7 Steps for Real Estate Investment in Turkey 2022

A comprehensive and detailed guide to real estate investment steps in Turkey by Imtilak, Turkey's first real estate consultant. Read and learn about the most important information.

7 Steps for Real Estate Investment in Turkey 2022

What are the steps of real estate investment in Turkey?

Following high buying rates and demand for real estate in Turkey, and a qualitative real estate boom in the Turkish real estate market, which followed Turkish amendments in 2012 to the Law on the Purchase of Foreigners for Real Estate in Turkey, the Turkish real estate market has proven to be one of the best investment areas in Turkey, outperforming several different areas over the past ten years.

Therefore, Imtilak Real Estate, with its well-known experience in the Turkish real estate market, moved to refer investors in real estate in Turkey to the most important steps to invest in safe and successful real estate.

Real estate investment in Turkey or other countries is similar to other investment areas that require thoughtful steps and careful economic feasibility study, through which a roadmap is put to investors for a successful investment project.

Real Estate Investment Steps in Turkey

The most important steps of successful real estate investment in Turkey:

1. Turkey's Real Estate Market Study

Before taking any step in the investment areas, investors must carefully examine the market, and this applies to the Turkish real estate market as a broad and multi-characteristic investment area.

In light of this, investors in the Turkish real estate market should study it well and know its merits as a first step for a successful investment to choose the most appropriate, safer, and profitable one.

Investors in real estate in Turkey, when studying the realities of the Turkish real estate market, should know the following:

  • Know the legal basics of investment, sale and purchase of the real estate in Turkey
  • See the performance of the Turkish real estate market during periods of space
  • Monitor factors affecting the Turkish real estate market
  • Identify future infrastructure projects that directly affect the real estate market

Real Estate Investment Steps in Turkey

2. Identifying the Real Estate Investment Strategy

After studying the Turkish real estate market, investors should start developing the investment strategy of budgeting and the duration of profit-taking.

Investing in the Turkish real estate market is linked to the budget and the period the investor specifies whether he wants a long, short or medium-term investment.

3. Choosing the Most Suitable Real Estate Consultant

Real estate brokerage firms are a key pillar of the marketing process in the Turkish real estate market, so investors in the Turkish real estate market must deal with experienced companies.

These companies differ in their advantages, capabilities and expertise in the Turkish real estate market. To obtain a secure real estate investment, investors must make the exact and correct choice of companies, mainly those of a good reputation and the most experienced.

To identify the most suitable real estate consultant in Turkey, you need to consider a range of qualities that these companies should have:

- Legally: (the company must have a legal work permit issued by the Turkish government to work in real estate brokerage)

- The company's former customers and their opinions and satisfaction with the company's dealings

- The company's work experience within the Turkish real estate market

- The projects and the quality of real estate investment opportunities offered by the company

4. Identifying the Best City in Turkey for Real Estate Investment

Where to invest in Turkey is an important factor for investment in real estate, as it is related to the financial budget and the nature and quality of the investment.

For example, if an investor wants to invest in residential real estate, it is preferable to buy in Istanbul, bearing in mind that real estate in Istanbul is more expensive than in other Turkish states, but it is higher in rental revenues and easier to sell with a high-profit when to resell.

If the investor wants to buy tourist properties to invest in the tourism and recreation sector, Antalya, Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli will be a good choice.  

5. Determining the Most Appropriate Area within the City

If investors prefer residential real estate, the investor must choose Istanbul as the best option and Basaksehir as the best region.

This does not prevent various other options commensurate with different customer budgets, as the real estate market is flexible and large, offering many options that meet the aspirations of all foreign and domestic investors.

Real Estate Investment Steps in Turkey

6. Deciding on Timing and of Property Purchase

Deciding on timing makes a big difference for investors in real estate in Turkey, as pre-construction real estate is at lower prices than properties under construction, and the price of properties in the under-construction phase is lower than those of ready properties.

7. Making the Final Decision

This step is the culmination of all previous actions that have gone right and properly by buying the right property and successfully starting your investment plan in Turkey.

Imtilak Tips for Real Estate Investors

Perhaps the biggest advice that Imtilak Real Estate may offer investors in the Turkish real estate market is to brief all the previous steps and communicate with the Imtilak team.

With its size, organization, professionalism and more than ten years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, Imtilak Real Estate Company's team can save the time and effort of its clients, providing complete and integrated services to start investing in the best and most profitable opportunities available.


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