What is Tapu Tax in Turkiye?

Learn about the Tapu Tax in Turkiye. This tax is a one-time fee that is paid when you register the title deed to your name. This guide shows how to calculate it.

What is Tapu Tax in Turkiye?

What is a Tapu Document?

In Turkey, your property ownership certificate is called Tapu. This document shows your ownership rights. The document contains details such as photos and the surname and name of the property owner. This document is one the most important for purchasing property in Turkey. It is registered and officially submitted in the Turkish Registry.

The document should be sealed and recorded into the archives. You or your lawyer must personally be at the Registry with the seller to register a Tapo. You or your attorney should hire a translator if you do not know Turkish. The purchase will then be approved and the buyer will receive all the rights to the property.

Types of Tapu Documents

  • The Blue Certificate (Hisseli Tapu), which is issued to land without a building permit.
  • A red document will be issued to all houses or lands that have building permits. You will get a red certificate if you buy a home in Turkey.

Two categories of red property documents exist:

  • Kat Mulkiyeti Tapu (Ownership Document)
  • Kat Irtifaki or Height dependent document

انجليزي: تركيا جنة الاستثمار انجليزي: تركيا جنة الاستثمار

Who Pays Tapu Tax in Turkiye?

The tax is levied upon the registration of the Tapu (Title Deed) at the Land registery. The value of this tax is equal to 4% the price registered for the property under the contract. The buyer can pay the tax in full, or 2% of the contract price, divided equally between buyer and seller. The tax can only be paid once. However, if the ownership of the property changes, or heirs are involved, the tax must be paid twice.

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calculate Tapu Tax in Turkiye

How to Calculate Tapu Tax in Turkiye

The tapu tax equals 4% of property value. If the value of the property in the title is 100 thousand TL then the transfer tax equals: (100,000. x 0.4) + 194.75 = 4194.75. This tax must be split equally between the seller and buyer unless an agreement stipulates something else.

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What Are The Steps to Getting a Title Deed in Turkiye?

  1. The first step is to make an appointment at the Land Registry and Cadastre Office where your property is located. All the necessary documents need to be prepared.
  2. Make sure the parties involved (buyer and vendor) are in agreement on the stated value for ownership transfer.
  3. The title deed is signed by the seller, and a receipt will be issued for the amount paid. This includes a statement that confirms the transfer of ownership without any form of coercion.
  4. After the seller signs the title document, the purchaser will accept that title.

What Is Web-Tapu?

Many countries have implemented procedures during the pandemic to protect their citizens. But Turkey has taken an important step to help its residents, and those who wish to buy property and obtain Turkish citizenship but are unable to travel to the country due to the pandemic. They created a 'Web Tapu,' or Web Title Deed, which is a Web-DEED.

You can now manage your property online without having to visit the Land Registry and Cadastre Office. All real estate transactions, such as sales, mortgages and inheritance transfers, can be completed online.

This allows you to add or remove an entry that prohibits remote execution of transactions in real estate. It is a safeguard that helps to protect against fraud.

The system allows owners of title deeds to view all information about their property. The system allows users to obtain official ownership certificates, mortgage documents, and an extract from the register of cadastres without having to visit the office.

Owners of real estate can allow others (buyers, agents, etc.), to view information about their property.

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