Top Metro and Tramway Lines in Istanbul- Best Rail System Network

The city of Istanbul depends on many transportations, but the most prominent features of metro lines and tramway are the most important in the article.

Top Metro and Tramway Lines in Istanbul- Best Rail System Network

The train lines in Istanbul are one of the most important means of public transport in the city, both above ground or underground. The following is a description of the most important details of the railway lines in the metropolitan city:

The Top Metro Line Networks in Istanbul

There are three metro underground lines in the European part of Istanbul:

M1 Line:

 (Yenikapı - A.hvalimanı) / (Yenikapı - Kirazlı)


 (Yenikapi - A.Aiport) / (Yenikapi - Kirazli)

M2 Line:

 (Yenikapı - Hacıosman)

 (Yenikapi - Hachiosman)

M3 Line:

 (Başakşehir - Olimpiytköy)

 (Basaksehir - Olimpiytkoy)

There is one line in the Asian part:

M4 Line:

 (Kadikoy - Kartal)

 (Kadikoy - Kartal)

In addition to the Marmaray train connecting the two continents under the sea, and the only Funicular line, which operates on the concept of drawdown, between the Taksim and Kabatash areas.

New lines are under construction, and a significant number are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The metro serves from 6:15 am and ends at 12 pm on normal days, and the time may vary between summer and winter.

The Top Tramway Line Networks in Istanbul

The tramway is a train moving above the ground, with two lines in the European part and one line only in the Asian section of the city as follows:

T1 Line:

(Bağcılar - Kabataş)

(Bagchilar - Kabatash)

T3 Line:

(kadıköy - Moda)

(Kadikoy - Moda)

T4 Line:

(Habibler - Topkapı)

(Habibler - Topkapi)


The Istanbul Kart card is used to pay for all these trains and can be obtained and refilled from the machines at most metro and tramway stations.

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