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Offices for Sale in Istanbul- Investment in Istanbul

After Istanbul has turned into a gateway to the whole world, attracting smart investment and economic business from the East and the West, it has become a haven for those looking for an excellent place to do business and investment and looking for the best offices for sale in Istanbul.

At Imtilak Real Estate, we help you find the best option to buy an office, shop or any commercial property to start your business or even to invest in real estate and lease it to other business people, which will give you stable and profitable returns.

Tips for Buying Offices in Istanbul

When looking for offices for sale in Istanbul during the year 2022 within the best areas of Istanbul in terms of offices and companies, we recommend to consider some elements of quality while selecting a commercial property, The most important of which:

  • The office for sale in Istanbul should be close to the city's main roads, especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul.
  • The office for sale in Istanbul or shop should be near transportation, metro lines and mass transport near the city center.
  • The office should be comfortable and luxurious for those who want to work in an ideal environment free of pressure and raise the level of work performance.
  • We recommend that the commercial office area be equipped with a luxurious hotel that provides accommodation for guests and customers, with luxurious rooms for special meetings and excellent economic services, especially if the nature of the business is global.
  • The office for sale in Istanbul place should have indoor and outdoor parking and valet service.
  • The office should have windows that can be opened in all rooms to improve ventilation.
  • ATM centers should preferably be near the office.
  • The commercial office building is supposed to have a fiber optic infrastructure.
  • Modern elevators must be available in commercial complexes and should be periodically maintained.
  • Central heating services, central air conditioning is of major importance in commercial offices.
  • The office for sale in Istanbul should have a security system.

If the nature of the office and work requires calm and distance from congestion, and the presence of green landscapes, this will be so good and easy in projects near the quiet and high-end areas.

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Update date: 2024-01-09

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