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Buildings for Sale In Turkey 2024

Reasons for Buying a Building in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important countries attracting real estate investment and a preferred destination for international tourism, so many investors want to buy buildings in Turkey for various purposes such as tourism, accommodation, and investment.

Buildings for Sale in Turkey- Imtilak Real Estate

Turkey is strategically located between Europe and the Middle East, where you can find a variety of golden deals in the highlands with sea views.

Apartments prices in Turkey have increased significantly in recent years, thus, the purchase of buildings and residential buildings is becoming an important investment in 2017 and 2018, buying buildings for investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable options, the rate of increase in apartment prices during the last ten years within big cities such as Istanbul have reached approximately 100 percent, Not to mention wonderful investment opportunities in important cities such as Bursa and Trabzon.

When buying buildings in Turkey for investment, it is not recommended to focus on the popular areas with expensive prices in the city, but it is advisable to go to the investment areas and areas under development, as well as to search for the best areas of Istanbul in terms of offices and companies.

It is important to investigate the reliability of the real estate company or the real estate broker before buying, and to verify the price offered and specifications of the property, also to ascertain the technical matters relating to the building in all respects, in addition to the legal situation and the form of registration in the real estate records.

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Update date: 2024-01-09

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