Hotels for Sale in Istanbul 2023

Hotel for sale in Turkey 2023 Investment tourist opportunities to buy hotels in Istanbul with high occupancy rates

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Buying a Hotel in Istanbul

Istanbul is the world's favorite tourist city, with its picturesque nature and many attractions. It has a charming atmosphere and mild climate in summer and winter, making the investment in the tourism sector a profitable choice by looking for hotels for sale in Istanbul in 2023.

Istanbul is also one of the preferred options for expatriates and foreigners looking to move to Turkey throughout the year with their families, so hotels in Istanbul are widely available in various styles, types, and categories, and are visited by millions of foreigners and Turks every year.

Occupancy rates in Istanbul hotels during the year 2017 were 85% year-round, so investment in the tourism sector by buying a hotel in Istanbul is a profitable investment for those looking for profitability in the tourism sector in Turkey.

Hotels for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

The 3 star, 4-star and 5-star hotels and resorts are the favorite destinations for most Arab tourists who travel to Istanbul and other Turkish cities. You can find a very exceptional hotel and its business is thriving and ready to handle once the purchase is completed.

If your choice is to buy a ready-made hotel, be sure to have a permanent permit from the municipality, and it is allowed to renew and transfer it to a more modern stage and development year after year.

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