Lands For Sale in Istanbul 2023

Agricultural, residential and investment lands suitable for reconstruction, agriculture and real estate development projects in distinctive areas of Istanbul, Turkey

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Lands for Sale in Istanbul

The investment in land with strategic sites or the establishment of projects on it is considered very profitable for investors usually in Istanbul, especially real estate that may fall within the organizational charts near mega projects such as the Istanbul Canal project, with the possibility of building residential complexes on them later, then sell them at doubled prices.

The agricultural land and farms in Istanbul are considered to be the best investments opportunities, because of the country's favorable characteristics in weather, climate, and soil, in addition to its historical background for the flourishing of seasonal crops in Anatolia, such as grains, citrus, flowers, and other crops.
Moreover, buying land in Turkey automatically qualifies you to obtain special facilities for investors provided by the Turkish government, in addition, you get the residence permit easily and qualify for Turkish citizenship according to special criteria.
If you are looking for land for sale in Istanbul with large areas, agricultural lands, and fertile farms, and you want to get them at a reasonable price, we can help your search for land and luxury farms for sale in Istanbul, with excellent investment returns.

Lands for Sale in Istanbul- Investment in Istanbul

The return on land investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable in the real estate sector. It can be estimated by land location and type of land if it is agricultural or earmarked for reconstruction. The investment’s return on agricultural land in Istanbul in 2022 is expected to be more than 50%, In light of investors' turnout for residential land in Istanbul.

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