What are the types of Turkish passports?

Learn about the types of Turkish passports, which include the normal Turkish passport (red), the diplomatic Turkish passport, the green Turkish passport, and the gray Turkish passport. Learn about the advantages of each type.

What are the types of Turkish passports?

Turkish passport types

The Turkish state issues passports to its nationals of four types, according to certain criteria and conditions, explained as follows:

1. Red Turkish passport (Ordinary)

It is the public passport that is issued to all citizens of the Turkish Republic and citizens of the Republic of Northern Cyprus in general, without any conditions, and is distinguished by its red color, contains 60 pages, and has a validity date of up to ten years.

Turkish passport

Benefits of the red Turkish passport

  • Entry to more than 57 countries without a prior entry visa and 44 countries with a visa upon arrival.
  • It enables you to legally reside within the Turkish territory and the Republic of Northern Cyprus and to carry out all legal transactions in the country.
  • It grants the right to run and vote in Turkish electoral processes.
  • Under it, you fall under the protection of the Turkish state during your travels through diplomatic missions and representations around the world, which in turn intervenes if its citizens face any problems.

2. Green Turkish Passport (Private)

The private passport, which is issued in green, consists of 52 pages and is issued by the Turkish government to personalities with high job levels, such as parliament employees, Turkish university professors with high academic degrees, in addition to former ministers and parliamentarians, and first-class Turkish government employees. Second and third, taking into account seniority and years of service.

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Benefits of the green Turkish passport

  • It facilitates visa processes for countries that require an entry visa for the Turkish passport, as it reflects a citizen with a high job position in his country.
  • Getting rid of some binding conditions for obtaining travel visas for some countries, such as bank account statements or certificates proving the absence of judicial records, etc., as the holders of this type of passport are state employees and are sponsored by the Turkish government.

green Turkish passport

3. Gray Turkish passport (Service)

The passport granted by the Turkish government to state employees sent abroad on official missions, such as employees of embassies and consulates. It is gray in color and consists of 28 pages.

gray Turkish passport

Benefits of the gray Turkish passport

  • The holder is granted legal residence in the country to which he/she is sent, in accordance with the diplomatic norms between countries.
  • Granting some powers under the mission for which he/she is delegated, and this is in coordination by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the relevant authorities in the host country.

4. Turkish diplomatic passport

The passport is the most valuable in the Turkish state. It is distinguished by its black color. It is granted to people with high positions in the state, such as the President of the Republic, ministers, parliamentarians, ambassadors in countries, the chief of the court, army generals, former parliament presidents, retired ministers, prosecutors, and the Secretary-General. For the Presidency of the Republic, high-level vice presidents, governors, the head of endowments, and mayors of municipalities.

diplomatic Turkish passport

Benefits of the diplomatic Turkish passport

  • It grants its holder the right to move between countries freely and without search or arrest, as this act entails major diplomatic problems between countries, up to the severing of relations.
  • Procedures are facilitated for the holder of this passport and granted a special status in movement and passage without obstruction or arrest.

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