing in Alanya apartments

In the Turkish city of Alanya, dozens of housing projects are located in a residential environment that combines abundant services with many advantages.

We mention, for example; Alanya Park Complex, which is located within the important Kargicak area, and is distinguished by its location near the Mediterranean shore (at a distance of 700 meters), parallel to its proximity to the city center, and surrounded by many commercial markets, schools, and health centers.

The types of apartments in this distinguished project, with its finishings and services, range between (1+1 and 4+1) in addition to luxury duplex apartments, overlooking the project's garden and indoor swimming pool.

The project's land area is 4,900 square meters, and it consists of two buildings, each with a height of 5 floors, and includes a total of 55 apartments.

The main internal features of the project include:

  • Visible intercom.
  • Dedicated entrances for people with special needs.
  • Gardens, green spaces, and places for barbecue.
  • Free internet inside the common facilities.
  • Indoor heated swimming pool.
  • An open swimming pool for adults and another for children.
  • Fitness center
  • Turkish hammam, Sauna, and Jacuzzi
  • Surveillance cameras and guarding around the clock.

The prices and other features of the project, as well as other Allanya residential projects, can be found by visiting the Alanya Apartments page on the Imtilak Real Estate website.

Investment in Alanya Villas

The value of real estate investment in Alanya villas is no less than investing in its apartments, due to the common advantages between these two types of real estate, and the abundance of the real estate market in Alanya with the most beautiful villas with sea views, or near the beach, which are suitable for tourism investment by renting or reselling them.

Imtilak Real Estate offers dozens of suitable opportunities to own and invest in Alanya villas, at attractive prices that promise profitable investments. Through your direct contact with our advisory team, you can obtain the best offers that are compatible with your aspirations and budgets.

Investment in Turkey

Investment in Alanya lands of all kinds

Whether of its two types: agricultural or construction, real estate investment in the land may be a sound and effective idea, provided that the project is studied with a specialized investment view.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information about investment in Turkey within the city of Alanya or other areas in the types of agricultural or construction lands, through your direct contact with our expert real estate advisor at Imtilak Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions:

German investors rank at the top of the list of the most owned investors in Alanya real estate, and Russian investors come in second place, then Iranians, and then Iraqis.

Alanya is administratively affiliated with the state of Antalya, and Alanya is the vital center that is the richest in services and tourism among its other districts. The Kepez region in Antalya has special architectural development plans that distinguish it from the rest of Antalya.

The Alanya District is a tourist area surrounded by green mountains and forests on the one hand, and the sea on the other, which has given it an attractive tourist character.

On the basis of the foregoing, the reasons for ownership of the real estate and investment in Antalya and Alanya are clearly interspersed in many matters, and the desire of investors varies according to the characteristics of each region.

The facilities for foreign real estate investors in Turkey included a set of decisions that came on the side of the foreign investor, in order to support the government’s tendency to attract more foreign investments, including:

  • Tax exemptions or deductions according to specific conditions.
  • Obtaining a real estate residence permit that allows its holder to enter and exit Turkey in a flexible manner.
  • Or acquiring Turkish citizenship in exchange for owning property worth $250,000 and many other features.

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