Your Guide to Konyaalti District in Antalya



Your Guide to Konyaalti District in Antalya

Information About Konyaalti District in Antalya

Konyaalti district is considered one of the most important and beautiful districts that centralize the city of Antalya, its nearness from the city center and possession of the long Mediterranean coastline, also it contains activity centers with social and recreational events, markets and good transportation network making it one of the favorite places to the tourists visiting the city, also the district is considered at the forefront of real estate in Antalya in terms of sales to foreign investors, as the region is witnessing a large influx of foreign investors wishing to buy properties in the city.

The district was once one of the important districts to spend holidays in Antalya city, and with the expansion and development of infrastructure for the region and the increase of the modern real estate projects like the new modern complexes that contain the centers of social and recreational activities, also the existence of Antalya University the importance of the district has increased, which turned it into one of the major central residence in the city, and made it an important center to attract investors in the real estate field.

The Konyaalti Municipality has devoted approximately 1,000,438 thousand and 847 square meters of green a district with an average of 12 square meters per person. Which contributed significantly to increase the green districts in the region, as the region is experiencing by the virtue of its long coastline and green spaces, and its real estate projects an influx of foreign investors, and it is turned in recent years into an important center that attracts investors from various nationalities.

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Real Estate in Konyaalti Antalya: Unique Projects and Profitiable Investment

Today the district is considered at the forefront in the real estate sales to foreign investors who have increased their investments significantly during the recent period in Antalya, with an estimated rate of foreign investment in the real estate field of more than 30% of the total real estate investments in the region, in other words, every hundred housing units sold in region, foreign investors buy about thirty units of them, and a high percentage have made the region the most important and most selling real estate to foreign investors, not only in Antalya and Turkey, but on a global scale, the Russians, the Germans, and Arabs coming from the Gulf states are on the top of foreign investors interested in konyaalti’s Real Estate, this strong interest by foreign investors contributed significantly to increase the value of real estate in the district.

The increasing of orders by the investors, especially foreign investors on the residential units in the district, and the continuous rising of the real estate prices make a lot of construction companies go to the construction of many modern and distinctive real estate projects, like the luxurious residential complexes that are close to the seashore on the one hand and the proximity of important central points in the city such as markets, hospitals, and various social centers, on the other hand, also these complexes is harboring within it sports, entertainment, swimming pools, children's playgrounds that mimic the taste of the different classes of investors centers, may be mentioned a lot of these complexes, such as:

Arion Project
Deserts Project
Capital Project
Canyon Project
Aston Homes Project

Govermnet Projects and the Infrastructure in Konyaalti Antalya

Antalya Municipality will establish a highway in the region heading to Kamer region, which will contribute significantly to alleviating traffic congestion in the district. Also, many new parks are under construction, with units of children's activities, and jogging Yards, sports facilities, water sports and activities, which increased the activity and vitality of the real estate market in the region and raise the value of the real estate region, which will contribute significantly to the increase in property prices in Konyaalti.

As it can be noticed that the Arab investor’s interest has increased during the recent period, especially those coming from the countries of the Arab Gulf with a real estate projects set up in the Konyaalti district, where a lot of these investors buy residential units of luxurious apartments in the district to be used in spend holidays in the city of Antalya.

Property Investment and Tourism in Knoyaalti District Antalya

This strong interest by investors, especially foreign investors, and these modern real estate projects built in the region, in addition to the mega-projects set up by the state, has increased the importance of the tourist district, and made observers optimistic for future of the real estate in the district, as we see today, observers are urging investment in the region and expecting the increase in property prices with the end Bogaj Jaya project establishment, which will increase the importance of the tourist district significantly.

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