The Government Guarantee Document from Emlak Konut in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate exclusively provides an accurate translation of the government guarantee document issued by the Governmental Emlak Konut company

The Government Guarantee Document from Emlak Konut in Turkey
In response to numerous requests from our valued customers, and in order to show a transparent image of the real estate sector and the construction sector in Turkey, Imtilak Real Estate exclusively provides an accurate translation of the government guarantee document issued by the Governmental Emlak Konut company, contains a detailed explanation of the procedures for verification, audit and government inspection technically and legally, on all real estate projects being built under the supervision of the Turkish government, during all stages of sale and construction and before and after them, and that’s to Ensure the well-being of customers and guaranteeing their rights to the fullest extent.

Government guarantee
Emlak Konut Company
Joint contribution to real estate investment partnership
In partnership with TOKI (Turkish Ministry of Housing)

Government Guarantee Principles in Emlak Konut Company 

Precision and Inspections for Pre-Sale Properties

  1. Emlak Konut shall provide controlled procedures for the development of real estate projects in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, The Company shall not approve the supervision of housing projects without ensuring the implementation of laws and legislative regulations related to the construction of residential projects.
  2. Emlak Konut shall focus on the human lifestyle, where it sets the priority and basic standards to provide comfort and enjoyment for the population, it aims to make people live according to the highest level of quality and progress.
  3. Emlak Konut shall not agree that any project will be sold or that the project apartments will be offered for sales only after all the required residential and construction permits have been completed, and obtaining all approvals that endorse and agree on the possibility of building and construction.
  4. Emlak Konut shall check all data and information before submitting it to customers and buyers, and also shall check catalogs, pre-sale promotional publications, commercials, newspaper ads, model and sample apartments, their designs, and all materials, their suitability to the project objectively.
  5. Emlak Konut shall prepare all contracts, procedures, and price quotes to sales systems, pricing, and all that is required before selling, In addition, they shall not start selling independent units, or independent projects without the approval and endorsement of the Capital Authority, and shall bring their experts to check the project before it starts, they shall also work according to reports and feasibility studies.

Reviews and Inspections in the Sales Phase

  1. Emlak Konut shall sign all sales contracts in the presence of an official notary, all documents, papers must be attached from plans and papers, floor and apartment plans, and total apartment spaces gross and net, a copy of the title deed, certificates of approval and ratification from the municipality, and all required documents relating to the apartments signed by the municipality, and on this basis you avoid any gaps or observations that may occur after the sale process, thereby avoiding any mistakes.
  2. Emlak Konut accepts all payments, accounts and the bonds payments to its own account, i.e. the account of Emlak Konut GYO, for payment of contractors' amounts and expenses, they shall be paid in payments, in accordance with the assurance of the work of contractors and the construction progress. As construction progresses, the company shall pay back and forth to the contractors.
After the construction is completed by 100%, the initial ownership titles will be issued, and rights and titles will be handed over to their owners.
After the complex is built and constructed, the quality of the construction shall be verified and check again after one year of housing.
After the quality and continuity of the construction are verified and progressed well, and ensuring there are no problems or lack in construction, the company can, in this case, pay the contractor all the remaining dues, However, in the event of any shortage or modifications that are to be completed by the Contractor, he shall first implement them as agreed with the Company and make such modifications and alterations as necessary until delivery.

Reviews and Inspections During Construction Process

In all its projects after the completion of the contract, Emlak Konut guarantee and provide specialized architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, map engineers, landscaping engineers, On-site verification and research, ensuring the safety and suitability of the construction site, and ensuring the establishment of a workers' oversight office to carry out the following audits and reviews:
  1. Emlak Konut – doesn’t allow in any way to start constructing and building without the approval of architectural, structural, mechanical, social services, green spaces, etc. Emlak Konut shall also verify and ensuring the construction, all materials, and equipment used in the construction process, their correctness and suitability in the constructions, it brings in a credible audit firm that provides specialized experts to verify the quality of materials used in construction. If the materials are found to be unsuitable for construction, Emlak Konut shall not make any payments or fees to the Contractor, before altering and modifying the specific materials that are to be used in construction.
  1. All projects and buildings carried out by Emlak Konut shall be implemented and built as 5-D designs, So that they are resistant to severe earthquakes, and the company shall request the dynamic analyzes in case of severe earthquakes. After obtaining these reports and analyzes, they will be presented to technical universities in the project area, then they shall be submitted for testing, so if their quality and accuracy are verified, Emlak Konut approves the construction.
  2. Prior to construction, Emlak Konut shall request geological reports relating to the Earth's structure from the relevant official authorities. Emlak Konut will not accept any project if the ground floor is not suitable for construction.
  3. After the drilling is carried out prior to construction, Emlak Konut shall conduct further tests on land and soil, based on the validity of the tests and their suitability for construction, the Company shall issue the necessary permission to complete the construction.
  4. Emlak Konut shall test all samples of the reinforced concrete, all iron samples, and construction materials and takes them to multiple laboratories, and conducting the necessary tests before approving their use in construction. The company also shall conduct tests on a sample of each iron quantity that is poured for use in construction.
All materials and supplies that will be used in construction are must be tested according to quality standards and construction standards, and accordingly, approval or non-approval will be granted and granting the required permission to carry out the construction process.
  1. The company shall perform the necessary tests on all materials and supplies that will be used in construction to ensure their quality. In the event of any problems or defects in these materials, they will appear while conducting the tests, and therefore the company will avoid the use of materials and supplies containing technical problems. Insulation, plumbing, wind, air, etc. tests are also shall be carried out on used materials.

Reviews and Inspections at Delivery Stage

  1. Upon receipt, Emlak Konut shall check the quality of the construction and the materials used again prior to delivery, it shall check and verify every part of construction and building, and ensure that it is completed as it should have been in accordance with project requirements and project plan.
  2. After officials confirm that the project is fully ready, the apartments will be handed over to customers and buyers.
  3. The Company shall issue the initial title deed, the final title deed, the housing permit and all the documents required by the Notary in accordance with the date specified in the contract.
  4. The Company shall make deal with the Contractor and appoint an Interim Administration for the Residential Complex until the permanent management staff has been appointed, and that’s to meet the requirements, needs, and security of the residents. Emlak Konut shall accept the responsible officer, whose work will continue for two years until the main management is in charge.
  5. Even after housing, complaints that can be received from the residents will be evaluated.
  6. After the project is housed for one year, a team of experts will come back to review the project and confirm the final approval of the project.
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Source: Emlak Konut
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