Military Service Postponement and Exemption Fee in Turkey

The military services in Turkey is one of the constant question that people are inquiring about, we in imtilak real estate did research in pursuit of proving the best answers.

Military Service Postponement and Exemption Fee in Turkey
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Military Service Postponement and Exemption Fee in Turkey

As many foreigners are obtaining citizenship in Turkey, the question of the duties and rights entailed in the entitlement to nationality is frequently asked, especially with regard to military service in Turkey for young men.

We have received in Imtilak Real Estate some of these questions regarding the subject of military service for foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship, especially those who have Turkish citizenship in return for a real estate investment, and in turn, we find it necessary to answer these important queries.

We tried to do our best in Imtilak to get laws governing the military service from their original sources, to answer the questions for our followers with full reliability and objectivity.

Introduction to the Military Service Law in Turkey

Article 2 of the Turkish Military Service Act No. 1111 states as follows:

"Those who have Turkish citizenship from foreigners and refugees and those who are not legally displaced are classified according to the age at which they obtained Turkish citizenship. They must perform their military service in a similar manner to the soldiers and the Turkish officers of the same age."

Under the same law, foreigners with Turkish citizenship are also exempted from military service in Turkey if the first batch, those of their age are demobilized, while those who are under their age must perform military service in Turkey without regard to the status of service in their countries of origin.

As we see above, the exemption from military service for those recently obtained citizenship in Turkey is associated with the demobilization of the first batch of those of their age. 

Military service in Turkey

Is Military Service Mandatory in Turkey?

The age limit for military service in Turkey is 21 years, according to the law published in the Official Gazette on 22 February 2014.

Those who become 21 years old, they will be called for military service in that year, with the beginning of February every year the first group is called, and everyone who enters the age of 21 enters the service.

Accordingly, all persons who get Turkish citizenship at the age of 22 years or over are exempted from military service.

Moreover, a person who obtains Turkish citizenship by marriage is exempted from military service if he obtains it after the age of 22 years.

Those who obtain citizenship as "migrants", the date of their entry into Turkey shall be considered and if this date was before the age of 22; they shall be deemed obliged to perform military service in Turkey.

For example, if an immigrant enters the Turkish territory at the age of 20 and becomes a Turkish citizen at the age of 30, he is obliged to perform military service because his entry was before becoming 22 years old.

Military service

Who is Included in the Military Services Exemption in Turkey?

On the other hand, those who show a document proving their service in their country can be exempted if they are citizens of one of the Republics of Turkey only. These countries are: (Azerbaijan, South Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Autonomous Republic, Tatarstan, Autonomous Region of Tatar, East Turkistan - Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Bashkortostan Autonomous Republic), or if they are members of the Turkish descent in Bulgaria, Western Thrace or Ahsika.

Reasons to Pospone the Military Service in Turkey

Military service can be postponed in the following cases:

  • People suffering from chronic disease until they recover from their illness. Those who receive a postponement of the service in Turkey due to a satisfactory report of a non-chronic illness must redo their medical examination when the report is expired. If the disease continues and the person is postponed for three years, a permanent exemption from military service will be considered.
  • Prisoners until finishing their term.
  • High school students will be postponed until completing their education unless they are over 22 years of age, and students of vocational schools, unless they are over 25 years old, as well as university students, senior professional institutes and colleges until they graduate unless they are 28 years old.
  • Those have graduated from a university education above four years and are subject to higher education abroad until the end of the 35-year-old. Provided that the Turkish institutions recognize this education.
  • Talents, technical or scientific potentials, researchers during the education process, and providers of something new at the global level or sports professionals can postpone their service until 35 years old.

شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي

Turkish Military Service Exemption Fee 2022

Now let's get to know Turkey's military service exemption fee. What is the exemption fee? What are its conditions? What are the mechanisms, costs, and transactions?

The Turkish word used to denote the military service exemption fee is Bedelli askerlik, which means Paid military service.

The military service exemption fee law has been in force since the Ottoman period and by military adequacy in the request for more troops, as The Constitutional Court has recognized that the payment of a military service exemption fee is not incompatible with military equality.

Can Turkish Citizens Pay the Military Services Exemption?

The military service exemption fee can be paid by:

- In accordance with periodic laws and regulations issued at certain periods, Turkish male citizens who have completed the age of 18 years and live in Turkish territory.

- Turkish male citizens who have completed 18 years old and have been living outside Turkey for at least 3 years.

- For Turkish citizens living within Turkish territory who have completed the age of 12, in certain periods, resolutions and laws shall be issued allowing them to perform the military service (ie payment of exemption fee) under specific conditions. These decisions shall be provisional and related to the laws governing them.

Installment Payment for Military Service Exemption in Turkey

The value of the military service exemption fee has recently been determined at 31,000 Turkish liras. This amount can be paid as 15,000 T.L directly. The remaining amount is then paid within 6 months of the date of the first installment.

The value of the exemption fee may change each year, and a decision of the Ministry of Defense shall be issued and circulated in the Official Gazette.

Military service allowance in Turkey

Note: Any Turkish called for military service and residing abroad must pay the allowance in Euros by means of a bank deposit in the manner indicated by the Turkish Republic Consulate in the country where he resides.

Where Can You Pay Military Service Exemption Fee? 

An application shall be applied to pay the military service exemption fee for residents within the Turkish territory in the recruiting centers. As for citizens living outside Turkey, the application shall be applied at the consulate of the Republic of Turkey in the country in which they reside.

On the other hand, This request is applied personally by the person concerned and cannot be submitted by another person by proxy, and cannot be sent by mail.

After submitting the application in the Military recruiting center, the applicant is given a document containing the value of the amount payable (39,000 Turkish liras), stating the name of the bank for which the payment must be made. The applicant can then take this document to the required bank and make the payment. He then takes the original receipt (the first installment receipt), and he shall copy three photocopies of it and then delivers the copies of the receipts to the center in which he submitted the application.

Penalty for Military Service Exemption Payment Delay in Turkey

If the person applying for the allowance payment is not qualified, Or if the person fails to pay the value of the exemption fee or fails to pay in a timely manner, he will be discharged from the scope of the military service.

Those who are discharged from the military service can refund the amount they paid at the time of the application and must request a refund within six months from the date of payment. Where the request is checked within 90 days of submission. If the result is positive, the transaction is referred to as the competent ministry. The Ministry transfers the amount to a bank account to be determined.

Finally, we hope that we have answered the most important inquiries regarding the issue of military service in Turkey, and postponement, military service exemption fee, as part of our constant endeavor in Imtilak Real Estate to provide any information that would benefit its clients and those interested in legal affairs in Turkey.


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Sources: Military Experiences + Sabah + Law of Military Service No. 1111 Article 2 + Memurlar.Net + Euronews

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