Kagithane in Istanbul- Real Estate Attraction Center

Kagithane is one of the most beautiful and modern areas of Istanbul, and perhaps the quietest area in this vibrant city...

Kagithane in Istanbul- Real Estate Attraction Center

Here in the Kagithane area, God gave Turkey gardens and rivers ... Kagithane is one of the most beautiful and modern areas of Istanbul, and perhaps the quietest area in this vibrant city.

Kagithane Area in Istanbul- The Natural Heaven

The people of Istanbul celebrated a special spring day called Khodr Elias in the extensive hiking areas, where trees thrive, green grasslands and flowers bloom in many areas, most notably the Kagithane district of Istanbul.

People came by boat to the Kagithane area (near the Eyup area), they came by road with horses or vehicles, and the arrival to the park by boat was more joyous and fun, with the boats tied together with ropes, and chanting and singing all the way.

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The Modern Touch of Kagithane Area in Istanbul

In the modern era, the star of the Kagithane area has shined, especially with the construction of large real estate projects, the strengthening of infrastructure, and the new transportation projects that have been established there.

With a central location, Kagithane gives it easy access to all areas of Istanbul, making it the focus of major real estate brands in the real estate sector.

Real Estate Investment

Urban Transformation in Kagithane Area

The urban transformation of Kagithane began in 2007 and accelerated in the following years. The opening of the famous Bila Pasha tunnel, the start of the metro line project, the reclamation of the valley in addition to the area near the central roads, attracted the attention of the immigrant and employees segment to Kagithane, which in turn led to an increase in real estate projects in the area.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

Real Estate Sale Rates in Kagithane Istanbul

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, sales in the real estate sector have increased significantly in Kagithane, reaching 87 percent in the last three years.

The year 2013 saw an increase in property demand reaching 32%, while 2014 saw an increase of 11%. In 2015, it saw an increase of 24%. This has increased remarkably in the last 3 years. The increase in the demand for the property reached 87%! Kagithane is 17th among Istanbul districts, at high levels of real estate prices and demand.


Real estate experts predict that demand for apartments for sale in Istanbul Kagithane l will be increased in the coming period, especially in the light of government facilities offered to real estate investors such as tax cuts, issuance of real estate residence permit and Turkish citizenship for a specific investment.

Property Prices in Kagithane Istanbul

Apartments prices per square meter in Kagithane properties are between 4 thousand and 9 thousand Turkish lira, while the price in some of the famous real estate projects to 12 thousand Turkish liras, data indicate that the apartments of 2 + 1, 1 + 1 and 3+ 1 has received considerable attention from investors and property owners in the area.


We are pleased to offer you the best residential projects in Kagithane area which provide all the ideal services of high quality at excellent prices such as:

Cordon Project

Port Valley Project

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We can provide all necessary services before and after the sale, from the airport to the receipt of the property, and we are happy to receive your direct contact in order to provide real estate advice appropriate to your needs, most of our real estate services free!

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

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Source: Emlak kulesi, Daily Sabah, Kagithane Municipality and other sources

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