Your comprehensive guide to the area of Levent in Istanbul

All you want to know about Levent in Istanbul, its advantages, and the nature of housing and buying an apartment. Learn about Levent malls and their infrastructure.

Your comprehensive guide to the area of Levent in Istanbul

Your comprehensive guide to the area of Levent in Istanbul

Information on the Levent area of Istanbul

Levent is one of the main active movement areas in Istanbul, and it was originally designed for the beautiful livelihood of middle-income citizens, such as civil servants, teachers, and shop owners, but later it became one of the most famous areas with its famous celebrities, who lived in it.  It includes the first, second, third, fourth and new fifth Levent and it has road links with the opposite Maslak region from its north, and it is also famous for its skyscraper projects, as the major skyscrapers are located behind the Bosporus hills, and there is the Saudi Consulate.

Where is Levent located in Istanbul?

Levent is located south of the famous Maslak region, north of Besiktas, northwest of Arnavutkoy, on the European side of Istanbul, and it belongs to the municipality of Besiktas, north of the Golden Horn. And the fifth of it belongs to the municipality of Eyupsultan and is geographically composed of coastal and inland areas, and despite its small area and population, it is ideally located at the intersection of main roads in Istanbul and has a suitable location for world-class facilities, and it has roads linking to the Bosphorus and Fatih bridges, connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

Infrastructure in the Levent Istanbul region

The region has a superb infrastructure, due to the presence of an important business climate, and fast-paced business life. In the region, there are many malls, corporate headquarters, bank branches, and agencies operating in the capital market, malls conforming to European standards, international hotel companies, as well as pharmaceutical factories such as Nobel and Pfizer. This prompted the municipality to pay great attention to the infrastructure, including roads, schools, universities, parks, and cleanliness.

Levent Istanbul

Transportation in Levent, Istanbul

Levent is one of the most important areas of Istanbul, and therefore it has advanced infrastructure in transportation, it has all kinds of transportation that come to it or that depart from it. It has a metro station, as it is possible to reach from this station to the Bosphorus University, as well as to other metro stations that lead to various regions of Istanbul.

Universities and schools in Levent in Istanbul

The region is famous for the quality of its education, with university graduates making up 34% of the population, the highest rate in Turkey according to a joint survey conducted by the REIDIN-SED Foundation in 2013. It includes many high-level primary and secondary schools, and there are nine universities, including the most prestigious universities in Turkey is like the Bosphorus University, Galatasaray University, Yildiz Technical University, and Mimar Sinan University. The Bosphorus University is also the Turkish university among the top 200 universities worldwide according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2013-2014. In addition, the region is the main source of social democracy and love of freedom in Turkey.

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Hospitals and health centers in Levent

The Levent area contains many health centers, free clinics, medical consultations, and ambulance services 24 hours a day, dental and health clinics, the Ozal Levent Hospital, and the Bayindir Private Hospital. There are also many hospitals near the area, such as the Gultepe Hospital.

Malls in Levent, Istanbul: Shopping in Levent

The Levent area contains various luxury malls, which include various types of goods, gifts, and needs, and among the luxury Istanbul malls in the Levent area, Ozdlik Park Mall, Kanyon Mall, City Mall, or Levent Mall. It also contains various international and local brands such as clothes, and products made from Leather, electronics, luxury home furnishings, cosmetics and many more, and there are shops distributed in the area with various goods.

Advantages of living in Levent, Istanbul

The real estate residence in Levent is distinguished by its modernity and luxury for a lifestyle, as the area includes various major life and entertainment activities. It also contains important transportation stations, and it has the most luxurious and prestigious universities, the largest malls and markets, and the infrastructure in it is developed with gardens, educational, and health centers. The region, for its modernity and sophistication, includes the Saudi Consulate.

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The advantages of buying an apartment in Levent

Levent is distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, its amazing historical heritage, and its centrality to major business centers and international companies, which makes it the focus of attention of investors and those looking to buy real estate in Turkish Levent. Given the financial return from this investment, as there is a continuous update of the infrastructure, and a continuous renewal of roads and transportation. In general, in addition to the existence of schools and universities, and its unique location has a great investment value, which the owners of capital know.

Levent district in Istanbul

The best Imtilak real estate projects in Levent

Imtilak Real Estate offers its luxury project to our dear clients, through the Fifth Levent Complex IMT-191, where luxury, sophistication, and richness, with the highest specifications and best prices. Levent 5 complex is distinguished by being built on ultra-modern models and for containing full services, where the true meaning of luxury life. It is located within the Eyupsultan area in Istanbul, on the TEM highway, at the Alibeykoy intersection. Besides, the metro station next to it is an important and new point for other metro lines, and it is located at the starting point of the European side and the connected roads leading to the new Istanbul airport and the Eurasia tunnel, and it is surrounded by many from schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.


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