Investment and Turkish Citizenship

Investment and Turkish Citizenship, coupled with the new investment law in Turkey, and its amendment of October 15, 2018.

Investment and Turkish Citizenship
2019-11-09 Last update 2022-04-20

Investment and Turkish Citizenship

Investment and Turkish Citizenship, coupled with the new investment law in Turkey, and its amendment of October 15, 2018. The law allows foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship under one of the following conditions:

  • Owning a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand USD.
    Note: The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate has been amended as of April 2022, to become $400,000 instead of $250,000.
  • Bank deposit of 500 thousand dollars and more, within one of the banks operating in Turkey.
  • Investors who employ at least 50 workers of Turkish nationality.

Luxury properties, the key to investment and Turkish citizenship

The Turkish government has succeeded in injecting more blood into the veins of the Turkish economy by opening its doors to a growing number of foreign investors wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship and enjoy the advantages of its passport and protection, through owning property worth $ 1 million. Then the decision was amended to be the value of the property or real estate purchased that allows obtaining Turkish citizenship only at 400 thousand dollars.

Investment and nationality

Is the real estate investment with citizenship the best investment in Turkey?

There are many reasons why real estate investment for getting citizenship one of the most important investment opportunities in Turkey. Thus, we try through the following points to summarize the reasons and motives that have driven foreign investors to turn to Turkey in the current stage, the most important of which is the desire to invest and get Turkish citizenship:

  • The current economic situation in Turkey is represented by a temporary decline in the value of the Turkish lira. Real estate prices have witnessed a relative decline, which gave foreign investors reasonable investment opportunities, with high profitability, in addition to obtaining Turkish citizenship as a result of these investments.

This makes it possible to buy facilities, hotels, gas stations, hospitals, luxury residences or villas at lower prices than before.

  • Laws do not ask for investment in a specific type of property. In other words, the foreign investor is free to choose what he wants in a wide range of options, such as residences, land, commercial buildings, and others.
  • Foreign investor’s Family members are granted the right to get Turkish citizenship with the investor, the only exception being the children of the investor over the age of 18 years.
  • Tax exemptions or cuts on foreign investments have given an additional incentive to invest in Turkey.
  • Government facilities for foreign investments, which are for the benefit of the foreign investor.

Elements of successful real estate investment

Successful real estate investment has many elements to ensure the best results, the most important of these rules are:

  • Choosing the most active real estate site, and the most profitable. Choosing your investment location carefully within the most promising modern areas is considered one of the most important elements of successful real estate investment because these areas are doubling their property prices rapidly over time.

We have referred in many articles to the best areas of real estate investment areas in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

  • Investment in ready-to-hand projects: This helps in assessing the property and detecting its defects more than the property purchased on the map, and to ensure that the implementation of the property is not delayed and received, which leads to freezing of capital for periods that may be long.
  • Investment within the investor's financial capacity: Due to the fact that real estate investment is a long-term investment, the investor must study its financial situation well, and determine its investment and financial capabilities.
  • Diversification of real estate investment, where it is always preferable to diversify the real estate portfolio as much as possible, such as investing in an apartment and a shop. Diversification of the real estate portfolio raises the profit and is safer when markets fluctuate.
  • Choose your real estate adviser or consultant company, who has experience and honesty.
الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

Imtilak Real Estate Services in the field of investment and Turkish citizenship

In the context of investment and Turkish citizenship, with its professional staff of more than 200 employees, Imtilak Real Estate offers the best and most distinguished real estate offers. In addition to the real estate consultancy service by the best experts in the Turkish real estate market, in addition to a range of services needed by foreign investors to facilitate the process of choosing the property and facilitating the payment method, through:

Welcoming those wishing to know the most important real estate projects from the airport, and offering free real estate tours, with the implementation of real estate residency procedures or transaction of citizenship for those who buy from one of our real estate projects.

In addition to the after-sales services, which include furniture and upscale decoration to equip the property for residence. Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank, assist in the transfer of foreign currency and exchange securely, then property management, leasing out the property at the best return on investment, with the task of paying bills and proceeds Monthly, and other after-sales services, to facilitate the investment process to the foreign investor to the maximum.

Our technical staff is always ready to serve its clients in the most important languages spoken: Arabic, Turkish, English, French, Persian, and Russian, in order to remove the language barrier for investors.

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